Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Don't take too long to say I love you to the ones you love
Cause time has a habit of slipping away

If there's someone you love and care for right now but haven't been in contact a lot recently,
don't just tell them "meet up soon"
because soon never comes.
Fix a date and make sure it happens.

Because saying "imy, meet up soon" and not actually doing it is one of the reasons why people gradually drift apart,
and weeks, months, and in a blink of an eye, years would have passed.
And then you'll find yourself looking at their Facebook (or whatever SNS people use in the future) account and be like
"I wonder if he/she still remembers me" "I wonder if we met now would we still be as close as we were" "I wonder if they do think of me from time to time"

That's what happened to me recently, and it's quite saddening lah :/

I know I'm the super lazy kind and I've not always been active in keeping up with my friends,
so I'm gonna have to do something about it!!!

So... I've decided that one of my new year resolution for 2014 is to meet up with as many of my friends as possible!! ^~^

Actually I have other new year resolutions I thought of too, but that's for another post heheh! xP

Thank you for reading, love you all!!