Friday, February 14, 2014

KFC: We Want More!

Wait a minute,
before I start with this post, let me grab a bite out of my KFC Rice Bucket first hahaha
Okay, let's go!

More money, more clothes, more time for my work, family and boyfriend...
ugh, there's so much MOOOORE that I want
and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way!
Fortunately, my boyfriend and I were invited by KFC for a food tasting session thanks to NuffnangSG,
and one of my endless wants were fulfilled by KFC's newest product! :D :D
Here's us with the all new KFC Rice Bucket!!! :D
I felt so excited just holding it cause...
As Singaporeans, we work non-stop almost everyday and we always try to get the most out of our hard-earned money.
Whether it's clothes, bags, shoes or even food..
if there's a good deal out there, we'll know it when we see one!

And that's exactly how it is with the KFC Rice Bucket!
For just 4 bucks each, we get so much more than we can ever ask for!!! :D

I'm a huge sucker for good food but at the same time, I'm not one to splurge unnecessarily.
So when I was introduced to the KFC Rice Bucket, such a huuuuge bucket full of yumminess at ONLY $4,
It's probably one of the best deals I've ever heard of till date!!
In this majestic bucket of awesomeness, you can find:
♥ KFC's golden Popcorn Chicken
♥ More than 300g of super fragrant chicken rice
♥ Mixed Veggies
♥ Topped with creamy À La King Sauce
To be honest, chicken rice is one of my favourite dishes ever, and it's also one of our nation's favourite dishes!
You can find it everywhere from hawker centres all the way to expensive hotels..
I guess Singaporeans just can't get enough of Chicken rice
and it's the kind of comfort food that we'll never get sick of! xD

And now KFC is allowing us to indulge in this deliciously comforting dish in a gloriously large portion
at a mere $4 for ala carte, or $5 with a regular Pepsi!!
Can you say value for money??? :O
The moment I laid my eyes on the KFC Rice Bucket, I KNEW I'd love it
because besides its abundance, it also looked and smelled super amazinggggg!!!
Do you know how hard it was to resist stuffing my face into the yummy bucket
and try my best to concentrate on taking pictures of it first? T~T
I swear half the time I was pretty much like, "omg omg omg can I eat it already? Can I? Can???"
My boyfriend had a hard time taking photos of me because I was getting restless and really really hungry!!! :P
btw, hello little Qiuqiu in the background ^~^
Can I please eat it already??
吃飯了 (time to eat rice)!!!!
HAHAHA I look so much more appeased once I got to taste the KFC Rice Bucket finally!!! xD
It's so good!!! :p
My boyfriend ate half a bucket and was super full from it already, that's how large the serving was! :D
This is perfect for people with hearty appetites!!!
And by the end of the food tasting session, both of us were super well-fed and satisfied!!! Woohoo!!
By the way, if you are already salivating as you are reading this post,
I'm about to make it worse for you xD

The KFC Rice Bucket is, in short, a tub full of some of my favourite ingredients ever!

From the Crispy Golden Popcorn Chicken (which was tasty as always), to the chewy mixed veggies for a more balanced diet, to the fragrant chicken rice which was exploding in flavour far surpassing my expectations,
and not forgetting the entire bucket being smothered with a savoury À La King cream sauce
Love at first sight, and I don't ever want to live without it at first bite!!! *.*

I just want to say that I never knew our oh-so familiar chicken rice and a rich cream sauce (my faveeee!!) would make such a heavenly combination!
Serious props to KFC for coming up with this dish!

They're so generous with the À La King cream sauce!!! :O
I love it!!!!
Plus look at the depth of the KFC Rice Bucket,
the portion is really no joke!!! ♥_♥

KFC Rice Bucket Instagram Contest
From 12 Feb – 25 Feb 2014,
KFC is also hosting an Instagram Contest where 5 winners will be chosen to win $50 KFC vouchers and a pair of GV movie tickets each!

All you have to do is:
Step 1: Visit any KFC outlet and grab the KFC Rice Bucket!
Step 2: Snap a picture of yourself (or with your friends) enjoying the KFC Rice Bucket!
Step 3:  Tag everyone in the photo
Step 4:  Hashtag the photo with #MoreKFC
Step 5:  Follow @KFC_SG on Instagram

Such a simple and yummy way to win KFC vouchers, wahh!! :D
So don't hesitate to show your love for the new KFC Rice Bucket on Instagram
cause you might just be the lucky winner! xD

Contest ends 25 Feb and winners will be announced on 28 Feb 2014 on
KFC's Facebook
and KFC's Instagram
Do also follow KFC on twitter for more updates:

Are you ready for more? :D
By the way, the Rice Bucket is also available in Original Recipe sauce at the same price ($4),
with mushrooms, Popcorn Chicken and the same generous portion of chicken rice!

And after our tummies were satisfied,
it's picture timeeee! ^~^

My boyfriend was so full he was so nua and wanted to go into food-coma right there and then at KFC HAHAHA
With Qiuqiu!
We were at KFC Raffles City!
It's my favourite KFC branch cause of this super amusing photo booth thingy hahah xD
Happy people are happy!! ^~^
Thank you KFC for once again creating a dish that's so delicious and also super affordable for all of us to enjoy!
I can foresee myself eating the KFC Rice Bucket for lunch and dinner very often for the next few weeks ahaha!!

And also, thank you all for reading, love you!!
**KFC Rice Bucket is not available at KFC Sentosa, Singapore Zoo and for KFC Delivery.
Please visit for more details. Terms and conditions apply.