Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Strangers' Reunion

Some insanely delicious looking food pictures ahead.
May cause serious cravings, please proceed at your own risk :P

Had an immensely satisfying and super scrumptious meal at Strangers' Reunion the other day
with several bloggers and our plus ones, thanks to Strangers' Reunion and NuffnangSG ^~^
We got to try out some of their main dishes from their new menu
and although no amount of words cannot sufficiently describe how amazing it was
(you seriously need to be there yourself to try how delicious their food was),
I will try my best!! xD

Strangers' Reunion
33/35/37 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169354
Tel: +65 6222 4869

Some mandatory posey shots with the beautiful and cosy decorations at Strangers Reunion
before dinner is served! ^~^
When you're there, take all the selfies you want first,
because once the food gets served, nobody will want to take pictures of themselves anymore :P
Jayne (my plus one!!) and her posey shot of her looking at the desserts on display! :D
 And mine too!!
Their desserts all looked amazing!
But by the end of dinner,
there was really no more tummy space left for a slice of Apple Crumble or even a Red Velvet Cupcake,
so I guess these will have to wait till my next visit to Strangers' Reunion b:
I've always wanted to try their cupcakes since way back,
so I have more reasons to visit them again!! ^~^

And here's Ryan, Co-founder of Strangers' Reunion!
He's the current ASEAN Barista Champion (2013) and here are some of his other mind-blowing achievements:
Current and Three Time Singapore National Barista Champion (2011, 2012, 2013)
Current and Two Time Singapore National Latte Art Champion (2011 and 2013)
World Latte Art Championships 2011 2nd runner up
Licensed Coffee Q-Grader

Super talented, no joke eh!
And he's just a few years older than me? Omg respect!!!
Some beautiful latte art he whipped up within a few minutes!
Love the uplifting and aromatic fragrance from the coffee!!
Strangers' Reunion is so serious about their coffee, they actually opened a Roastery just for their cafes to ensure coffee is freshly roasted every 3 - 4 days and also to ensure they have full control over quality and taste!

It looked so easy when he did it, but when I attempted it myself...... I'd rather not talk about it lol! :X

I really love the quaint decorations at Strangers' Reunion!
The vintage looking tables, artsy calligraphy paintings (mostly done by Ryan's mum), pretty white flowers etc
all add that touch of simple elegance to the overall cosy and homey vibe of the restaurant!
Super got feel one!! ^~^
Even their sugar for the coffee comes in such a pretty glass container!
Now let the fabulous night of indulgence begin!! ^~^

Truffle Fries
This dish probably needs no introduction!
We've all heard so much about it, we've seen so many pictures of it,
and most of us have tried many variations of it -
and it's none other than Truffle Fries!
The one they serve at Strangers' Reunion is a hot favourite among everyone!
The glorious fragrance of the freshly grated whole truffle, enhanced by the home-made truffle infused aioli and Parmesan,  and their perfectly golden fries mixed evenly with sea salt flakes;
Strangers' Reunion's truffle fries are one of the yummest and most perfect finger food ever! b;
Give me an entire bowl of this and I'd be more than glad to finish it by myself hahah!
But not to worry,
they provide such a generous and huge portion, you'll have more than enough even if you shared with your friends! ^~^

Feta Pumpkin Salad
with House Dressing, Arugula, Sundried Tomatoes, Vanilla Beans & Sunflower Seeds
The Australian pumpkin is freshly roasted with vanilla beans, thyme and rosemary for added aroma,
and the natural flavour of pumpkin goes perfectly with the nutty taste of arugula!
With this dish, each mouthful is an exciting combination of crispy, juicy and crunchy texture
complemented by subtle touch of sweetness!
If you're the type to enjoy a drink while having dinner,
Strangers' Reunion has also just introduced their new alcohol menu, so do remember to look out for it! :D
Pumpkin Soup
with Homemade Goats Cheese & Togarashi Crouton
Ahhh I'm not usually not a pumpkin lover but the natural sweetness of the Australian pumpkin makes it so sweet it actually tastes a little like corn soup (which I LOVE),
except it's with the rich flavour of pumpkin!
The smooth creamy texture of the soup is the kind that I really really like,
plus the crispy togarashi croutons and yummy goats cheese.... I'm sold!! ^~^
The food at Strangers' Reunion don't only look good,
but they taste super friggin good too!!! ^~^
You can even randomly pick any item off their menu and chances are you'll love it!

Happy tummy, happy me, happy Instagram feed LOL :X
Don't you wish right now that technology was advanced enough for you to reach into your computer screens and grab a handful of truffle fries out to munch on? b;
Baby Spinach Salad
with freshly shaved Bone-in Prosciutto with Red Wine Vinaigrette, Cherry Tomatoes, Orange, Pomegranate, Crouton & Pistachio
This dish totally took me by surprise!
When I saw that it was a salad, honestly I just thought it'd be quite..average :X

And I totally didn't expect the shaved bone-in prosciutto di Parma to be so chewy and flavourful!!! :O
Ryan says that the reason why it tastes so fresh and good is because it's freshly shaved by the chef,
and they even have the whole prosciutto leg in kitchen!!

