Thursday, March 13, 2014

KFC Bandito Pockett is back!!!

Everybody's favourite KFC Bandito Pockett is back!!!
Who can forget this amazingly tasty creation??
SOGOOD, it left all of us missing and craving for it when it was taken off the KFC menu in 2012!
And KFC has heard all our demands for their Bandito Pockett, and they've brought it back! Woohoo!! xD

When I ate the Bandito Pockett the other day, I was so happy that it tasted as awesome as ever!! :'D
That's because KFC uses only freshly prepared 100% chicken fillet marinated in their signature hot & crispy flavour (same fillet as Zinger, another one of my faves omg) to ensure the best quality for all of us KFC fans!!! :P
And KFC took all that crispy juicy goodness and served it on a bed of fresh lettuce with zesty salsa and mayonnaise, wrapped in a tortilla and toasted for an extra crunch,
it's no wonder why the Bandito Pockett is every KFC fan’s favourite wrap!

Packed with so many tasty ingredients, how can anyone resist this?? ♥_♥
To be invited to food tasting by NuffnangSG for KFC's Bandito Pockett with my friends that day was really one of my BEST DAYS EVER ^~^
Some mandatory selfie shots with the yummy Bandito Pockett before it's all gone (into my tummy~~)!
Love it love it love it!!! :P

Just imagine the crunch in your mouth when you take a bite out of this, followed by the fresh flavourful juicy chicken fillet wrapped in all the yummy ingredients... 
it's indeed a perfect combination of spicy, sweet, zesty, savoury flavours all in one bite
SO GOOD!!! ♥♥♥
And as if the return of Bandito Pockett wasn't awesome enough,
KFC is also giving us one more taste sensation to the all time favourite Cheese Fries....
wait for it....
Introducing the New Cheesy Nacho Chips and Fries!
Those who love cheese fries will definitely love this new addition to the menu even more!!
Nacho Chips & Fries drizzled with a generous amount of cheese, and mayonnaise and spring onions!
You all have definitely got to try this because it's for a limited time only!!!
Cheesy Nacho Chips & Fries is available at $4 and you can also opt to trade up your sides to Cheesy Nacho Chips & Fries.

I don't even think I look at my boyfriend with such loving eyes hahaha
I can't help it, the Cheesy Nacho Chips & Fries is so good it's like a dream come true ♥_♥
Hayley, Ben, Peishi and I enjoying our meal at KFC Raffles City! :P
Yummy food becomes even better with lovely company xD
There is a Bandito Pockett meal for an individual with a medium Fries and a regular Pepsi at $6.50,
or you can also enjoy it with your buddy!
The Bandito Pockett Buddy Meal is $12.90, and you’ll get a Bandito Pockett, 2 pieces of Signature KFC chicken, 2 regular Whipped Potato, 2 regular Coleslaw and 2 regular Pepsi, a perfect meal to share with your buddy! ^~^
*Meal bundles and prices differ for selected KFC restaurants and for KFC Delivery.
Apart from the gratifyingly delicious taste of the Bandito Pockett,
another aspect that made me love it even more is how EASY & FUSS FREE it is to eat it!!
Since the Bandito Pockett is in such a convenient wrap form,
I can have it on the go, reply emails while munching on it, and even snap photos while I'm enjoying my Bandito Pockett! :D
Wrapped up my work real quick that day, and now, let the unwrapping of good times begin!

Waste no time, live life to the fullest ^~^
My day was so productive because I got to indulge in good food while having a good time with my friends, plus I'm working all at the same time! :D
Check out some of the instant photos we took!! ^~^
And this is the most decent photo I can find of myself eating the Bandito Pockett LOL!
Cause when there's such yummy food in my hand, my image is no longer a priority xD
大 口大 口吃 !! :P
Enjoying the KFC Bandito Pockett all the way to the very last bite! ^~^
The chicken fillet is so big there's still a whole chunk all the way at the bottom of the wrap! Yay!! xD

And when my boyfriend finally booked out from army last weekend,
we headed straight to KFC for dinner again! :D
We ordered the Bandito Pockett Buddy meal and the KFC Rice Bucket ala carte just because we love all of them so much and couldn't decide which to get :P

Some people actually asked me "why do you eat so much KFC?"
And in my head I'm like, "DUH? BECAUSE IT'S SO GOOD!!" hehehe


KFC is having a Facebook Contest for YOU
to win a Bandito Party for 10 pax!!!

Wrap up the month of March and unwrap good times with a KFC Bandito Pockett Party! 

From now until 21 March, KFC wants you to tell them how you unwrap good times with some of your friends, co-workers or classmates!
You and your Bandito Buddies could score an awesome good time with KFC!! :D

Three lucky winners stand a chance to win $100 Cash + $120 worth of KFC Food (including LOADSSS of the Bandito Pockett!) for a Bandito Party on either 28th or 29th March at a location of your choice!

Simply follow these steps:
Step 1) Capture a photo or video and tell KFC in the caption how you and your friends unwrap good times (max 50 words / 15 sec video)

Step 2) Tag all your friends in the photo or video.
Post it on KFC Singapore Facebook  Page, or post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #KFCBandito

Step 3) Include the day of choice for your Bandito Pockett Party (28 or 29 March)
and if you prefer lunch or dinner.

And that's it!
You get to pick your home, school or office for the most unforgettable Bandito Pockett Party ever!!

Terms and condition apply! Read more here:

Also, don't forget to "Like" KFC SG's Facebook page to stay tuned for more exciting KFC products and updates!
For full promotion details, visit the KFC SG website at

Anyway, I'm sure most of you are feeling hungry right now, cause I AM!! T~T
Time for some KFC delivery muahah! xD

Wrap it up and unwrap good times!
Thank you for reading, love you all!
* Promotion is not available at KFC Blk 261 Serangoon Central Drive, Blk 292 Yishun Street 22, Blk 632 Bedok Reservoir Road, Singapore Zoo and for KFC Delivery at selected areas. Meal bundles and prices differ at selected KFC restaurants and for KFC Delivery. Bandito Pockett Meal is not available for KFC Delivery. 

Please visit for full details on the promotion.