Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

One of the worst things to torture yourself with when you're bored online is to watch cooking videos on YouTube hahaha
And a few grilled cheese videos later, my brother and I decided to make our own version of Grilled Cheese Sandwich :P

Cheese (any type)
(optional) Salt & Pepper to taste if you like
(optional) Meat, if you'd like to add any

First time trying this, and we had no idea how it would taste,
but it looks hella good so we're gonna make it in the middle of the night anyway xD

We're making do with the type of bread we have, which is soft grain wholemeal bread,
and cheddar cheese which we have in the fridge.
And we also found some beef slices which we usually use for our steamboats in the fridge
and decided it'd be yummy to add some meat into our sandwich! :P
We seasoned it with a little bit of black pepper, salt and cayenne pepper~

I think one of the most fun part about cooking is just spontaneously using whatever ingredients you have and creating something different each time instead of following a fixed recipe! ^~^
Butter up a few slices of bread and then toasting them in the oven for a bit~
And at the same time, we cooked the beef slices to save time hehe!
Now that the bread is slightly toasted,
it's time to put everything together on the frying pan!!
With your frying pan on medium heat,
the order of your sandwich should be like so:

One slice of bread
beef slices
lettuce (optional)
one slice of bread
I would've liked to add more cheese to this but we were down to our last few slices of cheddar cheese so we couldn't spam it T~T
So if you're planning to make this, it'd be good to stock up on your cheese first lol!

And then press it down real good onto the pan to kind of let the bread absorb all the flavours~~ ^~^
The cheese will melt real good through the meat and act like a glue to stick the entire sandwich together.
I kind of want to try this with mozzarella cheese in future
because I think it'll taste damn good and I like the stretchy cheese effect xD
At this point, it should smell sooo damn good ahh~~
Love the grill marks on the sandwich!!
It always makes things look yummier :p
We're using a happy call pan here by the way!
And when both sides of the bread are gorgeously golden and crispy, we're all done!!!!
Now slicing it into diagonals~~
Grilled Cheese Sandwich, first try - SUCCESS ^~^

So fun and simple to make without complicated ingredients!
It's crispy on the outside, oozing with melty cheese on the inside,
and I think the black pepper + cayenne pepper seasoned beef slices really added the juicy and spicy kick to the entire sandwich! :p
Hands down best homemade sandwich EVERRRR!!!
If your boyfriend's all like "babe make me a sandwich" and you were to make this for him,
I think he'll really fall in love with you all over again LOLOL

Really super tasty and simple to make!! ^~^
Damn satisfying!
Alright, I hope you all will try it! :D

Thank you for reading, love you all!