Friday, January 24, 2014


TGIF everybody!
Saw this on twitter the other day and I was like,
damnnnn, this is some deep shit!
Honestly this hasn't been the best week for me.
I'm trying my best to meet with deadlines, lacking sleep, got told some really hurtful truth, had to see the doctor for my non-stop tearing eyes, scared to death that I'd go blind, and when my eyes recovered, the next day my eyelids had rashes... :/

Not too good of a week I'd say hahah, but still
I'm trying my best to remain positive!
If I can't take pictures cause of my rashes, it's okay, I'll just write the words first
if I can't use the computer because my eyes hurt and can't stop tearing, it's okay, I'll exercise a bit because it's good for my body
if I'm lazy to exercise, it's okay, I'll pack my room cause at least I'll be moving around and getting stuff done!

That's pretty much how I got by this week hahah
I mean I do feel upset from time to time like everybody else,
but now I'm trying to be positive because if I were to ALLOW myself to get all depressed and upset over things,
I think I won't live for very long leh LOL.

Ever since I heard the phrase "Happiness is a choice",
whenever I get upset, I get this nagging feeling at the back of my head going like
"nobody is making you unhappy, it's you who're making yourself sad" :X

And then I realise how stupid I am for being sad.
So... I'm trying to stay positive lah hahah
and for weeks now I've been trying not to tweet negative things because I think the more I tweet the more upset and affected I get
and I'm getting too old and too lazy to get upset LOL
Getting more and more cbf also
Like I'll tell myself I rather watch a movie on youtube than cry over something HAHAH

I guess it's a good thing? xD

Anyway, I hope you guys had a better week than I did!

Will be blogging about a ton of pretty clothes soon!
Check back okay! ^~^

If you guys have any questions for me, do feel free to leave me a comment via the imotiv app!
Sorry if I missed out on anyone's questions previously~
But do ask away, I'll answer them in this post!! ^~^
But seriously, genuine questions only!!!
No sex-related or inappropriate questions okay hahah there's a reason why I didn't create askfm or formspring all :X

Love you all,
thank you for reading!