Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hello everyone!!
I've got a cool new shop to share with you all today!

10% for all students & staff in the vicinity!
Also, the boss of BATTER has also very kindly contacted me that there will be a

It's called BATTER, and it just opened about a week ago~~
I heard about them by word of mouth and I was so excited to head down to try out their crepes!!!
Honestly I haven't seen much crepe shops in Singapore and I'm a huge fan of crepes
cause you can have them both sweet and savory and they all taste really good,
and I wanted to try out how good BATTER's were!

I did a tutorial on crepes before some time ago and honestly I quite confidently felt like my crepes were da bomb hahaha :X
and then I went to BATTER today to try their crepes and I take my words back T~T
If my crepes were bombs, it'd be those baby tiny bomb bags,
and BATTER's crepes would be huge nuclear bombs!! *.*

I went there with my mum and we ordered a Smoked Salmon Crepe and a Lunch Munch Crepe!
It's a cosy little shop but the decor was immensely adorable!
It definitely puts you in a good mood to just eat, chill and hang around the shop,
or just enjoy the tantalising smells of freshly made crepes when you order a crepe to go!
My #ootd ^~^
Totally love their chalk boards cause they're all so colourful and cheery!!

Hahah their play on words with "batter" and "crepe" all over the store and even their wrappers really cracks me up!!
And I saw on their IG caption "Drive the creppy (crepe pronounced as crap) days away!"
LOLOL I'm so easily amused xD
It's huge, crispy, fresh, delicious, convenient to eat, very filling and quite healthy I guess xD
Definitely worth the 5 bucks (approx price)!!
I love their crepe's skin cause it's sooo crispy and mildly sweet and fragrant on its own without any ingredients already!
It's NOTHING like the home made ones and I don't think I'll be able to do this myself at home ever,
TOO YUMMY!!! *_*
We ordered the Lunch Munch (if you check out their menu this crepe has an seemingly ENDLESS list of ingredients) and we were feeling kinda greedy so we ordered it...
OMG hands down biggest crepe ever O.O
And there were so many layers of flavours in it from the nachos cheese, lettuce, roasted potatoes, ham etc etc
My mum and I were so stuffed from it hahah!
Great for those who just want to grab a quick lunch but want something extremely filling!

But if you have a slightly smaller appetite, I'd really recommend the Smoked Salmon one!
(Still filling though!)
It's too friggin yummy!!!
There's also caramelized onions inside, and I'm usually not a fan of onions but this was damn good I swear! O.O
I ate the entire thing clean hahah

Date with mummy hehe ^~^
And we added $1 to get a cup of mushroom soup each too!
And since we were already there, we wanted to try as many flavours of crepes as possible
and so we decided to get a sweet Nutella Strawberry Crepe to share as dessert!!

I was very surprised that BATTER was only opened for a week and it's so friggin popular already!!
Look at the queue behind me? :O
And the staff were like non-stop making crepes! Wahseh!!
Maybe crepes will become the next big thing in Singapore, awesomeeeee! *.*

Love the rainbow fruit pebbles at the top ^~^
My favourite spot at BATTER cause the lighting and backdrop are all super pretty! xD
The flavours were well balanced out so it's not too sweet!
Surprisingly appetizing and we still managed to finish the entire thing despite having one large crepe and a full cup of mushroom soup each before this LOL xD
An awesome and really pretty closure to our meal at BATTER ^~^

LOL mummy told me to take this super touristy photo with the Kent Ridge MRT Station Exit C
cause it's the easiest way to find your way to BATTER xD
When you tap out of Kent Ridge MRT station, you'll see this sign at Exit C,
and just walk in and look for #01-04 :D
It's definitely a fun, tasty, super filling and really affordable place worth checking out! :)
Here's a photo of the menu I took for those who're interested in the flavours available and exact prices ^~^
Ordered 2 crepes for takeaway for my brother and sister! ^~^
And one of it was the Smoked Salmon Crepe again because it's really damn nice hahah!
If you guys try it out, do let me know if you like it too! :P

Instagram: @battersg #battersg
One@KentRidge NUH Medical Centre, 1 Lower Kent Ridge Road, #01-04

Blk 190 Toa Payoh Lorong 6, #01-536  (Opening in Mid 2014)

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Thank you for reading, love you all!!