Monday, January 20, 2014

Kinsa Sushi

Chanced upon this Japanese restaurant at Ang Mo Kio Jubilee Square some time ago
and liked it ever since! ^~^
Went there again for dinner that day and decided it was a pretty decent Japanese restaurant with quite authentic feels that I think you guys will like! :D
Price wise is about $25+ per pax, but it really depends on what you order~

Kinsa Sushi
#02-03/3A, Jubilee Square
61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 
Tel: 64521798 
Daily: 11:30 - 22:00
Stepping into such a beautifully decorated restaurant was a surprise on its own
because let's be honest, we'd never expected to see such high standards of restaurants in the heartlands areas! :O

I really like how even the tiniest of details in terms of decorations are not overlooked :)
They entire restaurant just makes you feel like you've been transported to Japan, without travelling too far away from home!
Even their waitresses and chefs are dressed in traditional Japanese costumes!
So happy to be served by them!! ^~^
Service was pretty efficient, also cause we were lucky that for both times we were there it was non-peak hours,
so we didn't have to wait for long before our food was served! :D yay!
 Cold soba!
 Did you know that soba was meant to be eaten by quickly & lightly dipping the noodles into the bowl of soba sauce, instead of pouring the entire sauce over the noodles (which will make it too salty)?
 Tako sashimi!
The portion wasn't huge but it was still really fresh and yummy ^~^
And their wasabi was extra fragrant and yummy, not like those plain spicy and cheap tasting kind!
Love it :D
 Seafood nabe!
This has somehow become one of my favourite things to order at a Japanese restaurant because the soup base is always really good for some reason! :D :D
It's almost like you can't go wrong ordering this, no matter which restaurant you go to!
Salmon Mentaiyaki!
And they were super generous with the mentaiko omg mentai & salmon lovers, you HAVE TO order this!!! b;
 Handsome baby eating!! ^~^

 Salmon Mentaiyaki, all mine lol!
Anyway, I think Martin and I are like old lovebirds already (our 4th year together!!)
so everytime we date, it's just eat eat and eat more HEHEH :X
Also saw a sneak preview of this super cool room at the restaurant where you can sit on the floor and dine like true Japanese,
but I think it's probably for reservations, minimum spendings of $xxxx or special occasions only!
Now I can only take a photo of it from afar, but one day I'll make sure I eat inside the special room!!! ^~^
If you're a fan of Japanese food and stay around AMK area,
do give Kinsa Sushi a try! ^~^
My boyfriend and I love it because it's really convenient to go home and knockout from food coma after eating there hahah!

Thank you for reading, love you all!