Friday, October 11, 2013

Universal Studios Singapore®:
Halloween Horror Nights® 3

I was invited to the Media Preview of
Universal Studios Singapore® Halloween Horror Nights®3 at Resorts World™ Sentosa
with Peishi the other day, and it was the most unforgettable Halloween for us, ever!!! O.O

Event may be too intense for young children and is not recommended for children under the age of 13.
No costumes or masks allowed for this event.

I'm just going to show you guys a teeny tiny fraction of the spine-chilling photos I took so as not to be too much of a spoiler for those who're going/planning to go for this!
Are you ready??

It’s the third edition of Southeast Asia’s largest and most terrifying Halloween event at Universal Studios® Singapore.
Guests walk into a set where they will feel like part of a Hollywood horror movie and will face their worst nightmares.

This year, the event runs for 10 nights, with extended hours (7pm – 1am), in October and November and features new storylines and iconic characters.
There are 6 new haunted attractions – 3 scare zones and 3 haunted houses this year and many photo opportunities with the characters!
This year, they will have up to 400 full time scare actors to scare you throughout the event!!!

Hahah we couldn't smile properly cause we got scared by a lot of their scare actors already T~T
In addition, and unlike no other in Singapore, guests can enjoy the theme park’s top rides at night, such as
TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle, Revenge of the Mummy®, and more!
Definitely an event not to be missed, especially for the fun-loving, thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkies and horror film buffs!

Taking rides at night sounds super crazy awesome, don't you think? :D

Also, test your nerves in a terrifying maze of haunted houses and scare zones, but beware – three vengeful sisters have forged an evil alliance to trap unsuspecting victims!

I really have to applaud Halloween Horror Nights® 3's scare actors because they are SOOOO DEDICATED!!!
I swear you will get your money's worth of scare!
There were scare actors hiding among the BUSHES and ON TOP OF TREES and CRAWLING on all fours.... O.O
Please go in groups of friends though, cause if you go alone..........~~~ :X

Regular Ticket Price:
Confront your deepest fears and face the evil sisters for only $68
(Note: Event admission only, separate day pass admission; guests who visits during the day on event nights can upgrade their ticket at only $50 to Stay & Scream)

Students special at the Roadshow:
Open-dated ticket avail at $50 upon flash of any valid student card

Frequent Fear Pass (FFP): Introduced this year, this Pass is like a mini Annual Pass where the public can save with this purchase for entry to their event for 6 nights (11, 12, 18, 19, 31 Oct & 03 Nov) and return as many times 

Regular FFP @ $118 (top up of $50 from regular priced ticket of $68)
Student FFP @ $98 (top up of $48 from students special of $50)
RWS Invites @ $88 (top up of $34 from Invites member special of $54)

R.I.P Tours: Join the exclusive R.I.P Tour for a blood-red carpet treatment.
You and the rest of the group will be personally guided through spine- chilling scare zones and receive VIP access to any of our hair- raising haunted houses and rides.
Dare yourself to take on this tour at only $198
(Special rates extended to Maybank holders for only $188 and RWS Invites & Annual Pass Holders at $178)

Event Dates/Time:
This event is held over 4 weekends from 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th, 31st October, and 1 – 3 November, 7pm to 1am.

Visit for details!

The Haunted Attractions:
Haunted Houses
Adrift (New York Street; Sound Stage 28)
A storm-battered ship is found mysteriously adrift after being lost at sea since 1910.
The crew has vanished yet an unexplained presence lingers.
 On a ship once thought to have disappeared in the dark depths of the ocean,
the past is never truly dead.

House 13 (Lost World/ WaterWorld)
House No. 13 for Sale!
Some say that the occupants of this crumbling mansion are recluses,
but the horrific truth is they are imprisoned here by Evil Spirits.
Their dream home is just a memory.
Enter if you dare – but brace yourself for a house-viewing like no other as the tables have turned!

*My favourite, and also the most realistically FRIGHTENING AND HAUNTING haunted house I've been to to date.
I still get chills down my spine when I think about it omg*
Songs of Death (Lost World/Jurassic Park Rapids (JPR) BOH)
A starlet’s songs of vengeance turn into a spine-chilling requiem for her troupe.
Step into the once flourishing Chinese Opera Academy and relive the bloody massacre by a vindictive prima donna – The Maiden of the Opera.

Scare Zones
I feel like we were caught in the middle of a Hollywood Vampire film
and even the air felt cold and eerie~~~*
Attack of the Vampires (New York Street)
Once a charming town, Whittemore is now a graveyard of pale, fang-bearing living dead.
The Daughter of the Undead has turned the town’s rosy-cheeked residents into blood-thirsty Vampires.
Hurry through the streets of Whittemore, but never look anyone in the eye!

Walk through this street quickly and quietly,
remember not to alert the vampires....

Convention of the Curses (Ancient Egypt)
Witness the magical and the unimaginable as witches, wizards, and practitioners of the dark arts gather at the world’s 366th Annual Convention of Curses.  You will be mesmerized by their ghastly rituals.  Stare if you must, but mind your manners- lest you invite the casting of a curse on you!
*I really dare not look at this scare actress in the eye omg I feel like she's peering into my soul JKDFHKJHFSDF STAHPPPPP!!!*

Forbidden Forest (Lost World/ Jurassic Park)
The Villagers say that only fools venture through these woods after sunset.
Here on the outskirts of town lies the land of the forsaken and the forgotten – the kingdom of the Crone.
A grand dame of black magic, she eternally prowls the night for unsuspecting souls to whet her insatiable appetite.
Tread swiftly for the dark shadows are vicious, and morning is only a fool’s dream.

Select rides and attractions that will be open all night:
1. Monster Rock Halloween Edition at Pantages Hollywood Theater (with special host, Beetle Juice)
2.  Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg
3. Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle
4. Accelerator
5. Revenge of the Mummy
6. Canopy Flyer
7. Enchanted Airways
8. Shrek 4-D Adventure
9. Madagascar: A Crate Adventure

Food and refreshments will also be available at select zones for purchase throughout the evening. Themed F&B offerings and products available!
Guests are also able to purchase exclusive Halloween Horror Nights 3 Retail merchandise (eg. skull lanyards & mugs).

This has been the BEST Halloween event I've been to in my life!!!
It's soooo good I felt like I was totally transported into series after series of horror films
At times I felt claustrophobic, my heart at my throat, panicky, excited, mind-blown, disorientated...
and I've never felt this way before!!
You really have to be there to feel how intense it is I tell you!

So if you'd like to test out your guts and are game for a good scare,
the Universal Studios Singapore®: Halloween Horror Nights® 3 is NOT to be missed!!
Make this your best and most unforgettable Halloween ever,
visit for more details now!

After the Media Preview ended and all the scare actors left,
Peishi and I decided to goof around and make this little "horror movie" of our own LOL!
Check out how spooky the set is EVEN WITHOUT the scare actors,
can you imagine how much more we screamed when they were roaming amongst us??

Thank you for reading, love you all!