Monday, October 28, 2013

My favourite drama & anime

Just a random post about my favourite drama & anime series to introduce to people who haven't watched these before! :D

Playful Kiss (Korean Version)
There is also a Taiwan version called It Started With A Kiss and also Japanese anime version by the same title,
but I personally prefer the Korean version cause Kim Hyun Joong who plays Baek Seung Jo in the show looks so perfect and therefore plays the role of an "impossibly drop dead gorgeous genius who's naturally gifted at everything" very well lol

I think I like this drama series because it's something I'll never experience in my life, ever?
And most of the time we watch dramas because they make us feel emotions we want to feel/ have never known we could feel,
and let us be immersed in situations vicariously that would have otherwise not been possible for us in real life.

And in this case I think it's quite impossible for most of us to ever feel this way
because the lead female character plays a role that is.....
I mean incredibly dumb to an extent it's way past any form of stupidity that's humanly possible.
There are times when I'd watch the show and be like,
"OMFG you can even screw up such simple task, really??!!" *pulls hair*

Hahaha but that only means the actress is playing Oh Ha Ni's role well lah, I think she's cute!! ^~^
 And by some twisted fate this perfect human being of Baek Seung Jo falls for possibly the stupidest girl on the planet, Oh Ha Ni,
and rejects all other hot, sexy, smart and capable girls around him O.O
So you really have to watch it to find out hahah!
Their love story's actually very cute and innocent ^~^
I like it so much more than those shows that always involve some intense pre-sex scene or whatever -.-
If I'd wanted to watch people passionately making out and implying they had sex,
I'd be better off watching porn right? Tsk.

And then my top favourite anime ever!
Kaichou Wa Maid Sama
I think it means something like "My (school) president is a maid", sorry if I translated it wrong hahah.
By the way, I didn't click on it because I thought it was some kinky maid fetish anime okay LOL
My elder sister actually introduced this to me a few years back and I've rewatched the entire series like 3 times already???

I love this series so damn much because I think it's a lot more applicable to many girls these days (myself included).
Unlike your traditional drama and anime series with helpless and clueless female leads,
Kaichou Wa Maid Sama shows this super strong, determined teenage girl (Misaki) who fought her way up to becoming the school president to protect the other weaker girls in her school against the boys
(who make up the majority of the school & always bully the girls).

She's independent, reliable, and the pillar of support for a lot of her girl friends.
And I think her strong front is similar to what a lot of girls these days put up to protect themselves and others,
but even the people (girls especially) who appear to be the strongest needs love and comfort too.
I think in real life boys aren't aware of that, and usually shun girls who appear to be too capable, independent, and less cutesy or helpless.

I remember once in secondary school I wrote in my diary
"why can't I be a xiao mei mei like my other girl friends?
why can't I be cute and small so that boys like me?"
Now, I'm all like,
I can't be bothered about guys who think I'm too tough for them.
I only have eyes for guys who can handle me and are tougher than I am ;)
So because of a secret, Misaki's path crossed with the most perfect guy ever, Usui,
who's better than (the already very capable) Misaki in every single way, effortlessly.
By the way he also has hoards of girls going after him because he's so damn perfect and capable,
but he only has eyes for Misaki!
Watch to see what happens lah xD

At the end of the day,
I don't think girls are after the sweet things couples do in dramas or animes (at least not me)..
I mean of course romantic things once in a while would be cute,
but I think what girls actually like about shows are the fact that most of them portray unconditional love, loyalty and support for each other.
So if you're currently in a relationship and want yours to be as sweet as those in shows or movies,
stay loyal, faithful and do your best to keep the flame going strong
and I'm sure everything will fall in place somehow :)

By the way, I hope you guys will like the shows I've introduced!
Thank you for reading, love you all!