Monday, February 3, 2014

Macau 2014: Part 1

Hello everyone!!! ^~^
Happy Chinese New Year!!
This year, for the first few days of CNY, my family went over to Macau for a short trip
and now I'm back with a number of photos! :D

I don't want to squeeze them all into one post so I've decided to organize them according to themes.. sort of!! :D
This post will mainly be showing our room at Venetian Hotel
which is sooooo beautiful I think it deserves a post on its own haha! xD

On our way to Macau, watching the sunrise from the airplane!
Such a beautiful view *.*
 At The Venetian Macau lobby!
Super luxurious looking!!! *.*
 And the first thing we saw was this golden horse, yay!!!
I love horses!!! xD
 The Venetian hotel is gorgeously built to recreate the city of Venice
so you can experience Venice in Macau hehe ^~^
They even have canals with gondolas and singing gondoliers to bring you around, kinda cool! :D
And I really like how their ceilings are painted to look like fluffy clouds
so it always feels like a good day with nice cooling weather at Venetian ^~^

Then we spotted this kid with a huuuuge cotton candy hahah it's even bigger than her head :x 
 And then we found the shop responsible for selling it xD
 The theme for the Chinese horoscopes this year is balloon animals,
with the Horse "balloon" sculpture being at Venetian Macau's St Mark's Square
like the main lobby sort of thing!
There were other balloon animal sculptures at other parts of the hotel too!
Like I saw the Mouse one near the entrance of the casino~
This is the deco around the food court lol
prettiest food court ever!
Their food pricings were about 50-80HKD per serving,
which is about approx SGD10 for food that didn't taste too fantastic :x
They have FATBURGER there which serves damn good fast food :p :p
I usually hate onion but their onion rings are actually SWEET and JUICY,
really damn good!! ^~^

Anyway, it doesn't matter that their food court fare isn't as nice because Venetian's casino restaurants have damn awesome food!!! xD
So I think most people would dine at the casino instead heheh ^~^
 Saw some really cool performers along the way to our hotel room!
 Hahah jester gave a heart to the camera!
Anddddd tadah!!!
Our room! ^~^
Superrrr chio and spacious and it even has a "living room" area??
We have 2 beds but we made a mess of the one on the left already, so we avoiding taking pictures of that HAHAH

 Inside this cupboard is a TV!
 The neater bed~
They even have sofas, printers etc at the living room area,
which we didn't really use in the end cause we just ate on the bed while watching TV and enjoying life ahahah!

 Got steps and railing somemore

The Venetian Macau is one of the prettiest hotels in Macau I think!
It's really hard to beat this standard to be honest o.o
And this is not even the Suite you know!

The suite has karaoke room, a kitchen, a living room the size of this hotel room,
plus idk how many rooms inside a room,
and in sum, it's like a luxurious house.
The suite is bigger than your house and my house put together and could probably house 5 families super comfortably lol!
So if you're feeling generous, go book a suite in Venetian!
Once in a lifetime experience haha!

Anyway back to our hotel room!!
We had a pretty view outside and we could even see the hotel's gold course! :D
Outfit for my first day in Macau!
I googled for Macau's weather and it's said to be around 13 to 22 degrees,
and because I'm quite scared of cold,
I even brought a trench coat and leggings and all haha xD
Show you guys more pictures of the golf course soon! :D

the dressing table!! xD
Dramatic hair drying photo taken by my bf ^~^
The bathtub!!!
One of my best memories in Macau is soaking in the bath tub with innisfree volcanic pore mask on
while eating a brand's innershine collagen jelly strip
AHHHH~ wish everyday could be like that!! xD

And here's more close ups of the dressing table :D
I tried my best to keep the hotel neat and Martin was like
"why my house you never make so clean ah"
HAHAHA oops xD

And then we headed out for food!!!
Macau has a ton of delicious food and I can't wait to share them in the next post! ^~^
Do wait for my next post! :D

Thank you for reading, love you all!