Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dollar Bill Nails

Welcome to my semi-DIY nails post haha!
Since I had a nail sponsor, I don't do my nails by myself anymore,
but sometimes when I see designs that I really really want to customise by myself,
I can't help but want to DIY a bit haha!
So this blogpost shows a combined effort of myself plus professional manicurists from The Nail Status! :D
Best of both worlds, yay!! ^~^

I saw some american dollar bill nails online and I instantly knew I had to get them! :O
But because if I had a real dollar bill I'd probably keep it rather than cut it up for nail art,
I was beyond excited when I found this dollar bill printed tissue paper at FUNZ CENTRE, AMK Hub at I think 3 bucks!! :D :D
Plus it might be illegal to cut up legal tenders, so I didn't want to risk it!
Woohoo! Let's begin the cutting!!

I roughly traced out my hand so I can see if the different sections of the notes would look good when placed side by side on my nails,
and because I'm really quite egoistic... :x
I decided to cut the bill to form my name RA-CH-E-LL followed by a random image for the nails on my left hand!
And my right hand would just be random cut outs cause it's so much easier to do haha!
 I really like the french tips looking effect created by the border of the dollar note!! ^~^
I think alternating between fully covered nails and half covered (horizontally or vertically) looks really good :D
 I used an old rusty eyebrow scissors to help me trim the notes because it cuts so much more precisely! ^~^
But because the tissue paper is too thin for my stacked on "RA" (on my thumb) to appear nicely, 
I decided to just skip the entire name spelling thing and alternate the nail art between left and right hands.
Still turned out really awesome!! ^~^
The manicurist at TNS sealed it on with hard gel if I didn't remember wrongly! :D

With nail arts like this where you need to take the extra effort to precisely cut out the designs to fit your nails, I think getting a professional to use gelish/ hard gel to paste them onto your nails will be a lot better cause it'll last for WAAAAAAAY longer!

Can you imagine cutting the designs out so painstakingly,
only to have them fall out a week later? D;
omg that would suck so bad.

My manicurist also helped me paste on some gold bling blings to add on to the (pretend to be) rich and fabulous effect
Anyway, I love TNS for accomodating to my weird request of a partial DIY nail art heheh xD
And for so many pretty nails they've given me so far!! ^~^
I think having nice nails are super important because they make all your pictures look so much better!
Whatever you touch turns to gold,
whatever drink you hold onto even if it's 80cents kopi si from the coffeeshop will look atas,
typing on your phone with pretty nails also feel chio,
and even scratching a mosquito bite will still look chio LOL

May my nail$$$$$ help me huat for CNY gambling! xP
Then I'll confirm make it a point to have dollar bill nails every CNY from now on woohoo!

Go go, pamper yourselves a bit and get yourselves some pretty nails for CNY~~ ^~^

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