Monday, November 25, 2013

Have you ever went onto a website and literally got high just looking at their items
and going all like "I NEED THIS. I NEED THAT. I NEED EVERYTHING!!!"?

That recently happened to me when I found out about! :O
They have some of the most UNIQUE products I've seen among the tons of web stores I've visited,
and the best part is they UPDATE with new stuff DAILY!!!
And not to worry, there's always something for everyone -
girls, guys, mothers, fathers, babies, and even pets!!
kwerkee curates and features fresh content everyday
so whenever I check back on their site, there's always something new that I haven't seen before to be discovered!! ^~^
That's one of the biggest plus points a shop can have, ever!!
I personally really like to see new updates regularly cause I have an extremely short attention span and I get bored easily hahaha :P
But at, for the past few days everyday I find my jaw dropping everytime I see their new updates and I'll be like,

It's always super exciting to shop at kwerkee because their items are not only unique & stylish in design,
they are also totally functional and practical!!
Great for your own use and perfect as gifts for others too!
Since Christmas is coming soon, if you're running out of ideas for presents to get,
do visit kwerkee's site for some cool products that will definitely blow your mind! :D :D
kwerkee has developed a reputation in Asia Pacific as being a cool, quirky design source
and you'll understand why in a bit! :P
But first, here's a quick overview of what I got from!
"May cause fits... of excitement"
I was screaming at the top of my voicing running around my house the moment I received my package LOL!!!
So friggin exciting I couldn't wait to try out everything at once!!! :O

I think when you shop at, you'll experience 3 times of increased heart rates due to excitement:
once during browsing their website,
once when you receive the package,
and once when you try out all their products and they turn out even more awesome than you imagined them to be xD
So the first item I got from kwerkee that I want to show off is this POP Phone!
I chose it initially because of it's extremely striking hot pink colour (which is my favourite colour),
and I thought it'd be a cute prop to camwhore with or as decoration for my room...
I made my mum call me and talk to me over the phone (although she was just beside me) just so that I can test it out LOL
And it really works!!!
My lil brother couldn't believe it when I told him because he thought I was lying to him hahah!
This is basically a retro twist to your modern phone.
Technology made our old school phones smaller into mobile phones,
and then we choose to add a hilariously old-school phone as headset and bringing it around,
It's the cool things like this that makes life filled with fun and joy everyday! :P
So excited to bring this out more because I think it's going to be a sure conversation starter!! ^~^
And finally, I found a super cute USB flash drive at kwerkee! ^~^
No more black boring boyish flash drives for me~~
Plus it's by tokidoki which I love!!!
If I didn't tell you it was a USB flash drive you'd think it's those cute but impractical collectibles right?
Hahaha but this is awesome cause I can actually use it, bring it around, plus take pictures with it! ^~^
Friggin cutest USB flash drive everrrrrr!!!! x)
kwerkee has a lot of other super adorable designs (for boys and girls) including Batman, Star Wars and sanrio characters too!
I also got this InflataBuffet thing from kwerkee
and it says that it's a portable salad bar for keeping food fresh.
If it could float on water, maybe I could bring this to my cousin's condo swimming pool and we can have a pig out session while swimming??? :X
HAHAHAHA too effing cool I can't wait to try this out omg!
The most exciting, fun and the largest item I got from kwerkee! :D
When I saw that they had an ice cream maker I was so thrilled I was on the verge of hyperventing!
And this maker is super fuss-free and doesn't require electricity at all?!
All you have to do is freeze the inner container for a few hours
and then it'll be ready to to make ice cream within 20 minutes! ^~^
Took this opportunity to try making Rainbow Ice Cream for the first time and
Watch my "Make with me: Rainbow Ice Cream" video now!!!

