Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cleo Hair & Make Reopening

Starting off the post with my overgrown black roots cause the rest of this post is gonna be filled with so much chio hair it's gonna be too much to handle HEHEH xD
and it's so much more convenient for everyone now, woohoo!!! ^~^
So we all went there to do get our hair done all prettily yesterday, just in time for their reopening event where a lot of cute and cool Japanese people attended omg!! ^~^
Everything about Cleo is pretty, even their tea cups hahah!
after a superrrr long period of black-brown hair!!! ^~^
Check out my hair now yay!! :D
It's like a dark brown (my previous colour, touched up my roots) with strawberry blonde ombre plus a little bit of purple at the back of my hair, which I will take more photos of soon!!
VERY EXCITED TO TIE MY HAIR NOW cause I think the purple will look a lot more obvious!! *.*
Plus I also did treatment so my hair so crazily smooth now~~
(you can hear the stylists & Samantha jiejie conversing in Japanese in the background!!)
And my chio hair is only possible cause of my favourite stylist Hitomi!!!
You can follow her IG account at @hitomicleo ^~^
She's good with handling thin hair, creating volume and doing all sorts of cool hairstyles!

Actually all the stylists at Cleo are fantastic because everyone I saw walked out of Cleo looking super fabulous!!!
I mentioned before in my first post about Cleo that I'm definitely gonna take photos with Hitomi on my next visit so you all can see how she looks like, tadah! :D
I think she's effortlessly photogenic eh!
Japanese genes really 不一樣!! ^~^
And in all my excitement I actually forgot to take more photos of the new shop at The Central, alamak! :X
But I saw Ryo (another stylist at Cleo Hair & Make)'s instavideo so you all can see how pretty it is! ^~^
AHHHH everybody's excited!!!
Such a happy day heheh ^~^

Eyesmiles ^~^ plus our attempts to make our eyes look huge O.O
It's a must to exploit your camera when you and your friends have nice hair!!

Boss of Cleo giving a toast!
Gan bai~~~
Qiuqiu's husband was there too and he was very nice to help us take a lot of nice pictures!
Hahah I think Cleo has the most adorable and most talented staff I've ever came across! ^~^
Plus omg when they speak in Japanese *.* it sounds so nice~~
Ben & Ran being er xin as usual hahah xD
I don't know any other Japanese words that means awesome
but Hitomi really made my hair a lot prettier than what I'd expected!! ^~^
I'll take more photos soon for sure so you all can judge for yourselves how nice my hair colour is now :D :D
I think Cleo really stands out because they can attain such gorgeous and unique colours for their customers!
Their ash-blonde or lavender, strawberry blonde etc etc really all super pretty *.*
None of those tacky yellow or other obiang colours!!
Randy and Hitomi! Randy and I both get our hair done by Hitomi cause we both need a lot of volume to our hair hahah!
And two more selfies with Samantha jiejie and Qiuqiu jiejie, who had food in her mouth but was steady enough to take selfies lol xD
There was a lot more finger food but I was too hungry so I just randomly snapped a few shots and dug in hahah
Bbylove peishi looking blur cause she was eating half way and got pulled into a selfie with us lolol
With pretty Genevieve!!
Group shot time!
I think a lot of the credit goes to our awesome stylists at Cleo Hair & Make for making us all look good, yay!! ^~^

Tbh, your hairstyle can really either make you or break you!
When I don't stye my hair and I use my auntie kiapkiap to hold up my messy hair with my overgrown roots, I feel super like those middle-aged housewife with 3 kids or something,
and then the moment I get my hair done at Cleo, instant feeling of fabulousness!! *.*

With the cute boss of Cleo!

You can see the giant golden mirrors at Cleo Hair & Make in this pic, and everyone loves their huge mirrors!!
My "ootd" cause I didn't take any decent shots of my outfit last night~

Some close ups of my hair taken by Peishi! ^~^

My hair was intentionally messy by the way, cause I told Hitomi I like the slightly messy kind of look cause it adds volume also hahah
but my hair was still really soft and shiny after treatment!! :)
And then the flowergirls left Cleo to look for something soupy!
There's this new hot pot shop at B1 of The Central and it's really not bad leh!
Or maybe cause I was still kinda hungry :P
Either way, there're a lot of nice food at The Central
so you can get your hair done nicely at Cleo and then go for a romantic date at a nice restaurant nearby for your anniversaries or special dates! :D

Ben excitedly waiting for his food :P

The bad thing about taking selfies with a DSLR T~T
I need a compact for selfiesssss
HAHAH omg and we were doing some ridiculous things at Clarke Quay
like pretending to pose like high fashion vogue supermodels??? LOL

omg peishi and ben what what hahaha
Ben's back like gonna break anytime please LOL
and there were people all around but luckily there was a performance somewhere nearby so nobody paid attention to us... or so we thought :X

Randy and I LOL
I cannot hahah
Randy's dirty public toilet seat pose hahahaha xD

And then we went to TCC to eat my friggin favourite Baby Crayfish pasta awyeahhhh!!! *o*
and watch this #BenShi moment we recorded at TCC HAHAHA

 One last photo of my chio new hair before I end this post~

The Central Mall 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#04-89a/92 Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 63385250
(please book appointment before going down to secure your slot!)
Sio × Ryo × Ai × Takuya × Hitomi
Thank you for reading, love you all!