Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bride & Groom Strawberries

 I loveeeee Valentine's Day because I get to go on a baking/making spree and be all like,
"because it's Valentine's!" xD
But in all honesty, it's just because I'm lonely and bored at home hahaha :p
I'm alone most of the time when the people I love are busy
so I gotta always find new stuff to entertain myself to keep myself happy heheh ^~^

So with v'day as the excuse, I decided to make dressed up Bride & Groom Strawberries today!!
As much as I think my baked goods are damn yummy (lol self praise, oops),
my family and boyfriend aren't huge fans of cupcakes and cookies like I am :X
So when I bake them, 70% is always eaten up by me hahah

So I wanted to make something that they'd love to eat,
plus a healthier option too since everyone's getting more health conscious lately! :p

What you'll need for this:
Strawberries, of course!
Do get the Korean strawberries from the supermarket because they're less sour and taste better than the usual ones ^~^
 Rinse them and then pat them till completely dry with a paper towel~
 Now prepare a baking sheet and a plate/ tray.
the baking sheet is to prevent the dipped strawberries from sticking onto the plate,
and to ease removal of them! :)
 You'll need to specially buy Candy Melts (in White & Black) from baking supply stores (like Phoon Huat)
or Chocolate Dip (White & Black) from supermarkets
 I bought my Candy Dips that came in a box because the packet version of White Candy Melts was OOS
Thankfully, it looks almost the same as the packet version of Candy Melts! :)
 Placed the two candy melts in my remekins and then melted them in the microwave for about 20 seconds
You can also choose to do this over a water bath, but I was too lazy heheh
 Now grab a strawberry by the leaves at the top,
dip it into the white candy melts, making sure to cover as much of the red part as possible!
 You can swirl the strawberry around in circular motions to ensure that it's evenly covered too!
 Now place it onto the baking sheet and let it harden for a bit!
The candy melts harden pretty fast, so before dipping your next strawberry into the candy melts,
it'd be good to give the melted candy a quick stir :)
Done with coating all the strawberries with white!
 Now get a piping bag, or a ziplock bag,
fill it up with the remaining white candy melts and snip a tiny bit off the front.
You're going to pipe designs for the brides strawberries
so it'll be better if the piping tip is as small as possible for the designs to look sleek and pretty! :D
 Pick the FULLY COVERED and PRETTIER strawberries to be the bride (on the left),
and the less nicely coated strawberries to be the groom (I moved them to the right)
because you'll be dipping the groom in the black candy melts later on so it's more forgiving to make mistakes on the groom strawberries ^~^
 Now pipe on thin Xs or HASHTAGS halfway down the bride strawberries,
and then pipe a V shape pearl necklace on the upper half of the bridge strawberries :)

Sorry I wasn't able to show myself doing this because I was trying my best to pipe the designs
and it's really hard to take a clear photo while piping x.x
But I think it's self-explanatory enough cause the designs are simple! :)
If you don't feel confident, pipe the design on an empty baking sheet first before piping them onto the strawberries so you can get some practice! :D

 Love how the candy melts become really shiny when piped into small balls and they actually look like pearls *.*

 Now for the black candy melts
or melted dark chocolate! :)
 This part will take a few tries, but it's worth it!!
Grab your groom strawberry by the leaves again, and dip them left and right in the black candy melts
in a left-right direction, ensuring that you leave a white V shape at the front!
 This creates the tuxedo effect for your groom strawberry! :D
 This is how your groom strawberries should look for now! 
Once you're done,
prepare another piping bag and fill it with the black candy melts
 Snip off a tiny bit off the tip because you'll be creating a bow tie and buttons for your groom strawberries
 To draw the bow tie, just draw 2 triangles with the piping bag.
If they don't look perfect, not to worry because you can adjust the bow tie using a toothpick! :D
As for the buttons, it's just like dotting really lightly on the white parts of the groom strawberries
down the V-shape.
The number of buttons will depend on how deep the V of the groom strawberries are!
Some will have 2 buttons, some will have 4 or even 5...
and I think the variation makes it fun! xD
Like they're really all different styles of tuxedos!
Now place it in the fridge for about 5 minutes for it to harden up,
and then transfer them onto a serving plate or a pretty box (if you're giving them as gifts),
or you can also use them as cupcake/cake toppers! :D

Super cute as gifts for your loved ones or even for wedding favours! ^~^
They're a bit time consuming if you're doing this for the first time
but once you get the hang of it, it'll be a lot easier to make! :D
For me, one major difficulty I faced was
So those strawberries are no good to give away, but still awesome for my tummy :p :p
I ate quite  bit of the strawberries while making them hahaha
But it's okay cause fruits are good for you right? ^~^
Hope you guys will try this out for v'day
and also, enjoy the pictures! :D

 Thank you for reading, love you all!

If you want more cute & super easy to make food,
I actually have another on my Dayre! ^~^