Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rainbow Krispies

Hello everyone!!
Omg please, these few months have been a mad rush!
Soon after Xmas, it's new year, and then it's CNY, and then Vday is coming up really quick!! :O

So if you haven't already had the time to prepare anything for Vday to give as gifts,
here's a simple and quick tutorial for a really sweet treat for your loved ones this Valentines' Day! ^~^
 And the main ingredients you'll need are Fruity Pebbles and Marshmallows!
 My favourite cat brand marshmallows cause they make really big yummy smores!! b;
 And you'll need a small brownie tin or any other small containers with a relatively large surface area :)
This makes your life so much easier, you'll see why later on!

Step 1:
Roughly fill the fruity pebbles cereal to about 1/3 of the pan
Step 2: 
Melt some marshmallows (about 15 to 20 depending on size, more is better than less!) over LOW HEAT with some butter
using a NON-STICK pan
Housewife/ Auntie Rachell at work LOL

 Step 3:
Gradually add in the fruit pebbles and slowly mix them into the melted marshmallows to ensure that they are well coated!

Step 4:
You should get a gooey mixture like this :D

Mmmmm!! Looks good to eat already omg hahah
at this point I took a few balls of this mixture and ate it lol couldn't resist

Step 5:
Fill them into the small container you prepared earlier, lined with baking paper (to ease removal of the krispie treats)
and then gently smoosh the mixture into the container so it fills up the entire container evenly :)
Step 6:
Prepare some cookie cutters (you can get them in many shapes and sizes from Daiso at $2!)
and plan where you'd like to cut the shapes out to maximize the entire container of krispie treats! :)
Step 7:
Let the entire thing cool for about 3 minutes,
then remove the baking sheet with the rice krispie from the container once it's hardened a bit!
Step 8:
Now using the cookie cutters, cut this beautiful rainbow baby up into adorable shapes suitable for Vday! :D
Or, you can also use a knife to cut it into rainbow bars ^~^
If you don't have nice lollipop sticks at home for your Heartshape Rainbow Krispies,
you can always use satay sticks (more easily available) and then prettify them with pink ribbons! ^~^

By the way, my MLP accessories are from
These aren't only easy to make,
but they also look great in photos and they taste friggin awesome!!! xD
How to go wrong with cereal and marshmallows, right? ^~^
Super simple to make for Vday if you're planning to give a lot of people presents, yay! :D
Thank you for reading, love you all! ^~^