Sunday, March 30, 2014

City Hall, you have my heart!

Hello hello! :D
My mum and I chanced upon this really yummy Japanese restaurant the other day called Osaka Ohsho at Raffles City that really left such a deep impression I had to blog about it!! ^~^

Osaka Ohsho
#B1-75, Raffles City Shopping Centre (City Hall MRT)
252 North Bridge Road
Tel: 63385584 
Opens Daily: 11:30 - 21:30

"Established in 1969 as a gyoza specialist, Osaka Ohsho soon garnered a steady following of Japanese diners who grew to love its casual ambience and irresistible dumplings.
The menu then evolved to include Japanese-Chinese favourites and today, there are over 300 outlets in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and now Singapore."

First off, ordering was a breeze because each table had a tablet for the customers to order with all the pictures and prices properly listed in it ^~^
 Plus it's kinda fun too haha xD
Next, I was instantly drawn to their Ramen set on the menu because
1 bowl of Gyokai Ramen + 1 plate of 6 Gyozas was only $11.80??? :O
Very worth it hor!!
As in the restaurant really had the Japanish feel to it so I thought maybe prices would be higher.. not that I'm complaining lah xD just pleasantly surprised hehe!! ^~^
Plus I really like ramen so my mum and I both decided to order the same thing, and we ended up with 12 gyozas hahah xD
Crispy on one side, juicy and chewy on the inside!
And their filling to gyoza skin ratio is literally perfect!!!!
Each bite is refreshingly appetizing and you just want to keep eating and eating more of these :X
And the best part is you won't even feel gelat (overkill)!! Love it~~!!!
 They really do live up to their name as a gyoza specialist! :P
Pretty much the best gyozas I've ever had ever!!!
 And their ramen was fantastic too!!
Either that or maybe I was really hungry hahah!
The meat was juicy and not too oily, the soup wasn't too thick so you could easily finish the entire bowl,
and the noodles was so chewy and fragrant on its own!
Would've loved it even more if their egg was the onsen type of egg instead of hard boiled though xD

My teeth white ma? ^~^ HEHEH
Anyway, we left the shop a little sad cause we wanted to takeaway 3 sets of the Gyokai Ramen + Gyoza Set (cause it's so yummy!!!) for the rest of my family but the staff told us that their ramen isn't available for takeaway T~T
So I guess the next time I'm craving for their ramen or gyozas,
I'll have to go to Raffles City again~~
But it's okay cause I think they're totally worth me traveling there to eat it! ^~^
Not too sure if they have other branches around, but the one at Raffles City sure is popular!
If you're planning to eat there, try not to go at peak lunch/dinner time cause you might have to wait a bit!
Anyway, my #ootd!! ^~^

OMG and if you're ever nearby Raffles City / City Hall MRT or Esplanade MRT,
make sure you pay a visit to Esplanade Xchange cause they've got this friggin awesome bakery shop there!
With such an adorable and huuuge shop front, it's impossible to miss it!
 It's called Dora Keiki!
"The concept of Dora Keiki is born to the success of our signature Dorayakis. Dora Keiki currently offers not only Dorayakis of assorted fillings but also an array of mouth-watering Japanese cakes and sweets handcrafted and some themed after some of Japan’s iconic landmarks. Amongst those are our best-selling Hokkaido cupcakes, plump Golden Cakes, delicious mochi, Mount Fuji cakes, fluffy steamed cakes, spongy dome-shaped Dragon Eggs & more."

 But although all their fragrant smelling bread and pastries drew me to their shop,
the thing that drew my attention and stole my heart was this - 格子Q!!!!! :O
 It's one of my all-time favourite snack when I went to Taiwan a few years back and I only managed to buy it in Singapore ONCE at those temporary food fares.
And now I've finally found a shop that sells this???!!!
OMGGGG ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
I cannot stress how happy I was when I saw this, seriously!!!!
I bought a box of 6 in the end, 2 Oreo, 2 Chocolate and 2 Plain
because I'm a sucker for chocolate and even their plain ones are delicious!!! :D
Definitely going to try more flavours soon!!!
My whole family loved them and they were wiped out really quick!
Luckily these are kinda big so you don't have to buy too many of it,
but even if you do, each of this is only about $2 to $2.50 which is damn cheap!!!! :O
Too nice already!

Don't mistaken these as belgium waffles though, they're not the same!
Actually I don't really know how to accurately describe the taste to you... but it's kind of like,
toasted crispy caramelized sugar on the outside, soft chewy mochi+waffle texture on the inside, plus the fragrance of maple syrup!!!
It's not too sweet, and when eaten warm it's insanely delicious I swear you'll get hooked on these!!!
Without a doubt I'm loving City Hall more and more lah!!!
I hope you guys do try these yummy places I've mentioned out and let me know if you like them too!! :D

Thank you for reading, love you all!