Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Run For Your Lives Asia

After watching tons of episodes of The Walking Dead and countless other zombie movies,
I've been daydreaming (about zombies... is that weird? hahaha) about different scenarios when I have to escape from hoards of undead who are after my brains and how I'll try to outsmart them, escape and hopefully survive!
Also, this is actually one of the main reasons I'm willing to exercise once in awhile to keep fit too, hahaha!
So if you are a fan of ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Left 4 Dead’ and all other zombie fanlore like I am,
it's time to rejoice!
Cause the zombies are literally coming to town!!!
Action X, makers of unique and extreme experiences, brings the zombie fever to another level with thrilling obstacles and the undead to manoeuvre in a quest to survive the impending brain-eating apocalypse.
And not to mention, an after event party to die for!

I'm sure we can all run, but how far can you run when you're running for your lives? :O
Run For Your Lives is the original zombie-themed 5K obstacle course race from the United States created by Reed Street Productions in 2011.
From its humble beginnings of a single event in Baltimore that attracted over 12,000 people,
the zombie infection has spread to other cities in the US, and to date, they’ve held more than 30 successful events!

Organized by Action X and supported as an official franchise,
Run For Your Lives comes to Asia with Singapore as its first stop (more races to come in other countries in Asia, so tell all your friends!!).
This will also be the inaugural Run For Your Lives urban race, taking place in the heart of the city - from the historic Padang to the iconic Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade area.

Race Info/ Event Details:
Race Route: Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade
After Party: The Padang
Date: 11 January 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 1pm to 11pm

Why should you join?
Apart from the fact that the impending zombie apocalypse is very real (to me hahah) and that this will be the PERFECT training ground to see if you'll survive, Run For Your Lives is also:

(1) Non-competitive: 
This is not a competitive race!
But it will test your limits, speed and agility.
And you’ll need your brains intact to strategize your way to the finishing line (aka “The Safe Zone”). 
As an individual or group, whether you’re young or old, this will be a challenging, yet not impossible, race you’ll never forget! :D

(2) Fun: 
You will be chased by a horde of flesh-starved zombies and it'll definitely get your heart thumping and adrenaline pumping from start to end hahaha!
What can be more fun that this? :P
Runners get 3 life flags to survive and 1 opportunity to revive your life during the course (yes, got second chance one, heng ah!!) #zombiesurvival
You can also choose to take part in the race as a zombie instead!
Zombies get the opportunity to transform themselves into mindless, blood-thirsty corpses by their professional make-up artists, and it's gonna be hella cool!! #zombietransformation

(3) Obstacles:
Here's a tip for the runners: attempt every obstacle because it might save your life!
These obstacles have been designed to help runners escape the zombies’ clutches.
Here’s a sneak peek of what some of the obstacles look like:

The Pipe Tunnel
The A-Frame
The Slide
(4) Prizes: 
For those who like to dress-up, they will have prizes for the best dressed survivors and zombies (individual and group).
So get your make-up on to win some really cool prizes!!
(5) Good cause: 
By participating in this race, you will be doing your part to help the less fortunate!
A significant portion of the race proceeds will be donated to their official charity beneficiary, The Red Cross Society of Singapore.
Have fun while helping a good cause? Count me in! ^~^

(6) Early Bird Registration: 
From now till 14 Nov, early bird tickets are $79.90 (U.P. $89.90) for both survivors and zombies.
There is also a SUPER early bird tickets @ $59.90 that’s happening from today till 31st Oct.
After that, it’ll just be early bird tickets till 14th Nov.
Only limited slots available, so gather all your friends quick!! :D
(7) Loyalty: 
You get a chance to win tickets to the race!!!
Yes, for FREE!!! :D

I'll be conducting a Twitter giveaway really really soon! Stay tune to my Twitter @rachelltan_!

10 winners will be chosen randomly to win one free ticket to the event!
Winners will be announced on Mon, 11 Nov.

(8) Apocalypse Party:
We'll all get to party like it's the end of the world!! :D
Food & Drinks: They’ll have lots of sustenance that will blow your mind. And beer. And alcohol!
Entertainment: I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS!!!
Their DJs have been briefed to play music that will wake the dead!!!
So get your zombie twitching and twerking moves ready, everybody~~!
(9) Entitlements:
You'll also be receiving:
A ‘Run For Your Lives Asia’ Official Event Tee
A ‘Run For Your Lives Asia’ Official Race Pack
A ‘Run For Your Lives Asia’ Race Medal (for both survivors & the infected)
Admittance to the Apocalypse Party
Professional zombie transformation (only for zombies)

Think you're all ready for the zombie apocalypse? ;)

Then proceed to:
2. Spread the Infection (share about it on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)
3. Register to become a zombie (limited slots) or survivor: www.runforyourlivesasia.com
4. Grab the special rate for students in groups of 10 or more, at the special price of $65.90 per ticket before it’s too late.
Same price for corporate also available for groups of 5 and above.
Limited slots available so act now! :D

And in case you're lazy to scroll up again, here are the event details ^~^

Race Info/ Event Details:
Race Route: Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade
After Party: The Padang
Date: 11 January 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 1pm to 11pm

So will you survive or end up being one of the infected?
Thank you for reading, love you all!

By the way, if you're interested in how I did my zombie make up for this post,
I have an episode on Reelity Bites that shows the same technique I used,
just different placement of the wounds! ^~^