Wednesday, November 27, 2013

SingTel mioTV: RTL CBS Entertainment HD channel launch

Have you guys heard about the exciting new channel launched on SingTel mio TV yet? :D
It's the RTL CBS Entertainment HD (CH318) channel,
the first in Singapore!
The channel showcases exclusive, premium, brand new shows straight from the USA!
The top US dramas you can expect include Elementary and Beauty & The Beast.
Reality Programmes on the new channel are such as The X Factor USA, America’s Got Talent, Celebrity Apprentice and many more
such as Elementary Season 2 which is premiering on 6 Dec, 9pm!
So many of our favourite programmes in one channel, what's there not to love! ^~^

I'm quite a fan of The X Factor USA because it's so addictive to watch the contestants try to up their game every round,
and I really like the chemistry the judges have with each other and their hilarious reactions too!! :p
And speaking of judges, the episode where Simon Cowell "sang" briefly, hahaha damn epic!

Also, Beauty & The Beast is one of my current favourite US dramas!
It's like a modern day re-telling of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale,
but with a whole lot more action, cool effects, romance... and hot actors & actresses!!! :P
mio TV is Singapore's first IPTV service and it boasts of numerous innovative features that will change the way we watch TV forever!

Just to name a few,
mio TV allows you to:
Find your favourites TV shows and Movies, listed 30 days in advance
Channel surf and preview channels super easily
Watch movies whenever you want from an extensive selection
Watch free previews and only pay if you've confirmed your selection
Control your video; pause, rewind, fast-forward
Record your favourite shows
Enjoy HD quality playback
Have Parental Control
Track your purchases from the TV Portal
& so much more!!

I try to stay home as much as I can because home is where I can be dressed most comfortably and everything I'll ever need (*ahem* food!!!) is just a few steps away! :p
Apart from my bed, my next favourite thing at home is probably my TV set
which I can watch for hours - laughing, crying, getting agitated, caught in suspense etc!
Now with the new RTL CBS Entertainment HD channel,
staying home on lazy rainy days by myself or just chilling at home with my family and friends have never been this fun and full of drama!! :D

And as part of the launch of this channel on mioTV, there is an ongoing contest for us to take part in! :D
The prize?
A PAIR of tickets to catch THE X FACTOR USA 3 Finale LIVE in Los Angeles!
Awesome isn't it!!

How do you take part?
Just TWO simple steps:
1. Tune in to RTL CBS Entertainment HD (Ch318) every Thurs & Fri at 6PM or 9PM during the telecast of THE X FACTOR USA 3, for the secret code.
2. SMS “the secret code” <space> NAME <space> IC NUMBER <space> to 9656 4080

I'm definitely going to join this because all I gotta do is to send a text, and the prize is so crazily fabulous!!!
Winning a trip to LA to catch THE X FACTOR USA 3 Finale Live just by watching TV?
SWEEEET, count me in! ^~^

So deep in concentration...
Making sure I didn't have any typos in my text message ahahah :X

Contest Period:
1 Nov – 30 Nov 2013
So if you haven't already subscribed to SingTel mio TV's new channel, do hurry!! :D
**Contest is only open for SingTel mio TV RTL CBS Entertainment HD subscribers.

The RTL CBS Entertainment HD (CH318) channel is the latest addition to the SingTel mio TV Family+ pack starting from 16 October 2013 with no additional costs!
If you're interested to subscribe or find out about the awesome promotional prices for SingTel mio TV's packs,
do visit their website now!

With so many innovative features and a wide variety of HD channels, programmes and movies,
mio TV provides endless hours of entertainment for everyone in the family!

Let mio TV change the way you watch TV forever! ^~^
Thank you for reading, love you all!