Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review: innisfree

Hello!! Do you want to know a quick fact about me?
It's probably hard to tell, but I was really quite tan in my teens! :O
It took me 8 years with super minimal sun exposure to get to the fairness I am today.
I remember the good old days of applying tanning oil and trying to get as tan as I can :/
Looking back at those pictures now, I can only ask myself "why???" hahaha!
It's actually super damaging to the skin lor :x

As I grew up, being light and fair gradually became an ideal goal for myself and many of my peers
and a porcelain complexion is revered to be the picture of health and the measure of beauty!

And I can't help being influenced by the media as well!
Every time I go onto the net or flip through magazines, I'll see all these fair and beautiful celebrities *.*
Each and every one with bright, radiant and fair skin!
I also wantttttt!! T~T

I'm not the fairest I can be yet for sure,
but I ain't got the patience to wait another 8 years (when I'll be 32 omg) to get fairer! :X

Thankfully, I was sent these innisfree products specially made for whitening to try out & review! :D
To be honest, I'm a huuuuge fan of anything that says "whitening" on it, hahah!
I received these two babies about 2 weeks ago and I totally couldn't wait to try them out!!
The Eco-science White C Double Serum is meant for whitening & moisture care
while the Eco-science White C Pore Double Serum is made for whitening & pore care (with the green label)!
And since BOTH products sound equally tempting to me, I've been using them together to receive benefits of whitening, moisture care and pore care!!
Hahaha super kiasu (scared to lose out), I know~ xD

But how do I use them together?
Teach you all in a bit! xD
Both products contain organic tangerine skin from Jeju island (yesss, the island we always hear about in Korean dramas!! ^~^)
and they have 4 times more Vitamin C than tangerine flesh!
Harnessing the rich vitamin C in tangerine skin, the serum provides powerful brightening effect as the 'tangeretin' controls the biosynthesis of melanin within our skin! :O
Sounds really impressive right!!

Anyway, my first impression of the products:
The packaging is so unique and eye-catching with the two different coloured formulas in each!
And the moment I squeezed a pump out, oh my goodness it smells AMAZING!!!
The super pleasant citrus smell actually smells yummy eh! :p

Just applying it puts me in a good mood already, I'm sure my skin will love it! :D
Both of them are double puff-type in order to stabilize the high content of vitamin C in their special double formulas! ^~^

I really like to see the two colours of the serum cause it's quite interesting eh,
kind of like those colourful marshmallows :P

Eco-science White C Pore Double Serum
S$59 for 30ml
I like how the Eco-science White C Pore Double Serum has a very light consistency
and glides smoothly across my face and left a smooth velvety texture which feels really nice!! ^~^
The light application plus invigorating citrus fragrance made me feel refreshed! :D
Really good for use in the morning when we all need a good start to our day!!

After one use
What impressed me the most is that it minimized the amount of sebum production on my face
in just after one use!
On a usual basis, after I apply my usual skincare routine and go on with my day with or without make up,
my skin would produce a lot of oil by mid day and it's always super obvious and shiny! :/
And then I'll have to blot my face...
and filling up an entire blotting sheet with oil is just so unglamorous 
plus it looks really gross too :(

I always thought that there'd be no way to stop this embarrassing problem~
But after using the Eco-science White C Pore Double Serum for the first time,
I was so surprised because I saw and felt a significant decrease in sebum production on my face!

That's when I actually read up about the product and found out that apart from brightening,
the Eco-science White C Pore Double Serum also has pore care effects to the skin because of the second active ingredient - mint extracts!
Mint extracts helps to purify pores and control sebum to amplify the brightening effect! ^~^
Super pleasant surprise for me!!
There will still be some oiliness on my face after a few hours, but it's definitely reduced by a lot
and I'm very pleased with it! ^~^

That's why I've been using the Eco-science White C Pore Double Serum around my T-zone and chin
which are my problem areas!
And here's a really good tip I learnt to maximize effectiveness of the product!
After applying the serum,
rub your hands together and then gently place your warmed palms onto your face!
The mildly warm sensation plus pleasant citrus fragrance is WAHHHHH~ super refreshing! ^~^
After a week+
It's quite unbelievable because my nose pores have been clogging a lot less recently and there aren't as many prominent blackheads anymore!
I love it x99999!!!! :D :D
Because even with fair skin, clogged pores can reduce overall brightness of your face!
So if we want luminous and flawless skin, the first thing that should go are the clogged pores!!

