Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cleo Hair & Make: #1

Previously because I haven't gotten treatment done to my hair in awhile,
on a bad hair day, this awful mess could easily happen :S
That's when I know it's time to get my fat thighs out of my chair and head down to
CLEO Hair & Make to touch up on my overgrown roots and get an awesome Japanese hair treatment!!! ^~^
My FIRST visit to Cleo was my personal decision and I paid for their services myself
after I read Qiuqiu's awesome blogposts about Cleo!
I wanted to try it for myself as a paying customer, and I dayre-d about it previously too! :D
On my first visit, Qiuqiu's recommended stylist, Sio did my hair for me ^~^
He's super gentle with my hair and I loved the fresh new brown colour he gave me!!
And because of the beautiful ambiance at Cleo, the friendly & super professional Japanese stylists, the pampering service I experienced at Cleo and the beautiful results they produced,
you could say I fell in love with them lah hahah xD

And many many thanks to Qiuqiu (I really don't know how to thank her enough!!! T~T).
Cleo is now my new sponsor and I couldn't be happier!!! :')

The feeling of getting to work with a brand (a saloon in this case) that you are super fond of
and strongly believe in their capabilities,
the feeling is just~~~~ WOOHOO~~~!!! :'D
Really super thankful for it!!

Went to Cleo for the second time during GirlyMake's launch, and the place is just beautiful lah!! xD
Just being there puts one in a good mood, really!
And being in a good mood after getting your hair done = can go pat tor, shopping, party etc!
But bad mood after getting hair done is just super bummer.. cause you won't enjoy anything you do after that despite your chio hair :(
Anyway!! You can read the blogpost about GirlyMake official launch here :D

That's when I got introduced to Hitomi, another stylist at Cleo,
and was told that she's AMAZING at creating volume for hair!!! *.*
And it's kinda like a "she's the one" feeling hahaha!
We all have different hair types, and mine is more like the flat, limp and thin kind,
so anyone who can create volume for my hair is the friggin bombbbb xD
So now my chosen stylist at Cleo is called Hitomi!
She has a really pretty name and it's easy to remember too
so if you girls are interested to let her do your hair, you can ask for her too! ^~^
And when my mum heard about this awesome Japanese saloon,
she was super enthu to go support and try it out hahah! xD
I guess I inherited her hair, so we both aren't blessed with super thick hair LOL
but Hitomi did like some awesome magic thing and POOF!
Super voluminous hair for my mummy! *.*
And after telling you so much about my brief but quite exciting (I think) history with Cleo,
here's my first official visit to Cleo to get my hair done by Hitomi, yay!!! xD

Sorry I went there without make up because I was soooo tired from work T~T
But I still KNEW it was going to be a good day,
because at Millennia Walk's Twelve cupcakes they sold my favourite flavour of cupcakes - salted caramel cupcakes woohoo!!! :D
Meowmeow face to cover up my lack of make up x.x
Getting my black roots touched up! ^~^
I'm keeping my brown colour from previously because I think the colour looks super nice in real life and in photos,
not too bright and ahlian, and not too dark to the extent nobody knows you did something to your hair :x
You know? Hehehe xD
I guess that day was Hitomi and my not so pretty day ba :X we pei he each other lol!
Usually when you see Hitomi at Cleo, she dresses up real nice with heels on and even wear hats and accessories one!
So that day I had no make up and she dress down, heng ah hahah xD
On my next visit to Cleo I'll definitely put on make up and dress up and then take a more decent picture with Hitomi k!!! :D
For now, just look at my smooth and pretty brown hair~~
I didn't ask for her to create a lot of volume for me that day cause I wasn't going anywhere special
and I told her we can do more exciting things to my hair when my hair grows longer ^~^
So please grow hair, growwwww!!!
In all, I touched up my roots, had an amazing hair treatment and Hitomi also trimmed my asymmetric bob nicely because it was previously out of shape already! ^~^
Bobs are a bit more troublesome when it comes to maintenance, but the results are damn worth it!!

By the way, I need to specifically mention that
During that time, I suddenly truly understood what kimochi means *.*
It's sooooo comfortable and relaxing, it's like a friggin spa! :O
Most hair stylists usually only rinse your hair to get rid of the chemicals and shampoo foam,
but Hitomi's one is waaaaay above that level!
She helps you get rid of stress and lethargy with her hairwashing skills too hahah!
Really damn super shiok!!!! ^~^
Feeling so much more energetic after the hair wash!!
Did I mention the amazing hair treatment she helped me do by the way?
Yes I did!
But just, stare at this~~~
My hair is soooo pretty and shiny and it's so smooth
a rubber band won't even be able to hold it up LOL xD
Thank you Hitomi for helping me trim my bob prettily!!!
Super happy that my hair looks damn good now no matter if I let it down or tie it up yay!! ^~^
The treatment that kept my hair really smooth lasted about a week for me!

So if you have any special occasions that you need exceptionally smooth silky hair,
or even just for monthly maintenance for the good of your own hair,
go get a treatment done at Cleo!
You'll love it~~~!!!
Expect more pretty haired photos soon!! ^~^
Hitomi really made taking photos a lot easier
cause at least I know that even if my face effs up, my hair will still look nice hahah xP

Cleo Hair & Make
Millennia Walk
Level 2 PARCO
Tel: 6338 5250

Thank you for reading, love you all! :D