Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hervelvetvase's Mood Box

Are you currently feeling uninspired? :(
Need some new clothes but you have NO IDEA what to buy,
so frustrated with having a boring wardrobe, even shopping feels like a chore now?
Don't give up just yet cause...

It's called the Mood Box by hervelvetvase!
It's actually my FIRST time blogging about something like this and to me it's extremely novel and interesting too!

If you're like me, the kind who's always shopping online and gets a huge kick out of receiving parcels,
this mood box is definitely your thing :D
When you subscribe to hervelvetvase's mood box,
you'll get to receive a huge box of awesome stuff EVERY MONTH!!!
So I just received mine a few days ago and the element of surprise from opening a box filled with mystery products is so exciting!!
Check out what's in my first mood box omg! :O
So much more than I'd expected!!!
Top, jacket, skirt, branded make up and so many other awesome stuff!! xD

But of course, hervelvetvase lets you have some form of control to a certain extent,
to ensure that you'll 100% love the items you'll be receiving, plus so much more! :D

Here's how you get started with curating your very own HVV Mood Box in a few simple clicks!
There are various options (from $45/month) you can choose from on HVV's website,
but to me, Option 1 ($100 worth of products) seems like the most value for money one :P
Pay $70 (or $60) and get $100 worth of products per month?
That's almost like a half price discount!!
WORTH IT EH!!! ^~^

Then I chose my apparel sizes, colour preference, mood, the occasion I'm shopping for etc!
If you're not sure of the occasion, you can even click on "Surprise me!" :D

The entire process is really simple and HVV's website guides you along every step of the way,
so I think it's super awesome for first timers like me!!! ^~^
Websites that make the ordering process easy is the best!!!
Quickly buy already just wait for my surprise package to arrive, yay!
And the last part, "My Current Fashion icon" is like the coolest customizing option ever!!!
If there's an outfit, style or look that you really really like, you can even upload a picture onto HVV's website
for them to send you a package of clothes similar to that image!
I think it really makes shopping SO MUCH easier
instead of having to go around posting on instagram, fb, twitter "I'm looking for this dress or something similar to this.." :D :D
Love hvv's mood box system so much!!! ^~^

So for my fashion icon option,
since I was listening to Iggy's songs while placing my order, I decided to send them Iggy's image :D
Then I checkout as usual, and then I'm done!
It says $210 because I placed an order for 3 months worth of mood box,
so for the remaining 2 months, I won't have to pay anymore! ^~^
It's like surprise presents for yourself in the future woohoo!
Then in a blink of an eye, BAM!
My hugeeeee box of awesomeness from HVV arrived yay~~~ :D
I LOVE receiving huge parcels the most cause it's so exciting to uncover all the items inside one by one ^~^

Omg, still got Majolica Majorca eyeshadow!!! ^~^
Just think about it,
$60 ~ $70 for this entire outfit plus super awesome make up, shampoo, shower cream, hand cream etc..
Wah! This is what I call a smart shopper!! :D
Plus it's like having your OWN PERSONAL STYLIST to dress you up for special occasions!
No need to stress about whether or not this or that will match,
just grab everything in the box and you can even put them on with your eyes closed,
and you'll still leave the house LOOKING FABULOUS!!! :O

So here's my #ootd by hervelvetvase's mood box!
Fitting and flattering leatherette crop top and leatherette skater skirt,
plus a chunky acid wash denim jacket for that edgy look!

Layering to look fashionable ✓
Experimenting with different textures ✓
Edgy style with the round shades ✓

I really couldn't be happier with the outfit HVV has put together for me!!! :D
Even Hyuna likes my outfit :p hahah jk!
Can't decide which is my favourite piece!!
I just posted pictures of myself with this outfit and so far I've received several compliments on:
This entire outfit
The skirt
The shades
The crop top!!! ^~^

Love how professional hvv is cause they won't shortchange their customers!
Every single piece is of amazing quality and design,
and I would totally repeat this outfit again!!! :P
And because it's a lot colder this time of the year,
I really appreciate the bulk of the acid wash denim jacket! ^~^
 Super happy!!! xD
This has been the most fun and interesting shopping experience for me so far.
It's kind of like telling them,
"I like this, I don't like that, but I don't mind trying this, and I kind of like that but not so much...y'know?"
and their amazing staff at hvv comes up with this magical combination of apparels and other products
that had everything I dreamed of LOL! xD
Ahh, I could totally wear the gorgeous leatherette combination to a party too
except that I don't party hehe :x
And the item that surprised me the most, this leatherette laser cut out crop top! :O
It's really of a similar style to the image of Iggy I attached in my order (refer to above),
except it's more wearable for a daily basis!!! :D
It's now my NEW FAVOURITE CROP TOP!! ^~^
In all honesty, I'm really impressed by how efficient hvv is with their mood box
and I think if you're the type who hardly has time to go shopping due to work and all,
the hvv mood box is your best bet for amazing looking outfits at pocket-friendly prices! :D
Thank you so much for this awesome shopping experience, hervelvetvase! ♥♥♥
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Before I end this post,
hervelvetvase is having a giveaway for my readers where you can stand a chance to win
a mini mood box!! :D
All you'll have to take part is:
1. Follow @hervelvetvase on Instagram
2. Like this photo on their instagram
3. Leave a comment on this photo on hvv's Instagram :)
Just 3 easy steps!! ^~^
Good luck!!

Thank you for reading & happy shopping,
love you all!