Thursday, February 27, 2014

Letters to my readers ♥

Hello everybody! ♥ :)
I'm writing a letter today because I really like receiving letters and some of you have written really sweet little messages and letters to me before, so I decided to take this opportunity to write one in return to all my readers to thank you all for all the love and support all these years! ♥
 I don't have any exceptional talents nor am I really gifted in anything, so I'd never imagined that I'd be able to meet so many nice and loving readers through my blog ^^
I'm very honoured and grateful to say the least.
Thank you all for accompanying me through so much,
from my double eyelid surgery, to winning CNOS1, to getting contracted to Nuffnang, to braces, nose fillers, losing weight, gaining weight, emo times, good times, long hair, short hair, gold hair, black hair, red pink whatever hair, and so much more!!
and not forgetting all the good food too hahah x)
I really don't know how long this (blog) will go for, and I know that I'll have to say goodbye to you all some day, but I will never forget every thing! ^^
and I hope that maybe you guys will remember me too even when I'm not here anymore ♥^^
 anyway, enough of serious stuff!!
Want to ask if you all still write letters in school and pass them around in class?
Cause during my time this was some of the hottest 'trends' lah haha!
we'd pass notes around no matter how random, and sometimes it's kinda like,
"wanna have recess together?" "what should we eat?" "no idea what the teacher is saying... -_-" etc lol!
but these days when you all are so tech-savvy, you'd probably tweet or whatsapp your friends in class right? :X
hahah it is a lot more convenient, definitely, but I think there's this charm with physical hand written letters that just seem like you put in more effort and you sincerely care,
and it's always fun to keep these little notes and read them when you're feeling bored or down and need some motivation to keep you going! ♥
do you guys like hand written letters too? :)
gonna teach you all a cool way to fold it hehe! ^^
hope you guys will try it!!

Step one
Write your letter and then lay it down in landscape
 Step two
Fold the paper into half and then open it up
 Step three
Fold the corners in to meet the half line you folded in step two
 Step four
Fold the exposed side of the letter up to meet the triangles from step three
 Step five
Fold in the corners again to meet the center half line
Step six
Now lift up the flaps from step five and tuck the corners of your letter into the little holes underneath it.
 Do this for both sides, and you're done! :D
 Now you can draw whatever you want on the "outside" of the letter and let your recipient open it to read the message inside ^~^
 YAY!! :D
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Thank you for reading, love you all!