Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Macau 2014: Part 3


One of the MUST DOs when you're staying in a hotel as pretty as The Venetian Macau Hotel is to take photos of yourselves at wherever you can find :p
And my sister and I decided that the Grado Golf Course would be a good place for this xD

The grass looked so clean and tempting, I couldn't resist hahah
One day I want to go to a country where I can really just lay on the grass and look up at the sky, forget about all my worries and just don't give a damn about anyone or anything!! ^~^
 My view of the sky while lying down!

Most people go for the casinos when they visit places like Macau,
but it's quite a waste because the facilities and design of the hotel is so pretty and yet people don't usually pay attention to them :x

 And then we went exploring outside the hotel!
All the times we've been to Macau, I've never walked out of the hotel to take a closer look :S
We're always inside the hotel watching tv ordering in-room dining being all slothy hahah xD

 The hotel is really pretty lah xD

 My sister says this building is a replica of a famous church in Venice ^~^

 Excited to see some stairs ahahah let's go!!

 And then on our way back inside the hotel, we were very lucky cause we saw a lion dance performance about to commence!!
 Major excited when they got closer!!

 And then because the Purple lion saw us waving and screaming like fan girls...
 ... it came so close to us ahhhhh
hahaha xD
I hope this means we'll huat for this year ok!! :p
 And then we saw this really cool LED dragon dance too!

And it fits Macau so well because Macau is famous for her gorgeous night view with all the bright lights from their casinos and buildings!
Kind of reminded me of the new Lion Men movie (Singapore's Local movie) where traditional lion dance is challenged by more modern changes and all! ^~^
Support local movie if it's still in cinemas! Or you can buy their DVD when it's out ba! :D
 That's it for this picture post!!
May everyone HUAT AH for 2014!!!

Thank you for reading, love you all!