They're so particular about the freshness and quality of all their ingredients,
I always feel super pampered whenever I dine at Strangers' Reunion!! ^~^

Also, I love the addition of tomatoes, pomegranate and especially orange into the dish
because the random bursts of citrus taste in your mouth makes the entire salad SO APPETISING!!!
I ate quite a lot of this, which is rare cause it's a salad afterall! ^~^
So if you're looking for a yummy salad to indulge in without feeling guilty, this one is a MUST TRY!
Definitely a refreshing and healthy choice!
Za’atar-Spiced Eggplant Fritters
with Lemon Yogurt
Now this is one funky dish I wasn't able to resist!
Eggplant fritters seasoned with middle-Eastern flavours of spices and herbs,
crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, with a homemade fresh Lemon Yogurt dip to balance the spicy flavours.
The mixture of flavours all seemed pretty overwhelming (because it's eggplant and... I'm not a huge vegetable fan) and also kinda funky and I was initially a little hesitant but curious!
But I have to admit that it was actually pretty yummy
and the more you eat it, the more it grows on you.
Even I couldn't help taking second helpings! ^~^

Bouchot Mussels
in White Wine Broth with Fennel, Zucchini, Eggplant & a side of Focaccia soldiers
One of the dishes that left a super good impression out of the many that night!! :D
Words cannot describe how amazing this was omg.
BEST seafood dish I've eaten in YEARS!!!
The mussels are so fresh, succulent and sweet, it's like biting into a piece of heaven!
The secret behind this dish is that the Bouchot mussels used are air-flown live from France and kept alive in kitchen till cooked,
which allows it to stay fresh, clean, super sweet and juicy!

The dish uses a contemporary European style of cooking which is light, elegant, and delicious,
and I think the white wine broth used really brought out the sweetness of the fresh mussels!
If you're looking for a simple side dish, go for this and you'll definitely leave Strangers' Reunion satisfied!
Bouchot Mussels
in Tomato Coulis with Ratatouille & a side of Focaccia soldiers
Using the same fresh air-flown live Bouchot Mussels,
the chef has prepared the same dish with a different twist to it
and this is perfect for tomato lovers!!
Jayne preferred this but I prefer the former, which is good so we each had our own and didn't have to fight heheh :P
Crispy Squid
with Cabbage Slaw & Thai Dipping Sauce
Crispy on the outside, tender and moist on the inside.
This juicy-crispy combination couldn't have been more perfect when dipped into the Thai-style marinate with paprika, chilli flakes and Thai lime!! :D
And when my tongue was feeling a mild heat, it was great to have the homemade cabbage slaw on stand-by! ^~^
40℃ Sous Vide Salmon
with Squid Ink Tobiko, Seasonal Vegetables & Cha Soba
This was yet another dish that left a huge impression!
I can totally imagine the sweet, tender salmon swirling in my mouth right now! T~T

This Norwegian Salmon Fillet was cooked with Japanese-influence,
and it has that unparalleled softness and sweetness that fully cooked salmon wouldn't have.
Think torched salmon from Japanese restaurants,
except that the sous vide cooking method retains the nutritional value, protein and natural flavours of salmon even more! ^~^
This was topped with Squid Ink Tobiko which was bursting with intense flavour and added texture to the dish!
Crispy Pork Belly
with Ginger Beer, Apple & Date Chutney, Tomato Salsa & Truffled Mash
Pork belly is one of the most delicious food ever, and now Strangers' Reunion has come up with one super delicious and unique rendition of it
that can allow even the health conscious to indulge in!

Their pork belly is cured overnight, then slow-cooked till soft and tender
and then pressed overnight to squeeze out some of the fats!

