Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I love horses!

Long picture post today with lots of camwhore photos below :X
Hahaha to make up for the fact that I haven't been posting much of my face recently~~

Anyway, I've successfully converted my mum to an innisfree fan,
and she's a bigger fan of the brand than I am now!
We went there to shop the other day and look at the amount of MASKS she got! :O
I think if a zombie apocalypse were to happen now,
my mum would survive it and still have chio, bright and hydrated skin hahah xD
 You can find innisfree at
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Could barely grab them in one hand lol!
And the best part is their masks are really affordable to be honest! :D
It's pretty obvious by how my mum spam buy them right? lol!
Cause one of the eye masks she liked was sold out,
so I told her to be kiasu and buy a few more of the masks she want to use :X
And innisfree also has stuff for my boyfriend~~~
So I can shop there for as long as I want and be like "Hey! But I'm buying stuff for you too!" :P
Hehehe xD
If you girls have boyfriends in the army, or just love to wear boots,
I think this boots spray smells pretty good!
Guys who smell good are instant plus points!! ^~^
And because I've been shopping at innisfree quite a bit, plus my mum loves to buy their stuff,
I signed up for their member card, yay!
No charge to sign up and I think there'll be points awarded with every dollar spent, so it's awesome :D :D
Hopefully I can accumulate enough points soon to redeem cool stuff!!! :O

one more benefit of being a member now~
I got a free welcome kit from them woohoo!!
Love free stuff xD
Plus it's all good stuff!!! It's samples of the green tea seed serum that Lee Min Ho likes okay!! *.*
And we got the Green Barley Cleansing Tissue for purchasing from innisfree! :D :D
Wait, it's not the end yet!!!
I got Real Green Tea Masks for every purchase of $50!
And with ANY purchase they also have a set of Lee Min Ho postcards for us??? :O
I'm totally gonna give this to my grandma she LOVESSSSS Lee Min Ho woohoo!! xD
But this is while stocks last! So if you really really want his postcards, hurry go shop there ah haha!
The packaging of the postcards also chio~~
The back of the Lee Min Ho postcards! :)
ANDDDDD my favourite free gift from them!!!
And Inni rang Tumbler and Scratch & Win Coupon with every purchase of $88!
When I saw this promo on innisfree's facebook page I was so afraid it'd be out of stock!
But anyway we got it when we went down to shop, thankfully!! Yay yay yay!!! ^~^

I think inni rang means the innisfree horse.... if I'm not wrong haha :X
cause I was born in the year of the horse~~~
It's my year and inni rang's year hello 2014!!! :D

hahahah I don't think I can bear to use this honestly,
so I'll probably display it with my horse collection for the entire of 2014! LOL
Another one of my new addition to my horse collection :D
My mum got this from shopping at Serangoon NEX!
It's like a vintage floral stuffed horse~~~ I love it!!!
 I love my mum cause she's like my best friend and it's always nice to spend time with her! ^~^
Anyway, I brought her to Cleo Hair & Make the other day to get pretty hair in time for CNY! :D
We booked an appointment with stylist Hitomi and she is just AMAZING!!

Cleo Hair & Make
Millennia Walk
Level 2 PARCO
Tel: 6338 5250
Check out the BEFORE & AFTER photos!!! :O
Trim, touch up colour and treatment!
I swear my mum looks at least 10 years younger!
Like a trendy Japanese mama ^~^
The back view, wahseh!
Hitomi was so awesome at creating volume for my mum's hair and she gave my mum such a pretty and fresh new hair style ahhhh!! :')
My mummy was super happy with her new hair and she kept asking me to help her thank Hitomi heheh! ^~^
I think one of the happiest things in the world is seeing your parents happy! :D
It's something that definitely surpasses all monetary value~~ ^~^
My mummy naturally has very thin hair like I do,
so when Hitomi was done with my mum's hair
we both couldn't believe it because her hair looked so voluminous after it!!
Super zai!!!
I've been told by a lot of people that Hitomi is good at creating volume for short hair
and I'm damn excited thinking about my hair now because I'll be going to Cleo for my hair appointment soon!!!

What should I do what should I do~
Touch up my roots, confirm must :X
Cause the regrowth is getting quite obvious...
Warning: influx of camwhore photos coming up!

 This is my hair length now!
Still asymmetrical from my asymmetric bob previously and now I look quite kuku lah
but my hair grows so slowly, I haven't cut it since then omg.

My top was sent by http://www.lyraminn.com/
as a Christmas gift last year!! ^~^

 To cut my fringe, or not to cut my fringe?
 Here's how I'll look with bangs, sort of :x
I used my finger to curl up my fringe hahah
 And with short side bangs? :S
Look quite tranny hor T~T
 Or not cut at all and just let my hair grow out...?
 I kind of like center parting too, but sometimes cutting bangs get so tempting HAIYO~~~!


Okay thank you for reading, love you all!! ^~^