Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MapleSEA: Sengoku Era

If you know me well enough, you'll realise that I'm the type that's extremely selective when it comes to games,
and I won't play a game unless
So when I introduce a game on my blog, it's really worth playing lah! :p

And today, I want to blog about Asiasoft's much anticipated launch of the Sengoku Era in MapleSEA!! :O
It's first launched as an exclusive content for Japan MapleStory, but it has finally made it's way to MapleSEA in two parts and it will introduce two new classes - Hayato & Kanna!
If you haven't played MapleStory before, I don't know how the best years of your childhood was like....but you were probably missing out :X
Hahah kidding!!! :D
Anyway, it's never too late to start playing MapleStory especially with this cool new Sengoku era!! ^~^
Both the Samurai Hayato and magician Kanna are available for play already!
But I decided to focus and train my Hayato first before I start on Kanna!! :P
Before I continue with this post, watch these super cool Hayato videos to get an idea of what the character is like and the storyline on The Sengoku Era! :)
You'll also get to watch the anime video during the game by the way! :D
I LOVE the introduction of these anime videos with the new MapleStory Season 2!!
I feel like it gives you a more dramatic and interactive idea of the plot behind the game, and it just makes playing the game so much more exciting than it already was! ^~^
I feel so motivated to train my Hayato everytime I watch these, lol!!

The story of Sengoku dates back to Japan many centuries ago.

It was a time of peace.

However, Abeno Seimei, the Great Diviner of that peaceful period, had a premonition that an entity wielding the power of the 6th Sky Demon King would appear at some point in time, threatening the entire land of Japan.

Time had passed in the world of Sengoku and just as predicted, a man by the name of Oda Nobunaga appeared, claiming to be the 6th Sky Demon King.

With an overpowering military force, the world of Sengoku was seized into hegemony.
In order to be reborn as the 6th Sky Demon King, Nobunaga went to Honnoji to perform the ritual of the Demon King’s Descendant.

However, Abeno Seimei's premonition also foretold that five skilled men would rise to oppose Nobunaga.

From then on, they would be known as the “Children of Five Stars”, and would be burdened with the fate of opposing Oda Nobunaga's threat that would destroy Japan's peace.

Each of these appointed ones would have a mark printed on them to show proof of their heavenly bodies.

A skilled samurai by the name of Hayato and an exorcist by the name of Kanna joined the military forces to prevent the Demon King’s Descendant ritual.

Hayato is known as the legendary samurai.

As one of the ‘Children of the Five Stars’, Hayato tried to stop Oda Nobunaga’s attempts to sacrifice Princess Sakuno as a vessel to summon the 6th Demon King through a dimension door.
After a huge explosion from the failed ritual, Hayato found himself with many others in a place known as Momijigaoka, where he began training once again, for there were rumors that Nobunaga had survived…

From the Era of Sengoku story, Hayato is a guy, but you can still choose to play the female version like I did, yay! :D
Chose my character to have super spiky badass hair cause I always have this belief that fiercer-looking characters cause more damage cause they look more intimidating hahah! xD

So here I am with my new Hayato at Momijigaoka!! ^~^
 Checking out my Hayato's weapons and skills!
Hayato uses a Katana as his/her primary weapon, so you can only use weapon types that state "katana" in the description in order for Hayato to use all his/her skills!

There is also a more easy to view the status of all your quests now cause of the pop up (top right)!
And of course, there are so much more new and exciting quests for us to complete!!

There's also a category where my character can have a "Farm", which I haven't seen before yet.. shall explore that out soon! I think it'll be really fun! ^~^
And the first thing I noticed when I started using my Hayato was how fast her attacks are!! :D
WOOHOO, super shiok!!!
Kill all the cute monstersss xD
And this is with my level 37!
Unlike some other classes that I've played before, I think Hayato is a lot easier to use and more manageable,
so if you're new at MapleStory or haven't played in awhile and getting a little rusty (like me), choose Hayato to start cause it'll make your life a lot easier!! ^~^

Check out how cool the special attack looks??!! *O*
Hahah no lah, this is like one of those give-you-shiok moments before the game officially starts :P
BEFORE Nobunaga destroys everything, you get to attack as the legendary Hayato with crazy DPS!!!
Falling in love with Maple all over again~~ ^~^
So far I really like the Hayato class,
it's a little similar to DB (dual blade) but it has better mobbing skills, which means I can attack monsters at one go and I think it's AWESOME!!! ^~^

Just started playing my Hayato and I think I leveled up pretty quick! :D
Can't wait till I level up and get some awesome hyperskills (coming soon) and get to fight the boss!!! *O*

Anyway, I think the introduction of the Sengoku Era (which is a real era in Japanese history by the way!) and the Japanese anime story plots into MapleStory is too friggin dope!!! ^~^
Kudos to all MapleSEA for making this happen!!!

Japanese culture has been one of the biggest influences in my life while growing up,
and it was totally a dream come true when I got to go to Japan with my family two years back!!! :'D
The place is beautiful, the people are polite and passionate.. and even their fruits are sweeter in Japan~~! xD
Here are just some throwbacks from my previous trip to Japan!

Personally, I think Japan is one of the most beautiful places I've been to,
and if you haven't been there before or would like to visit Japan again,
because Asiasoft will be selecting 1 lucky winner to win a Trip for 2 to Japan!!! ^~^

How to take part?
1. Asiasoft will take a screen-shot of mine & several other bloggers' blogposts, which will be put up for a voting contest at
2. Fans from MapleSEA will get to vote for their favourite blog post
(Liking and commenting on the post with their IGN and world will allow them to be eligible for the contest)
3. Asiasoft will select 1 lucky winner from the post with the most likes

Omg this is too exciting!!! :D
If you play Maple too, try your luck, take part and vote and leave a comment on your favourite post!!
A trip for 2 to Japan leh omg, I also want!!! xD
Who knows, today could be your lucky day!!!

And of course before I end this post,
although I spoke mainly about Hayato in this post, you guys should check out Kanna too! ^~^

Kanna is a magician who specializes in summoning spirits, or better referred to as “shikigami”, to grant her assistance.
She uses a fan as her weapon of choice and has a white fox called Haku as her trusty companion on her battles.
She uses a combination of fan attacks and ghost with Haku assisting her during battles, as the fox has the ability to transform into human form during combat.
During the attack on Honnou-ji, Kanna seeked out Mori Ranmaru, and fought a fierce battle against him in order to stop the summoning ritual.
Eventually she emerged victorious and managed to destroy his altar.
However, a large explosion occurred on Honnou-ji, and Kanna soon found herself on unfamiliar territory, later known to her as Momijigaoka.
There were rumours that Mori Ranmaru had fled somewhere in the Maple World to rebuild the altar, and so begins her quest to seek out Mori Ranmaru once again…

I'm super looking forward to playing a Kanna character because she's so friggin pretty and so is her white fox companion,
and her magic skills looks so super AWESOME!!!!
Super thrilled just thinking about training Kanna to level 200 or something!
Ahhhh hyperskills, here I come!!
This is all too exciting!!!! xD

First Hayato's launch, then Kanna's launch, and then the trip for 2 to Japan contest...
Woohoo! Back to back good news for everyone!! ^~^

So sign up for a MapleSEA account now and I'll see you guys in the Maple world!! :P
If you need to download MapleStory, look no further cause here's the link!! :D

Thank you for reading, love you all!