Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Family Picnic Day!

This is gonna be one of my favourite posts ever!!! ^~^
So many colours, so many happy pictures, so many awesome memories!! :D :D
I hope you guys will enjoy this post as much as we enjoyed ourselves! xD
The other day when my family had dinner at Dempsey, we passed by the Singapore Botanic Gardens and my mum was saying we should have a family outing at the Botanic Gardens cause the last time we went there was a superrrr long time ago (like maybe 20 years ago? omg lol)!
So when mummy asks for it, she gets it! xD
I told everyone to keep their Saturday free so that we could have a picnic together at the SBG~~

But on the day itself my brother wasn't feeling too well so he stayed home to rest, and my daddy had work,
so it was down to 6 of us, but it's okay!!!
They can come along next time too!! :D
For anyone who's planning a picnic, I've come up with a checklist to make your life easier for you!
Outfit choice: Preferably something more casual and comfortable that you can move around a lot in, and be prepared to perspire and have fun in it!! ^~^
Apart from the daily necessities like wallet, handphone, make up, you'll also need..

✓ Floor Mats
✓ Fruits
✓ Snacks
✓ Cupcakes & Pastries
✓ Drinks
✓ Disposable cups, plates & utensils
✓ Paper towels or tissue paper
✓ Plastic Bags
✓ Rubber Bands
✓ Camera
✓ Decorative Items
✓ Umbrella (optional)
✓ Electric Fan (optional)
✓ Sunblock (optional)
✓ A few slices of bread (optional)

Floor Mats
Bring waterproof ones if you don't want to get your butts dirty!
If you want them to look pretty for photos, put a waterproof mat first, and then place the prettier mat above that! :D
The more mats the better because then you can comfortably place your legs and bags and food everywhere on it hahah

Fruits & Snacks
Most picnics will take a few hours, so don't just bring a whole bunch of chips because it's not good to just eat only chips to fill your tummies!
Bring a whole bunch of fruits to fill your daily need of vitamins too!
But of course, a few bags of chips will make your picnic a lot more fun cause everyone loves chips! ^~^

My family brought bananas, strawberries, blueberries, grapes and cherry tomatoes!
Some of my favourite fruits basically, cause I packed them LOL xD

We refrigerated the minute maid juice so we didn't have to bring an ice box cause that'd be too much of a hassle
unless you're having a way larger group picnic, then you'll probably need to bring one!
My sis' boyfriend also helped us buy 2 bottles of cold mineral water ^~^

Disposable cups, plates & utensils + Paper towels or tissue paper
Cause you're going to be touching the ground sheet with some grass and dirt etc, it'll be good if you could bring some disposable utensils, paper towels and all for hygiene purposes :D
Plus you'll need to wipe your perspiration too hahah
DUH~~ For you to capture those wonderful memories!!! ^~^
And because you spent so much effort packing all these stuff, you definitely need to take as many photos as possible!
I took about 400 photos that day in total omg hahah
I also brought my instax 210 camera along to the picnic! :D
Decorative Items
If you're planning to take a lot of photos, some decorative items would be fun to bring along too!
Like props at those photo booths!
We brought 2 pin mills and some fake flowers, and in the end we gave our pin mills away to the little girls who were having picnic with their family near us cause they were really cute ^~^
Plastic Bags & Rubber Bands
This is for ease of packing things up! And also if your mat isn't waterproof, you can sit on the plastic bags first hahah!

Electric Fan, if you're afraid of the heat!
Umbrella, just in case it rains and you can't find shelter! Plus if your umbrella is pretty, more props for photos!! ^~^
Sunblock, cause I totally forgot about this and got a sunburn, so I'm reminding you all :X
Cupcakes & Pastries
If you're planning to chill at your picnic spot for a longer time, it'd be smart of you to order some cupcakes and pastries cause they're more filling!! :D
The nice people from Kreme Couture were very sweet and personally delivered a ton of goodies to us at the Botanic Gardens!!!
Yay for excellent customer service!! ^~^
Although I can bake some cupcakes myself, after packing all that stuff for the picnic, all I want is to pig out, relax and have fun on that day!
If I had to bake under pressure for my family's picnic, I think I might just screw up and end up really frustrated at myself lol no thanks to that :X
I'd much rather have the professionals do it for me!!! :D
Plus their bakes are soooo much prettier than mine omg, more pictures below!
Side track a bit, I saw this adorable yorkshire terrier after collecting my cupcakes and quiches and asked the nice owner for permission to take a photo with it cause it's so tiny!!!
Smaller than my thighs omg xD
Super glad that there were a lot of kind and friendly people at the SBG that day!!! :D

