Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sunny Day

Admit it, no matter how much we try to make ourselves look good every single day,
we all have off-form days when even after all the make up and styling of hair and matching of clothes,
we just... don't look good D;
Or sometimes we just can't be bothered to apply make up but need to rush off somewhere and at least be presentable.

And I think that's when shades and eyewear really really come in handy!

I, for one, am very clear that I'm NOT one of those girls who are born effortlessly pretty, have big sparkly eyes and look good from every angle
but I just like to take lots of photos of myself cause I like it, why cannot???
So I'm not shy to say that for me, shades really helps x999999 in making my photos look a ton better LOL
If you guys & girls are interested in getting yourselves a pair (or a few pairs) of good quality shades,
do check out Visual Mass' designs cause they have some pretty dope stuff!
What makes Visual Mass stand out is that they provide online prescription spectacle frames and sunglasses,
and you can send them your prescription record from your optical store ( to ensure that the eyewear you'll be getting won't cause you any unnecessary eyestrain!
Due to my eyes getting more and more sensitive recently,
I've learned to appreciate good quality eyewear with proper protection to make sure that my eyes don't get hurt due to my vain habits hahah :x

Visual Mass is definitely trust worthy and you can also visit their physical store at
*SCAPE Underground, #01-A1, 2 Orchard Link, *SCAPE Building, Singapore 237978

TYPICA is the upcoming Korean eyewear brand that is growing into a cult. Since it's launch in 2011, it is known to be popular amongst many celebrities who uses them in their daily wear and has been covered by the various media.

To be honest, putting on these TYPICA shades feels really shiok cause Korean celebs wear them too 
so it gives you a zi-high (ownself high) feeling lolol
*ahem ahem* instant star factor with the shades on no matter how casual your outfit!!
Except that stars don't sit on HDB staircases and take pictures HAHAH oops xD
Also, my favourite pair of REAL glasses!!!!
I've been wearing these a lot, especially when I have no make up on
because I think they really help me conceal my eyebags and my tired small eyes :x
Plus they look like legit glasses and I've never worn real glasses before,
so I was really amused by them and I wrote an entire dayre post with camwhore photos of me in glasses lol cheap thrill xD

And even on good make up days, sunglasses are awesome as adorable accessories for your hair xD
Plus by the end of the day, when your make up starts to turn out crappy,
you'll have no fear cause you can just put your shades on and tadah!
A fresh new look again!!! :P

Plus I think Singapore is an awesome place for us to rock shades with our outfits because it's SO SUNNY all year round,
and nobody can say we step or act yi ge hahaha ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all!