Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cat Cafe

Made a trip to the first Cat Cafe in Singapore last night with Martin
I couldn't help feeling excited even when walking up the stairs because of all the adorable paintings of cats everywhere~~~ :D

 When you step in, you'll first be handed a "Cat Cafe Handbook" with several rules you have to stick to to ensure your own safety as well as the cats'!

I should have taken more photos of this because YOU WON'T GET TO BRING IT HOME! T~T
Super regretting right now!
There were super adorable pictures and write ups about the cats at the cafe in it
and I totally didn't get to finish reading them omg T~T
 Never pull a cat's tail, don't wake a sleeping cat, don't forcibly hug a cat, no flash photography etc!
Easy to remember! ^~^
It's like.. if you don't like people to disturb you when you are sleeping, the cats wouldn't like it either,
so don't do things you won't like to them! :)
When we went in at about 7pm, MOST of the cats were taking naps so we didn't know what to do except to wait for them to wake up haha!
So the cats which were awake were the most popular among the guests~~
Look at how comfily it was sleeping omg~~
Even when they're sleeping they look like such angelic furballs,
we couldn't wait till we got to interact with them! :D :D
 There was this really fluffy cat grooming itself for the entire time we were at the cafe and it was sooooo insanely adorable!
I would've loved to hold it on my arms and hug it but occasionally petting it was good enough too! ^~^
Hahah could you tell I was shy? :x
Initially we were like walking around the cafe quietly, snapping photos of the cats and didn't dare go too close to them cause we didn't want to scare them~

 And because most of the cats were napping, we decided to order some drinks while waiting for them to wake up!
Their cold chocolate in particular was really good! ^~^
 And our patience showed results, yay!
About 20 minutes later, one by one these little furry cats started waking up and everyone was thrilled!!! :D :D
Letting out a biggggggg yawn xO
 And then just like the other furry cat, this one started grooming itself too hahah xD
 Pretending to poke it :X
 Heheh I was still shy lah LOL
 Hello pretty little kitty, can I take a picture with you?

 Martin was a lot more touchy with the cats than I was hahah!
Some cats actually ran away from him and I kept disturbing him like "the cats don't like you" lol!
But I think it's because they have very different personalities,
some liked being pet and cuddled, while some preferred to just observe you from afar and occasionally catwalking past you to get your attention, and others were just really hyperactive and couldn't sit still for a moment! ^~^
Being really inquisitive creatures,
they went around checking out everyone's bags, sniffing and touching it a little,
looking at your reaction while doing it...
and when they decide you're "safe" and that they can start getting familiar with you,
it's like the friggin happiest feeling ever!!! ^~^
This little kitty liked me xD
 We totally shared a moment here looking out the window pondering about life, yup!
Hahaha xD
 And for those that couldn't get out of their comfy slumber...
 They had friends to wake them up hahah! xD
 "okay okay, I'll get up..."
And the moment it's awake,
it kept playing non-stop like an energizer battery LOL!
This was one of my favourite cats there! :D :D
 It was strangely attracted to this girl's bucket bag's drawstring..
 And it started playing with it like a toy xD
Kitty VS Drawstring~~
Just like that, it entertained itself and all of us watching it for 10 whole minutes hahah
Everyone was busy snapping their cameras away and couldn't stop going "awww" at its cuteness!!!

This one woke up too! :D
It looked like a pretty miniature jaguar~
Love it!!!

 The Cat Cafe also provided us with toys to play with the cats!
Here is Martin totally looking like some cat whisperer :p
Now the cats listen to you huh, baby! ^~^
And then it was my turn!!!!
By this time I warmed up and was totally not shy already, jumping around (quietly) to make the cats chase me hahah xD
And the cats, too, responded well to us cause we were there for quite some time already!
Superrrrrr fun!!~~~~ ^~^

 When I looked at the photos Martin took after we left the cafe,
I was like omg I didn't know I was so unglam hahah
opening my legs real wide just to move quick enough before the cats catch me LOLOL xD
 The only photo of both of us that I took cause we were busy playing the whole time~
And even in this photo...
 This cat!!!
They stared at each other for DAMN LONG wth hahahaha
and the cat finally blinked and Martin excitedly went like "yes!!! I won!"
HAHAHAHAHAH damn epic!
 "The rainbow pillows are mine!!!"

 Pretty white kitty reflecting about life~~
I'm no cat expert and I don't claim to be a hardcore cat lover,
but I LOVED the time we spent at the Cat Cafe!
It was our first visit and it definitely won't be our last!!! ^~^
I feel happy just thinking about returning to the cafe and wondering if the cats we played with will remember us!!! :D

I've never had a pet at home (until recently when we had hamsters) because my lil brother had asthma since he was a kid,
so I never got to play with pets (cats in particular) that much.
And because recently Martin and I were talking about keeping a pet when we get married (if we get married),
I suggested visiting the cat cafe to take a look to see if we'll like to keep a pet cat in future!

Unlike dogs, cats don't warm up to strangers as quickly, and I think they're more guarded and cautious at first,
avoiding your touch or getting near you etc.
But the moment they decide that they like you and start asking for your attention,
it's like striking the lottery because you feel so damn special!!! ^~^

I can't decide if I like cats or dogs more though!!
What about you guys? :D
 And if you're thinking of visiting the Cat Cafe,
here are some things to take note of:

2. You're going to have to pay according to the time you spend at the Cat Cafe,
even if you don't order anything.
3. Do not bring your own cats.
4. Bringing a bucket bag with drawstrings that day might get you a super cute furry friend real quick LOL

For Martin and I, we spent 1.5 hours there and bought 2 drinks,
total price was $42.
It may seem a little pricey at first,
but if you think about it, it's like helping to raise these adorable and intelligent kitties
and getting to interact with them! :D

While cat cafes in Japan, Korea and Bangkok usually feature only pedigreed cats, Sam and Sue (the owners) made a decision to only adopt cats for their cafe. This is their message – Adopt, don’t buy!

All cats deserved to be loved, what more the homeless and abandoned ones? They want to show that non-pedigreed cats can be beautiful and affectionate companions.

So much more reason to love and support the Cat Cafe!! ^~^
Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa
54A Boat Quay (Level 2)
Singapore 049843
Nearest MRT:
Raffles Place Exit G (400m), Clarke Quay Exit E (450m)

Telephone: (65) 6536 5319
*Reservations recommended*

Email: seeyou@catcafe.com.sg

Mondays to Fridays: 11am to 10pm
Saturdays and Public Holidays: 10am to 10pm
Sundays: 2pm to 9pm
Thank you for reading, love you all!
Meow~~ ^~^