Best of all, I rarely have to blot my face anymore!
I'm super thrilled that my skin looks brighter, more radiant and a lot less oily, yay!! xD

Overall score for
Eco-science White C Pore Double Serum:
A whopping 4.5 / 5!!!
Not at all exaggerating, because if you went down to the innisfree store at Takashimaya S.C.
and tried the tester on your hand,
I can almost guarantee you'll fall in love with the "velvety texture" I spoke of earlier!
Really super nice!! *.*

I'll definitely recommend this for girls who have dry-oily combination skin like mine!! :D

Eco-science White C Double Serum
S$57 for 30ml
Now for the other parts of my face, I'll apply the Eco-science White C Double Serum! ^~^
That way, the oily parts of my face will be less oily,
and the parts of my skin that needs more moisture can be moisturized and pretty too! :D

For those who don't have too much of a problem with enlarged pores, clogged pores or oily skin
and simply want brighter and more radiant skin,
you can go straight for the Eco-science White C Double Serum!

After one use
The Eco-science White C Double Serum also didn't leave a sticky texture and didn't feel thick! :D
The serum was quickly absorbed into my skin and it instantly felt nice and smooth!
After a week+
On areas where my skin weren't clogged (like cheek area),
I realised that the Eco-science White C Double Serum showed most effectiveness in brightening my skin! :D
So if your skin is quite clear now,
this would be the best time to use the Eco-science White C Double Serum!

While the Eco-science White C Pore Double Serum targets tightening up pores and brightening,
the Eco-science White C Double Serum focuses on moisturizing and brightening the skin.
The Eco-science White C Double Serum uses a combination of Jeju's organic tangerine skin and green tea,
which works together with a double synergistic effect, leading to two times the brightening power!! :O
Overall score for
 Eco-science White C Double Serum:
I love this product a lot too, but I'll give it a
4 / 5
simply because if given a choice between the two products,
I'll pick the one that can control my skin's oiliness while brightening my skin ^~^
So it's really a personal thing!
If you don't have too much issues with enlarged pores or oily skin
and want to aim closer to the perfection of moisturized, translucent and brighter skin,
this product will probably be a 5/5 for you!! xD

Wait wait, I'm not done with this review yet! xD
And I think this is really really important, at least to girls who apply make up often!
of the Eco-science White C Double Serum & White C Pore Double Serum is that
they don't interfere with my make up application!!!
Actually scratch that, I'll even say that it actually enhances my make up application by creating a more flawlessly smooth base for me to apply my foundation on!

The reason why I often skip applying my other brands of serums in my day time make up routine is because they react with my liquid foundation and cause these "eraser dust" look alike bits on my face which annoys me soooo bad!! D:

Left: Other brand of serum + foundation
Right: Eco-science White C Double Serum & White C Pore Double Serum + foundation
So for me, a serum which will definitely gain my love is one that works well even with my regular application of make up
and I'm officially loving the Eco-science White C Double Serum & White C Pore Double Serum! :D

The dream of transluscent, luminous skin can now become our reality~
(added some feather effects to this photo hahah got feel not!! :X)

If you're interested in purchasing these awesome serums
or wish to feel the smooth velvety texture of the serums I spoke of above for yourself,
you can head down to
Takashimaya S.C.
#B2 - 34/35

But be warned!! You'll go high shopping there for sure hahaha, cause I know I did!! xD

Even before this review post, I've already spent about $300+ on innisfree products (Dayre-d & blogged about it previously)!
They sell items for both males and females, so girlfriends can bring their boyfriends there too :D
Their store just opened in Singapore in November last year and I've already shopped there 3 times!
I'm really glad that all their products have worked well for me so far!!
Will definitely post more reviews of the innisfree products I bought personally to share with you all!
So do look forward to them!! ^~^

And in case you haven't heard of innisfree yet,
innisfree is a renowned Korean naturalism brand and they only use reliable ingredients obtained from pure nature in their products!
Also, they gained my respect by their consistent perpetuation in eco-friendly green design
and their promise to stay environmentally sustainable while delivering beauty from nature to us, the consumers.
This is also partly why many people are drawn to innisfree and find that their products really stand out from other brands! ^~^

To find out more about innisfree,
do visit their Website at:
or you can Like their Facebook page at:
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Thank you for reading, love you all!