Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Tinsel Rack

Clothes that make you smile, where can you get them?
From The Tinsel Rack of course! ^~^

They have some of the happiest and prettiest models around, most befitting of their lovely and cheery clothes!! ^~^
Do check out their site for more gorgeous apparels and pictures from their photoshoot! :D
TTR launches on a weekly basis and most of their apparels are specially manufactured under the TTR label!
This is awesome because whenever I shop at TTR, I know that I'm getting something exclusive and of high quality! :D

When TTR sent me this L'amore Crochet Top (White), I couldn't believe my eyes!
It's friggin gorgeous!!! *.*
Probably the prettiest top I've ever owned??
Plus the neckline is so unique and detailed, I didn't even need to accessorize!
How convenient!!! xD
This is truly convenience meets comfort meets style!!!
I love it!!!
And of course, this is exclusively manufactured by TTR so you can't get it elsewhere! ^~^

Made of super smooth chiffon rayon material, this piece is absolutely comfortable
and the best part is it's non-sheer! ^~^
Also, this piece is super versatile!
It looks great with shorts, jeans and even maxi skirts,
depending on how dressed up you need to be that day! :D
My personal favourite is with shorts because it looks kinda casual chic, the kind of style I feel most comfortable with!! ^~^

I also received the Marigold Blooms Romper (Peach) from them,
and as expected of TTR's exclusively manufactured designs, the cutting is amazing!
TTR has also very kindly provided a special code for my readers to get $4 OFF this particular romper!
All you have to do is quote "RACHELLXTTR" when you cart out with this piece!
Discount valid till 22 Feb 2014 only! ^~^
I love stores that manufacture different sizes of apparels
because it really makes a huge difference to the customers!
A lot of rompers I got elsewhere usually are too long for me (I'm quite short..) so I'll have to send them for alteration, and that's super troublesome lah :S
But I wore the S size for TTR's Marigold Blooms Romper and it fits me so well I could cry!! T~T
It's gonna look super good for CNY, and at the same time it's not an overkill on redness
so it'll be super wearable on other occasions too!! ^~^
Definitely a good buy!

For more pretty and exclusively manufactured pieces from The Tinsel Rack,
do visit their website at:
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Thank you for reading, love you all!