Sunday, November 17, 2013

Catworld SG

Ever since I found out about Catworld,
I've been checking out their latest updates and collections regularly because they're all too gorgeous to miss!
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If you'd like to read my first blogpost on Catworld, here it is:
Catworld's designs have never disappointed me once.
They're stylish, versatile, fun and of course, of extremely high quality!
If you need a convenient one stop site to revamp your entire wardrobe,
you'll definitely find all that you need at Catworld!
Key in "pxdkitty" at the checkout page to get a 10% discount off your purchases!
Today I'll be featuring 4 different styles with 4 of my favourite pieces from Catworld :)
Hope you'll like my picks!

First of all, this Floral Outback Top!
For the edgy girls who like to experiment with prints,
this top is perfect without being too over the top!
The lovely floral linings at the neck area and sleeves are subtle and yet bold enough to spice up this simple piece.
Totally wearable even for work or meetings to add some variations to your usual plain shirts! :)
Plus the smooth material is so amazingly soft without being too sheer
(I was wearing a black bra inside btw :X),
there's no need for an inner layer so you can be sure to wear this piece with ultimate comfort! ^~^
Next, a Mint Flowy Maxi Dress for all the dreamers!
I don't think there is a lovelier shade of mint than this that exists.
I KNEW I had to get this maxi dress the moment I laid my eyes on it!
The soft flowy movement of the dress, the way it drapes down gently on your figure plus the  super flattering cutting,
this maxi dress is a dream!
Love how my black dream catcher necklace adds a beautiful contrast to this as well! :D
I couldn't be happier with the way this sweet outfit looks!!
It's definitely a different style from my usual,
but the best part about having a change of style from time to time is when you actually surprise yourself by looking good with it! ^~^
Oh my goodness!
And this is my ultimate favourite from Catworld's latest collection! :)
The Hermione Oversized Cardigan in Yellow!
This perfectly slouchy and comfy oversized cardigan from Catworld also comes in Almond, Pink, Green & Dark Blue!
It's so snug and keeps me warm in this chilly weather,
I can see myself literally living in this for the next few weeks!
Not to mention how gorgeous the pattern of the knit looks
and how easily it dresses up my simple get up of a white top and denim shorts! ^~^
Last but not the least,
the Running Heart Baseball Jacket (Purple) which I like to call the JB Jacket :P
It's probably the purple colour, and I don't personally own a lot of purple clothes so I think it reminds me of Justin Bieber! xD
That means it's one of those clothes that make you feel young and full of swag haha!
Well at least I tried to look young okay! :P

Unlike your usual thick cotton varsity jackets,
this one is made of polyester and has a certain amount of shine to it
and it looks ABSOLUTELY STUNNING in both photos and in real life!
And this is one of the reasons why I love Catworld's self-manufactured apparels so much!
They always select the materials most suited for the different designs
to bring out the very best in the girls who wear their clothes :)

So if you feel like being mind-blown by tons of awesome apparels with amazing quality,
do visit Catworld now!
Key in "pxdkitty" at the checkout page to get a 10% discount off your purchases!

Thank you for reading, love you all!