I love the products on kwerkee for giving me lots of inspirations and ideas about what I can try cooking or making next! ^~^
If not for kwerkee, I wouldn't have known how easy it was to make ice cream in my entire life!!
Feeling kinda good about myself now LOLOL!
Home-made Ice Cream? TOO SIMPLEEEE!!! xD
You guys should really try it out!!
Also inspired by Ben's rainbow hair xD
Read his blogpost on kwerkee here!
He got a super cool corndog maker from kwerkee
omg we should swap sometime, I wanna try to make corndogs too!!!
Looks super yummy! b;
And if a super easy to use ice cream maker isn't awesome enough for you,
they also have it in PINK at!!!! *O*
And in my "Make with me: Rainbow Ice Cream" video,
I also used these colourful macaron timers from kwerkee to time my ice cream!
Chose all 4 because I really couldn't decide which one I liked best, and they look better when they're all together, so..... :P
But they're actually practical so nobody can say you're wasting money hahaha!
I love it when my baking and cooking equipment are cute cause it makes me bake/ cook happily!
And when I'm happy, the results always turn out better
so I really believe in getting cute timers, mixing spoons, colourful cookie sheets etc for myself!! :D

And here's my pistol mug,
which I might have spammed all my social media platforms with by now! :P
It looks so badass and cool I keep using it hahah!
It's like the coolest cup I've ever had,
and I saw a few other similar ones at kwerkee which I'm thinking of getting soon too! ;)
I want to have a collection of all the coolest and most unique cups in the world
so all my guests who come over to my place will be so entertained OHOHOHO ^~^

And because I promised Ben to give him some of the Rainbow Ice Cream I made,
I got to use my rollbag from kwerkee as well!
It's super cool cause you don't need to tie it up with a rubberband or clip it or anything?
All you have to do is to roll it and the velcro on the bag will just adhere to itself without spilling its contents out! :O
My first time seeing something like this, HUMANS ARE REALLY DAMN SMART!!
And it's waterproof and the material is kinda thick too
so I'm hoping it'll help me prevent my ice cream from melting! ^~^
And true to my blog title "Faith, Trust & Pixiedust",
there's definitely going to be some magic going on in this post!! ~*~*~*~*~
I got this Salt + Magic set from kwerkee and it's probably one of BEST things I've ever come across in my entire life! xD
Probably because I'm obsessed with wands, stars, magic and everything related,
and also because this can be used to help food taste better & I LOVE FOOD!!!

And this is how it works!
You first unscrew the handle from the star..
Then fill up the stars with salt or pepper, and at the front of the star there's a tiny hole for the salt and pepper to come out! ^~^

Gone are the boring days of traditional salt and pepper shakers man!
Make way for the most diva and glamorous way of adding salt and pepper to your food xD
Add a little spice and magic in your life with all the fun and cool stuff at!!!

Practical and super pretty things are the best things ever!!
Major plus points for being such gorgeous props too!! is all about discovering new, cool and fun things,
being wow-ed by their new updates daily and getting inspired by all their innovative designs and products!
If like me, you're by your phone or your computer all the time,
kwerkee is definitely a site you'd want to bookmark and check back daily! ^~^
There is not a dull moment at kwerkee, and it has added so much thrill and entertainment to my life already!
Can't wait to order & get more stuff from kwerkee soon!!
If you're currently feeling overwhelmed by the insane amount of selections of awesome items at kwerkee,
(don't worry, it's normal :P),
you can also take a look at
which is a trending page with live feed that lets you see what people want and are buying at this very moment!!
This will let you check out the more popular and hot-selling items so that you can buy them easily too! ^~^
And when you shop at kwerkee, you'll also receive kwerkee Badges as an achievement marker!
The more active you are on kwerkee, the more chances you will have to earn Badges.
Some will come with 'gifts' in the form of credits, which can be used for your next purchase.
Earn credits for your next purchase just by completing tasks.
Badges are a fun way to earn your way to bigger rewards/savings.
Last but not the least,
if you're interested in kwerkee's behind-the-scenes updates, contests and fan-only promos,
do also check out their
Facebook page:
Instagram page:

Happy shopping everyone!
Love you all, thank you for reading! ^~^