Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blink Mints: Party in your pocket!

If it's blink, it's my thing!! ^~^

I'm one of those girls who LOVE IS OBSESSED with anything blink!
From nails to phone casing to bags and shoes, and even to cake mixers...
if it's blink, I GOTTA HAVE IT!! *.*

That's why I'm super attracted to Blink mints!

If you don't already think breath mints are MUST HAVES,
it's time for a change!!
I really cannot emphasize how important breath mints are for everyone!!!!
No matter how dilligently we brush our teeth, after long hours in the day,
our breaths somehow won't smell as good :(
That's why mints are here to save us~~~ xD

We meet people EVERYDAY of our lives
(especially for those social butterflies who love to party!!)
and having fresh and nice-smelling breaths just make conversations a lot more pleasant for yourself and for others!
In fact, I really cannot stand guys with bad breaths :S
Back in my single days,
whenever I meet a new guy, I'll automatically stay away from him if he has bad breath.
I don't care how cute or hot you are, if your breath stinks, I don't even want to talk to you,
much less kiss you :X
Anyway, these are high quality mints Made in Germany that have the most gorgeous designs for mints EVER!!
These pocket-sized mints come in a ton of flavours and designs to suit a universe of styles for all individuals!
We always dress up for different occasions, sporting various styles to express our feelings that particular day,
sometimes we're the sweet girl next door, at times we're the rebellious rocker chic, or even an edgy fashionista and many more!

It's always fun to carry a different attitude with a different outfit to show the world who we are as individuals,
and the Blink world of designs have allowed us to take this a step further,
to let our personality shine even more through our choice of Blink mints design and flavour!! :D
Plus they're so convenient to bring around in our pockets!!

In the past 3 years, Blink Mints have been launched in 40 countries
and it is a perfect example of how confectionery meets fashion!
It's yummy, it keeps my breath fresh all day long and it also serves as a fashion accessory!! :D

I always believe in getting items that are both practical and pretty in packaging!
 Never underestimate the power of bringing a gorgeous pack of Blink mints around! ^~^
It's so pretty it will lift your spirits up everytime you reach into your pocket for a mint,
and it could even be an interesting conversation starter!
Even the inside of the mints are gorgeous, like faces of a diamond! *.*

Blink mints is available in 5 DELICIOUS flavours:
Blackcurrant, Peachberry, Mangopassion, Greenapple or Cola!
And with each flavour comes with 4 unique designs!
This is exciting!!! :D I'm going to aim to collect them all!!! ^~^
5 down, 15 more to go heheh!

And just for fun, I decided to dress myself up in 5 different styles to suit the 5 flavours of Blink mints heheh!! xD
Do feel free to leave a comment and let me know which style describes you best,
or which is your favourite style/ flavour out of the lot! ^~^

Red, the colour of passion, for Peachberry flavoured Blink mints!
This is perfect for girls who are in love or single and ready to mingle!
Tell the world of your strong flame of passion with a flirty dress and Peachberry flavoured Blink mints ^~^
I love how the Peachberry Blink mints are sweet with a tinge of sourness,
a little bit of push and pull, just like how love is! ♥

Orange, resembling the colour of the Sun, for Mangopassion flavoured Blink mints
is for all you spirited girls out there!
Fruity and zesty, this refreshing taste will definitely make you smile! ^~^

Woohoo!! I think the exciting packaging really suits the sunshine and sporty image!!
I'm so bringing the Mangopassion flavoured Blink mints out when I head to the gym! ^~^

just kidding, it's photoshopped :x
Even if you're not the sporty type,
Mangopassion to me pretty much feels like anyone who's full of life,
always seen with a megawatt smile and brings joy and warmth to others!! ^~^

It's a cheery Mangopassion day today!!
Want to be friends? :D :D

Green, the colour of Nature, for the Greenapple flavoured Blink mints! ^~^
And just as you'd expect, the taste and even the smell of the Greenapple Blink mints is super refreshing!
It's slightly more minty than the other flavours and I personally love the Greenapple flavour the best!!! ^~^
I'm all ready to blow sweet green apple kisses heheh! xD

Purple, the colour of creativity, for the Blackcurrant flavoured Blink mints!
On days when I'm feeling extra spunky and want to experiment with my dressing,
I think the Blackcurrant flavoured Blink mint suits me best!
Purple is neither warm nor cool, not dark nor light.. it's pretty much a colour that is ambiguous and leaves a lot of room for creativity!
I've always liked the taste of blackcurrant and it's one of those yummy flavours that nobody says no to!! b;
Can you spot where the Blackcurrant Blink mints are in this photo? :P

And finally, some days are meant for the black packaged Cola flavoured Blink mints.
Black is fit for the bold, for the one that doesn't follow by anyone else's rules but her own,
the one that dares to be strong and confident regardless of whatever comes her way.
The Cola flavoured Blink mints have this exotic and surprisingly fizzy taste
which isn't like any of your typical sweet mints, and yet they leave one asking for more.
On days when you're dressed top to toe in full black with an equally strong attitude to match with it,
the bold black packaging of Cola Blink mints would definitely fit the look!

I really like how Blink mints are not only yummy and able to keep your breath fresh all day,
they are also sugar-free, low-calorie and healthy to indulge in!!! ^~^
These fruity flavoured mints also contain no artificial colouring!
Plus they are the prettiest-looking breath mints around!!!
I kinda feel really awesome whenever I take my Blink mints out to offer to people HEHEH ;)
But with so many flavours to choose from to fit so many different styles, which Blink mints should you choose? Hmm...
Can't decide?

At at average retail price of $2.80 each,
you can purchase Blink mints from the following locations:
NTUC FairPrice Stores 
Selected Watson’s Stores
✮ Guardian Stores 
SPC Service Stations 
Selected Caltex Kiosks
For more information, do visit Blink mints' website at:
On a side note, once you're finished with the mints,
the pretty boxes can actually be used to store bobby pins, beads, charms, loose change and other knick knacks!! :D
Also, don't forget to watch Blink mints' Singapore TVC!!!
The jingle will get stuck in your head, trust me hahah!
Blink blink blink, party in your pocket! *~+*+~+*+~*

It’s a Style, it’s a Taste,
it’s a Party in Your Pocket!

Thank you for reading, love you all!