Packaging ♥♥♥♥♥
Kreme Couture also offers customisation services where you can add a personalised message to the cupcakes or have their decorators customize cupcake toppers from fondant!
They also sell daily cupcake specials at their store at 216 Joo Chiat Road #01-03 ^~^
More updates on www.facebook.com/KremeCouture :D
I love their FB timeline cause all their photos are so friggin pretty!!
It's like receiving a present!!!
Super excited to open it heheh xD
These are Kreme Couture's signature Floral Cupcakes which look so impressively realistic!!! :O
I sent this photo to my brother who was resting at home and he replied me "real flowers ah?"
Plus the buttercream flowers are made to taste like the flower it represents!
I'd pick these edible flowers that are equally gorgeous over real flowers that end up withering any day!! xD
NOTE TO ALL BOYS: This would be a perfect gift for a girl who love cupcakes and flowers!
Also Gourmet Cupcakes in assorted flavours! :D
2 x Salted Caramel, Madagascar Vanilla, Peanut Butter Chocolate and 2 x Red Velvet!
2 x Balsamic Strawberry, 2 x Peanut Butter & Jelly, Blueberry Lemonade & Earl Grey Lavender
And because boys aren't usually such huge fans of cupcakes, I requested for savory Quiches from Kreme Couture as well! :D
They've just launched their quiche menu and it's so awesome!!!
But their quiche menu isn't launched on their website yet, so if you're interested in ordering quiches, you can call them at 91252522 or place your orders through cakes@kremecouture.com ^~^

To be honest, they all tasted really yummy but I added ♥s to my favourite and most recommended flavours xD
Apple Caramelized Onion ♥♥♥♥♥ & Lorraine
The apple caramelized onion had a very unique and awesome sweet and savory flavour to it which I really made me go like "Wow wait, what is this? Why is it so nice??"
Beef Goulash ♥♥♥♥♥ and Salmon
Duck Rillette ♥♥♥♥♥ and Poached Mushroom ♥♥♥♥♥
The ingredients they used are of really high quality so you can really taste the fragrance of each!!
I'll go down to their bakery personally just so I can eat these again lor ^~^
What a scrumptious spread!! xD
And people around us would walk by our mats and be like "whoa!" cause of all the impressive looking desserts and pastries!!
Yay thank you Kreme Couture once again!! ♥♥♥♥♥ ^~^
My elder sis and my mummy!
Martin and I :D
I want to take photos but I kinda don't want to put my salted caramel cupcake down cause it's too yummy hahah

And their buttercream frosting was so delicious!
Even with such a generous amount of frosting I finished the entire thing!! :O

No photoshop on this entire post except for filters cause there's simply too many photos to edit lol!
So please pardon the eyebags, big nose, big face and what not!!~~

Hahah Martin and his usual antics :P
Too adorable!!!! ^~^

My boyfriend is prettier than me hahaha

Sis, mummy and I! ^~^
They're the most fun and loving people everrrr!!!!

I've honestly never seen anyone do floral cupcakes as realistic and as gorgeous as Kreme Couture!! :O
Speaking of floral, I brought these flower printed tissue paper to the picnic and it was hilarious watching the guys try to discreetly hide it under their hands and wipe their mouths and faces with these hahaha
but us girls were obviously more willing to pose for photos with it xD

My cat phone case is hungry too!!!! :D
Never forget your fruits!!
OMG I love my hair!!! :D :D
Thank you Hitomi!!! ^~^

Also, be prepared to get your hair super messy from the wind hahah

Our view of the Symphony Stage!
There were many others having a picnic around us too! ^~^
If you're going on a weekend, I'd really advice going at around 9am (like us!!) where it's not too crowded yet!
Cause once it hit about 1030am there were more people around and you might not get to choose the perfect shady spot anymore~
The little kids we gave our pin mills to! :D
I think the SGB is a great place for kids because it keeps them distracted from their electronic games or iPads and what not!
Also a great place for kids to learn about nature, run around in a big open space and be more active ^~^
Little kids feeding the birds bits of bread!
Hahah these kids were so fearless I swear!!!
When I took this photo, there was only a few tiny birds around them,
but as they fed more bread, the amount of birds that surrounded them got super intimidating omg :X
Quite scary hahah
The space was large enough for playing frisbee, and maybe a bit of soccer and what not! ^~^
We didn't have a picnic basket so we used a mooncake box (which was damn pretty!!) to store all our fruits hehe xD
Wearing my gold sides shades from Visual Mass! ^~^
Love them so much I just had to bring them along although it wasn't superrrr sunny!
I think we were pretty lucky that it didn't rain and it wasn't too hot when we were there!!! :D

