Friday, December 27, 2013

innisfree Press Conference with Lee Min Ho

Sorry I haven't been blogging a lot recently..
Martin took about a week's worth of leave and we've just been chionging Pokemon X on his new 3DS lol :X
Anyway, some photos from the innisfree Press Conference with Lee Min Ho the other day!
I actually posted this on my Dayre already, but here are just some other photos from my camera :)

Had a quick lunch at a Japanese ramen restaurant at Parco Millenia Walk with Peishi!
There are a ton of Japanese shops at Parco so if you're a fan of Japanese culture, it's definitely a good place to visit!
Plus CLEO Hair & Make is there too!! ^~^
 Their way of ordering ramen is pretty cool cause you can customise how strong you want the taste of the soup to be, whether you want to add or not add certain ingredients etc!
 Then we quickly went over to Pan Pacific hotel for the innisfree Press Conference!
Some of the pretty desserts they served! :D

 And omg, a room FULL of photos of Lee Min Ho!! :O
Even if it's just his pictures... it's quite exciting to just take photos with it hahah!
I didn't kiss his photos cause I think Martin will get jealous though LOL xD

And then we were seated and shown a few innisfree commercials which were so beautifully shot it's like watching a music video! :O
I wouldn't mind watching commercials like this all the time eh ^~^
Plus Lee Min Ho is so gorgeous!! *.*
And everyone was snapping away even though it's just a video... the power of LMH haha ^~^
And you can imagine how excited everyone was when we saw him IRL!!
But I think the audience did a great job maintaining in our seats, clapping whenever appropriate,
and not screaming or running to the front to grab his shirt cause I think that would scare him off heh.. ^^;

But anyway, I think innisfree sounds like a really promising brand of skincare and cosmetic products cause they use everything organic, clean and eco-friendly!
Just saw their shop at Taka yesterday and spent almost $100 cause their stuff are all so tempting x.x I want to buy them all haha!
Let's see how they work for my skin and I'll probably post about them soon :)
And then after the press conference, I went to meet my baby~~~
Saw these adorable cupcakes along the way!
My handsome baby who looks good from every angle~~~ *.*
We went to eat at another Japanese restaurant along City Link if I didn't remember wrongly
and they serve pastas to be eaten using chopsticks! :o
Taste-wise.. not bad, but I'd love them if they provided chilli flakes to go with my pasta :p heheh

And then we went shopping around Ion and saw a ton of people inside the Pandora shop O.O
If I haven't seen the prices of the stuff at Pandora before, this scene would actually make me think it's affordable to me...
but of course it's not lah hahah so moving on~~ ^^;
Baby bought me a Christmas present that I need, can use and love!!
New couple Birkenstocks yay!!! ^~^
Our old birkenstocks were bought 2 years ago and it's pretty worn out by now
so it's about time we bought a new pair each, whee!! :D
I wore mine immediately with my shirt & skirt outfit cause my mega high heels were killing me LOLOL
super tak-glam I know... but thankfully my boyfriend would rather me feel comfortable than look pretty heheh! ^~^
Not much mood to camwhore recently I don't know why,
but I have lots of photos of other stuff to blog soon! ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all!