Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cher Gallery

I spent the entire weekend with the families (mine & Martin's), nua-ing, packing stuff, throwing away stuff and buying new stuff preparing for the new year! :D
I'm really really excited for CNY this year because it's the year of the horse (my year, yay!!) ^~^
Sorry I haven't been tweeting, dayre-ing and IG-ing much!
There's so much to prepare!! :x
But I'll try my best to update more soon hehe!

Can't wait! CNY reunion dinner is going to be super awesomeeee~~!!

By the way, did you know that it's a MUST to at least have one new piece of apparel on you for CNY?
It's believed to be auspicious, so there's so many more reasons to shop hahah! xD
I've been shopping quite a lot recently too! :p

And here's an awesome store with lots of pretty apparels suitable for CNY that I want to share today! ^~^ 
Quote "RACMAIL" for FREE normal postage with your purchase! :D
Valid till 24th Jan 2014 only!

I'm wearing Cher Gallery's Zeahire Fluffer Top which has the most amazing cutting ever!!
It flares at all the right parts and has an inner tube which makes it so secure, we won't have to be afraid of it falling xD
I read my horoscope for this year and I was told to avoid black.. so I guess grey is a good alternative for me! ^~^ And it'll be totally safe to wear for CNY since it's not black HAHA :p
Apart from Gray, this also comes in White & Pink!
I think the Pink one would be a lovely choice for CNY and also suitable for other special occasions! :D
Do also "Like" Cher Gallery on Facebook for updates on their new collections! ^~^
Happy shopping!
Thank you for reading, love you all!