Nice hor my shades!! Heheh my new favourite so must show off a bit :P

The instax photos we took!!! :D
LOL at the right hand side photo where we ran out of props and I held the bunch of bananas and Martin held the 1.5L water bottles xD

And then we packed up the picnic stuff and decided to walk around the SBG!
Finally got to use my Mr Men & Little Miss super colourful umbrella!!! xD
I remember watching Mr Men & Little Miss so much as a kid I loved that show!!
Super nostalgic lah xD
Anyway, my mum got this umbrella free from shopping at a mall or something quite long ago so idk where you can buy this~
Walking some of the trails at the SBG!
My sis acting real serious and all... what's she looking at?
A really really tall tree ahah xD
Baby and I!! ^~^
He's really good at identifying trees and plants cause he went for JCC in Brunei
so he was quite excited to tell me which ones can be used for building shelter, which ones were edible etc xD
My clever baby!!
By the way I was hiding my umbrella behind my back cause my mummy said I looked auntie holding it like a walking stick LOL
And then we saw the fluffiest and most adorable doggies ever from Wawa Singapore along with their super friendly owner and her friends! :D
Left to right:
Miu miu the Husky, Wawa and Puff puff and Chowchows!!!
And I gave Puffpuff a hug she's soooo cute xD
The 3 furkids are like celebrities lor!
A lot of people were excitedly taking pictures with them ^~^
You can find them on Facebook or Instagram @WawaSingapore!
Sis and her boyfriend sayanging Miu miu ^~^
And then it got a little warmer so we bought some cold stuff heheh
Sweaty, smelly and unglam, but super happy!!! ^~^

Group photo time!!

And then we walked by this empty field of grass and it got me excited like...
Hahah run a bit tired already xD
Sis and her bf doing jump high 5s!!
Martin hurt his back recently so we did like a super cliche heart shape thingy pose lol
And finally here's a shot of our matching Birkys!! ^~^
There's a Swan Lake inside SBG where the swans just swim around super gracefully and you can feed the fishes and tortoises in the lake!
There's actually a dispenser that sells fish food, but we brought along a few slices of bread to feed the fishes :x
Should be okay I thinkkkk!
Just don't feed the swans cause they have their own special food!
Omg the fishes are all damn big size O.O

And we were playing FEED ONLY THE TORTOISES
cause they were a lot smaller in comparison to especially the catfishes
and they were a whole lot slower too :x
So poor thing one hahah
So we'd intentionally throw the bread in front of the tortoises so they can eat it easily xD
Quite challenging okay cause the fishes are so aggressive and fast and have a lot bigger mouths!!!
Was hoping for the swan to get closer to us so I can have a decent photo with it
but I guess diva swans just don't really like fans' photo requests hahah so I'll have to make do with this xD
Chioooo swan~~ ^~^

And we saw monitor lizards too!

And squirrels!! :D
But you'll have to keep kinda quiet so that you don't scare the animals away!
Else you won't get to spot any of them~
Heheh all done with our picnic and adventures at the SBG!!!
My hair really cannot maintain by the end of the day already hahah
and I got sunburnt LOL hurts like a bitch now :X
Remember to bring your sunblock everyone!!!

I look damn ugly here (plus I'm too lazy to photoshop) but my boyfriend looks good so okay lah I post this because I love you baby lol

And that's it for this post!!! :D
Definitely one of my personal favourite posts ever cause all the pictures turned out so colourful and everyone looked so happy!! xD
I love my family x99999 and I can't wait to have another special family outing again!!!
Thank you for reading, love you all!

Anyway, Kreme Couture will be taking part in this event at the Design Centre! :D (click for full image)
Quiches, floral cupcakes and gourmet cupcakes will be sold there, as well as whole cakes and sea salt caramel brownies!
So do drop by, grab some yummy treats and support them if you're free! ^~^