Friday, January 10, 2014

Eyelash Perming #2

So excited to do this quick post about where I just got my eyelashes PERMED recently! ^~^

I did a post before regarding eyelash perming because I was so in love with it
and decided all girls (who don't already have perfectly curled up lashes) should go for this!
You can read it here ^~^
And previously I did it at some random neighborhood shop I chanced upon,
and because I think most of you won't be able to locate it, I didn't mention the address in that post.
But this time, I permed mine at an established and well known beauty shop at Far East Plaza,
which makes it really convenient for everyone! :D
Amy Beauty-Link International
Far East Plaza #05-72
14 Scotts Road S(228213)
Tel: 6738 2180
HP: 9061 2218

Mine was done by Fion, if you girls want to get yours done by her
you can book an appointment with her! ^~^

What you'll need to know:
You can go to the shop with make up on, they will remove your eye make up for you prior to perming
You can wear contact lens, it doesn't affect anything
The process will take about 30 minutes
You can put on make up and mascara immediately after
The perming doesn't involve heat, and it doesn't hurt
It's actually comfortable enough (with a bed and a blanket) for you to fall asleep haha :P
Results will last for about 2 months, depending on individual's eyelash regrowth rate

Alright, now I'll just let the pictures do the talking!

See how my natural lashes are so sad looking and just covers up part of my eye white, making my already tired looking eyes even more tired? :(
I hated my droopy natural lashes so much I even contemplated cutting them all off before x.x
Eyelash curlers were never able to help me get them curled up nicely, not once!!


This is after perming at
Amy Beauty-Link International
Far East Plaza #05-72

I applied a few coats of mascara to see the full effects of the perm more clearly ^~^
So friggin pretty omg,
it's like a perfect y = ax^2 + bx + c quadratic curve!!! :P
No more ugly natural lashes!
Perming your lashes is the best way to enhance your natural beauty,
if you're the type who are easily irritated by extensions or falsies!
Plus even without mascara, your eyes will still look more awake!! ^~^
So happy that I found Amy Beauty-Link International to perm my lashes! :D
Amy Beauty-Link International
Far East Plaza #05-72
14 Scotts Road S(228213)
Tel: 6738 2180
HP: 9061 2218

I'm very satisfied with the results because the staff were friendly and professional,
and the beautiful and natural results exceeded my expectations!! :D
It's a lot nicer than the one I did at my neighbourhood beauty shop to be honest :x

It's not too dramatically curled nor fake looking, so even for younger girls who go to school,
you'll actually look like you're born with these pretty lashes and won't get caught ;) ;)

It'll cost you $68 to perm your lashes,
and I think it's TOTALLY worth it! :D
My boyfriend thinks my eyes are real pretty now, yay!!! xD

Check out the bottom right photo!
From side view with mascara, it even looks like I have falsies on!

Get your lashes all pretty at Amy Beauty-Link International for the upcoming CNY! ^~^
Thank you for reading, love you all!

Also, I just posted a new Show & Tell video showing 3 special presents I got from 3 very pretty friends for Christmas last year!! :D