Monday, February 10, 2014

Macau 2014: Part 2

Lots of yummy food pictures in this post,
scroll down with caution!

Today's Macau post is all about the food we ate there, yay!! ^~^

First up, of course, is the Portuguese egg tarts!!! :O
Especially when you buy it from the shop freshly baked!!
Bought back 2 boxes for my friends cause the egg tarts are so yummy they deserve to fly back to SG hahah!
Look at the caramelized top and the crispy flakes at the side!!! b;
 This shop is pretty famous in Macau for their egg tarts and you'll have to queue quite a bit for it
but worth it ok!!! ^~^
 Sis playing flappy bird hahah
My bf, brother and sister keeps competing with their scores at flappy bird
and so far the top score belongs to my sis at 20 lol xD
During our trip, my dad brought us to several restaurants at Macau
because it was the CNY period so he splurged and brought us to eat good food!! hehe ^~^
Most of their restaurants all sold live seafood and had them on display so that customers can choose the one they'd like to order
 I realised that all their seafood are damn big
I think these Alaskan crabs could potentially hurt me quite a bit if I were left alone in a room with them lor :S

 More gigantic sea creatures... for us to eat :x
 Daddy picked this lobster
 And then it became sashimi for us :X
I'm so sorry lobster, but thank you for your life and you were very delicious

idk what else to say cause the mood is kinda weird now..... :S
Um, I feel bad for eating meat and seafood lah but I can't imagine myself being vegetarian I love meat :/
 Anyway, the lobster sashimi was really super chewy and sweet naturally,
not like anything I've had before!
You can't do this with seafood that's not fresh and live because it might contain bacteria and all I guess
 Also, the chef didn't waste any bits of the lobster at all!
Salted egg lobster ^~^
 Abalone, salmon sashimi
and that bowl of cubes is actually foie gras in red wine reduction
and it's soooo creamy, soft and sweet that it actually tastes like CHOCOLATE O.O
idk how, idk why, but it just does!!
Super delicious, but also very sinful~~
 Ahh, finally something less indulgent but equally yummy!
We went to a few restaurants in Macau and all of them prepared their cabbage like this!
In some sort of milky pork bone broth, and it's so fragrant I actually ate a lot of cabbages when I was there! :D
 Wagyu beef with garlic slices!
 A table full of food omg fat die us ahaha
Updating on my Dayre at the dinner table
Some of my updates from Macau are on Dayre cause it's a lot easier to blog live from the Dayre app
so do check them out there & do follow me too hehe thank you!!
 Done with dinner and off to play fireworks (will post about it soon)!
See Martin dragging me away from the huge mirror in the restaurant hahah
Else I'll never leave la :X
Girls and mirrors... hehehe xD
  And this is from another day,
on our way to dinner on the cab!
There are so many pretty hotels in Macau!
Can't wait to go back there again, I heard Galaxy Hotel is damn pretty too!!
 Golden lion statue, I LIKEEEE :D
I'm a Leo so I like lions too ohohoh~
 Beautiful beautiful scenery at Macau!!

 This time, I managed to take a picture of the restaurant's signboard for those who want to try out their food too when you go to Macau! :)

3 宝 (3 treasures) as starters!
 More live seafood~
 This time, we had a really large plate of sashimi from some clam which name I'm not sure of hahah
so essentially idk what I ate, but I put it in my mouth and it tasted good so I ate it :P
 This one was kinda chewy, slightly crunchy, and also super sweet!!
And it's friggin awesome with wasabi!! 

 Wahhhh, want a piece?
And here's another lobster!!
This restaurant prepared it really well
and it's actually my favourite out of the other dishes I ate!
They cooked the lobster meat with a cheesy cream sauce and served it with noodles
kind of like a western-asian fusion spaghetti
 I love anything with cream and cheese omgggg SOOO YUMMY
I'd totally go back to this restaurant just for this dish alone!
I might want to try re-making this at home too hahaha wish me luck xD
 More cabbage in milky pork broth! :P

 And guess what this is :X
If I didn't remember wrongly, it's lobster innards
BUT they prepared it so deliciously, it actually tasted like fried squid!!
The chefs are so zai lor
No wastage at all, amazing!
 And then we found our after dinner snacks real quick!
Just a few steps outside the restaurant, we found this pushcart selling egg roll wrapped with seaweed!
 Watching the ladyboss make the eggrolls make it seem so much more tasty!
So we went ahead and bought a box of warm and yummy eggrolls to share, woohoo! xD

We ate a lot more in Macau but it was at the casino's restaurant (so we couldn't take pictures)
but I have a few more posts from Macau on my Dayre, so do read it k! xD

No camwhore photos in this post because my next Macau post will be filled with my face LOL
See until you all sian! xP

Thank you for reading, love you all!