Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Forever young

When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was to grow up so that I can have the freedom to do whatever I want.
And now that I'm older, all I want to do is to become young again :(

Growing up is when you're free to do whatever you wanted to do & can financially support that lifestyle,
but your body can no longer take it.

It's true though.
I'm only 24 this year (it's supposedly "young" to some), but my body has never been worse.
I used to boast to everyone about how strong my body's immunity is,
how I'll never fall sick no matter how many late nights I have,
I could work non-stop and produce not bad quality work even without proper rest.
And now,
I feel unwell so friggin easily despite a change towards a healthier diet,
even wearing contact lens for more than 6 hours causes horrible eye problems for me T~T

And because of my drastic decrease in metabolism rate (if you read my dayre),
I've gained quite a bit of weight and I'm the heaviest I've ever been in my life :/
And this is not something diet and exercise can change I think.
Even my mum thinks I've grown bigger-sized, looking more nourished and more like an adult (she sees it as a good thing)
but for someone like me who spends most of my time on the internet looking at all these skinny young people,
it just makes me sad sometimes :'(

So if you're still young and have all the energy in the world,
cherish that youth, do what you love, love what you do,
and always give a hundred percent.

Growing up is not as glamorous as I thought it'd be.
Today I was reminded by a friend who (I'm thankful) is honest to me
that I've changed quite a lot since I started blogging, and those who followed me a long time ago ain't "feeling it" from my blog anymore.
I'd be lying if I said it didn't affect me the entire day, it's always sad to hear someone tell you "you've changed".
I did think it through, but I don't think it's something I can reverse..
in terms of style, my attitude, the way I speak and act etc.
In the past I'd describe myself more like...
an akuma lol :X
Like the kind that wouldn't give a damn, assume whatever I want, constantly having the urge to pick fights with everyone, have no respect for others, more fun, confident and experimental..

And after years of training (hahaha) and due to several circumstances,
I've tamed myself to become more toned down, patient, but at the same time I have lost a lot of my angst (which is good in some ways) and attitude,
and I admit I'm not as loud in terms of my style anymore :(

Most of my friends irl are okay with the change though,
they tell me I'm less intimidating now than I was before,
and how I used to be really uncouth and now I'm more human-like (lol)..
but for those who know me mainly through my blog, I guess it might be a disappointing change
if it was that dgaf attitude you followed me for :/

Ultimately, I'd just like to say that as much as I hate to admit it,
I've grown up, I've grown older..
And if I could, I would like to reverse time and stay young and fun forever.

But now that I'm going to be 24 this year,
I have problems to think about that I'd never dreamed I had to think about O.O
Applying for a flat, saving up to get engaged and married, planning to buy a car etc :/

Unfortunately, I've come to terms with myself that I can't chase that akuma lifestyle anymore,
but if you'd like, please continue to follow my blog and grow up/ old with me~
I promise to work harder for 2014! ^~^

On a way lighter note,
I received this gorgeous Sophie X-Back Dress (Snow White) from Passion Chiffonier the other day! :D
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The moment my boyfriend saw me in it, he instantly said "wah, Marilyn Monroe" ^~^
HAHAHA he might have said it jokingly,
but I have this pretty dress to thank for letting my boyfriend associate me with MM for once xP

The X-back design is super niceeee *.*
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Happy shopping!
Thank you for reading, love you all! ^~^