Monday, January 13, 2014

Run For Your Lives Asia

Went for Run For Your Lives Asia on Saturday with Martin! :D
We had extra tickets so we also invited my sis, her boyfriend, Martin's friend & his wife! ^~^
But we went there as zombies while the rest participated as survivors!
We went around 3 to get our make up done and entered the run at around 4:30 or 5pm
and it was raining super heavily!
Some people felt like the rain was a downer, but I think it actually added a whole lot to the zombie apocalypse feel hahah! :P
You know like how when bad things happen in shows, it HAS TO pour like mad to add onto whatever shit was happening?
It felt exactly like that lol!
I think I looked more like a hantu than a zombie hahahaha :x
But nevertheless, I was told by a lot of people that I looked terrifying (thanks hahah) LOL
Plus omg the rain was so friggin heavy, I was soaking wet, and the fake blood was dripping off my nose
and I turned to my boyfriend and went like "holy shit I'm bleeding!" xD
Me and ma zomies (zombie homies, ya feel me? ....No? okay... :x )
It was really fun cause everyone was so enthusiastic despite the weather!
The zombies did their best, gnarling at the survivors, pretending to hobble every once in awhile,
baring their teeth, giving the psychotic death stares ahaha
And the survivors also played their part to run for their lives!!! xD

Running around in the rain was actually really really fun for me!! ^~^
Because once we've reached the adult-ish age, how often do we actually get to do this and not get judged?
And on normal days when our make up has to be perfect, our hair has to be flawless and all,
who in the right mind would have the mood to play catching in the rain for hours?
This entire thing felt like the adult version of catching plus Halloween
hahaha love it xD

And I think I must have looked really really scary cause I accidentally made a man slip and fall when I walked slowly towards him :S
And just nice my boyfriend took photos of it ehehe oops :X
To be honest, I actually didn't run a lot as a zombie because I was in flats!
I'm the type of zombie that looks scarier than I actually am hahaha
I am harmless and slow one lah, those stand in a corner and stare at you but won't be able to catch up with you sort, lol!
And if you want to turn heads everywhere you go, just dress up as a hideous and scary hantu lor
confirm plus chop people stare at you :S hahah

Saw this group of Avengers + Bruce Lee + an ahgong and a pirate? hahaha!
Cause there were prizes given for best dressed so there were really sporting runners who came in cool costumes!
Didn't get to take a picture with them and I actually koped this from @dynamicspidey's instagram via the hashtag #RFYLasia :D
We (me and my zomies hahaha) met these superheroes during the run and there was like a face off
where the two groups just glared at each other for awhile,
and then these avengers lead the HUGE group of survivors in this really loud war cry before they all charged to get past us hahaha
Plus the rain and all hahah!
But my favourite costumes have got to be this hot dog and mustard couple!!! xD
And I actually went up to them to ask for a photo!!
They were so damn cute please!!!
Sporting boyfriends/husbands are the best hahah!
Like my zombie boyfriend :P
hahahaha :X
Cause of the cold weather and all, my camera had a lot of condensation on it plus water droplets
but thankfully the blurriness added the right effect to my photos so it all worked out well! :D

And we also met with a super lovely couple who offered and helped me wipe my camera dry
with their clean handkerchief because they saw that it was soaked
Was so happy when my sister and her boyfriend ran to my station (one of the last)
I couldn't help but give her a hug with my bloodied hands and body hahah!
So glad they had fun too!! xD
If there's another one of these next year, I'm SO joining again!
My sister said the obstacles were really fun and thrilling,
especially when they were put inside an enclosure and the zombies were all waiting outside
like exciting only!!! :D
We all received medals (even for zombies, woohoo!!) but I didn't take a picture of it yet haha!
Maybe I'll tweet pic it when I do ^~^
Congrats to all the survivors, and I hope everyone who took part in this enjoyed themselves as well!
Some more normal looking photos of me in case you guys are scared off by my face above hahah
Thank you for reading, love you all!