When eaten, the meat melts in your mouth with no greasy after taste
and they managed to make the skin extra crispy by pan-searing and roasting pork belly in oven!
Flavoured by the fresh green and red apples, this dish definitely has a very refreshing touch ^~^
Truffled Mash
When you put two absolutely divine ingredients like potato and truffles together,
needless to say, it's going to taste super crazy good!
Air-flown Australian Wagyu Ribeye
in Red Wine Sauce with Onion Marmalade, Tomato Salsa, Seasonal Vegetables & Truffled Mash
I'm a meat-lover, hands down!
And Strangers' Reunion made me a very happy girl that day with their super tender, yummy and beautifully-marbled air-flown Australian beef
served with onion marmalade and creamy truffled mash!
I love how the tasty red wine sauce did not overpower the original freshness and fragrance of the beef,
which shows how confident they are of their steak's quality!
For those with huge appetites, you'll love how yummy and filling this is!
If I could only eat beef for the rest of my life, I'd want it to be prepared by Strangers' Reunion! :P
Pan-Seared Barramundi
with Balsamic Dressing, Tomato Salsa & Truffled Mash
The first thing I noticed when I took a bite out of this fish was that it tasted so fresh,
I felt like I could almost taste the ocean!! :O
Not exaggerating though!
This fish was seared to perfection and the dish had very simple, clean flavours -
only marinated with sea salt to better bring out the natural flavour of the fish!
Truffled Wagyu Burger
with Sunny Side-Up, Tomato Relish, Homemade Aioli, Matured Cheddar, a side of mixed greens & Sweet Potato Chips
If you're in the mood for a delicious burger in a cosy "slow food" ambiance,
do give the Truffled Wagyu burger a try!
The generous serving of savory Australian Wagyu patty was the main attraction for me,
alongside the abundance of hand-cut sweet potato chips! :P
This dish is one of rich and aromatic flavours and it's undoubtedly MY kind of food!! :D
And before we moved on to desserts,
 Chef Daniel Chin (Head Chef at STRANGERS' REUNION) came out shyly to greet us ^~^
Ahhh, thank you so much Chef Daniel for preparing the sumptuous meal!!!

Chef Daniel Chin specialises in: Continental cooking, Modern European cuisine
He has more than ten years of culinary experience and is also World Gourmet Summit-certified chef
Competition chef (Crowned Chef of the Year in 2009)

Just like how their ingredients are sourced from the freshest and best suppliers all over the world,
their staff are also incredibly talented and excel in their areas of expertise.
I think this shows the amount of commitment and sincerity Strangers' Reunion has for their customers in ensuring the best dining experience ^~^
They have my love (for their food) and respect!!!
I really admire people who work hard and do a lot of QCs (quality checks) hahah!
And last but surely not the least,
Strangers' Reunion's iconic Buttermilk Waffles which even Xiaxue has instagrammed about before! ^~^
There's a choice of:
Buttermilk Waffles
with Vanilla Ice Cream and Fresh Fruits
Buttermilk Waffles
with Artisan Greek Yogurt and Fresh Fruits
Strangers' Reunion's waffles are highly raved among all who tried it because it's spot on everything you ever wanted about a waffle!
Warm and crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and mildly sweetened to perfection.
One of the BEST waffles I've ever had, ever
and just being there at Strangers' Reunion and having the inviting fragrance of the buttermilk waffles wafting into our noses....
I can't resist it!!!
And although we were super filled after the huge meal, we still made some space because nobody could say no to this delicious dessert!

Out of the two, I obviously chose the buttermilk waffles topped with premium vanilla bean ice cream because my sugar tooth is so predictable :P

But if you'd like to cut on the calories, I think the waffles with homemade artisan greek yogurt would be an equally yummy alternative!

They're so generous with the fruits, yay!!!
Love it!! ^~^

So thank you Jayne for being my plus one and pigging out with me at Strangers' Reunion
heheh love you!!! ^~^
And a big big thank you and lots of love to Strangers' Reunion for inviting us over!! :D
I'll definitely be back soon for another delicious meal with my family and friends!
They've all heard me rave about it and are super excited to dine there!! ^~^

And if you guys would like to enjoy these mind-blowingly delicious food at Strangers' Reunion too,
there's currently a giveaway of $50 voucher to one of my readers!

How to win:
1. Like Strangers' Reunion Facebook page:
2. Comment on THIS POST
what's your favourite dish (if you've been there before); OR
which dish you'd like to try the most!
3. I'll be choose a winner on 25th Feb 2014! :)
[EDIT] Winner chosen!
Congratulations to Venua Chua!! ^~^
And to everyone else who joined, thank you for joining!
Don't be sad if you don't win because I'll have more giveaways coming up for you all! :D

Good luck!! ^~^

What to expect next?
Also, coming soon at Strangers' Reunion..
You can expect a NEW Waffle bar, "Waffle Slayer", that will feature 9 gourmet waffle flavours,
as well as their very own Barista Training School!!
Both will be opening in February 2014.
So if you're interested and are impressed by their barista's skills, you can also opt for Strangers' Reunion's Latte art and Coffee Appreciation Class!!
Okay, this shall be on my bucket list: Learn latte art.. at least the basic kind :X hahah!

Strangers' Reunion
Address: 33/35/37 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169354
Tel: +65 6222 4869
[For enquiries only, no reservations]
Opening Hours:
Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays & Mondays - 0900-2200hrs
Fridays & Saturdays - 0900-0000hrs
Closed on Tuesdays
Seating Capacity: 80
Payment methods: Cash, Nets, Mastercard, Visa

And if you're thinking of heading to Strangers' Reunion sometime soon,
here's their new menu so you can see what you're craving for
cause everything on their menu is super yummy and you'll probably take a loooong time to decide! :P
Thank you for reading, love you all!