Friday, March 28, 2014

My Shiny Teeth & Me!

Bright red, maroon, hot pink, black or even ombre lips,
all equally gorgeous with a unique style to each one.

(images credit to google)

But there's one thing that can kill all of those awesome looks super easily....

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Lipsticks are able to draw attention to your face, and to your mouth in particular.
This would be ideal if you have a set of flawless pearly whites,
but it can also be your worst nightmare if you have stained/ yellowish teeth.

I've read online about how certain shades of lipstick makes your teeth look more yellow, and some makes your teeth look less yellow.... Sorry but I really don't think it works :/
My advice is that if you're feeling conscious about your teeth looking kinda yellow right now,
set those lipsticks aside first and stick to clear lip gloss or more natural lipstick colours instead.

And for that very reason, I never liked applying lipsticks.
Because if I did, I wouldn't have the confidence to speak to anyone or even smile cause I don't want anyone to look at my teeth!! :X

Also, yellow/ stained teeth is often associated with smoking, bad oral hygiene or bad health (although it's not always true),
so it's one of those things that might turn a potential hot guy/girl off.

Think of everyone whom you think looks charming/ beautiful.
Whether they're tall, short, fat, skinny, pretty or not so pretty,
regardless of race or eye colour, hair colour or skin colour,
their gorgeous smiles inevitably plays a huge role in drawing you to them.

Because we all smile in the same language.

I don't smoke, don't drink coffee, brush my teeth at least twice everyday.. and yet there are still some stubborn stains that refuse to go away :(
Although I do use whitening tooth paste and whitening mouth wash etc,
most over the counter products (toothpaste, gel, mouth wash, whitening strips etc)
usually are only capable of removing surface stains and not intrinsic or deep stains that are within the teeth.

The WORST period of my life was when I had ceramic braces because although they aren't as obvious as traditional metal braces, it got stained a lot easier T~T
And also I couldn't resist from eating curry rice, tom yam, Thai pineapple rice, cheese and all sorts of teeth-staining food :S
But because I still needed to blog, take pictures and videos etc, I became like damn affected everytime I had to look at the photos and notice my disgustingly yellow teeth... :(
I cried a lot about it, vented on my friends because of my own horrible self-esteem,
and I felt like nobody liked me anymore because my teeth looked gross and I became ugly :'(
I even made my mum cry... T~T
And I kinda stopped liking to smile back then and became a super unhappy person lah :/
It was a friggin bad period of time for me and I'm hella glad that's over!!
After I had my ceramic braces removed, I tried my best to whiten my teeth with all sorts of tooth paste, mouth wash, gels etc!
And my teeth became less yellowish, but I still felt like there's still room for improvement!
Like I said above, the intrinsic stains within the teeth are not something you can remove on your own.

Which is why I chose to go for In-Clinic Teeth Whitening at Tooth Angels (The Central) - the dental clinic where I did my braces and aligners at.
My plan is to whiten my teeth from deep within first with the In-Clinic Teeth Whitening,
and then maintain it by practicing good oral hygiene on a daily basis along with the other whitening products! ^~^
 Dr Dennis at Tooth Angels (The Central) was the doctor in charge of my teeth whitening :D

First he checked the shade of my teeth, and turns out it's an A2 which he said was not bad~
But I felt like it wasn't enough for me to confidently wear my bold coloured lipsticks confidently,
and I have a ton of bright coloured lipsticks and I rarely ever use them so it's a waste~
Some of the cool looking tools he's gonna use for teeth whitening! :D :D
Next, Dr Dennis very meticulously prepped my gums with a layer of gel to protect it from becoming sensitive during the treatment!
And then I'm ready, let's go!!!
The cool light thingy that's gonna make my teeth turn into true pearly whites!!!
"In order to get pretty, you must first get ugly" ~ Rachell Tan
HAHAH ew this photo damn hideous lol
Half the time my mouth felt numb cause it was pried open by the lip retractor
so while I could see that Dr Dennis was doing something to my teeth, I didn't really feel much...
which is awesome hahah so no pain there xD
Also probably because Dr Dennis did a fantastic job in protecting my gums, so the whitening gel only touched wherever it's suppose to touch without causing me any discomfort ^~^

The only uncomfortable thing for me during the entire process was probably having to lay still for half an hour cause I usually will get restless and want to move around :X

Dr Dennis did say that if I felt like it was getting too sensitive I should let him know though!
So if you have sensitive teeth, you might feel some sensitivity during treatment, so do let the doctor know!

Still can do the bimbotic flower girls pose means no pain lor hahah
Now comparing the shades again to see the difference!
I'm now whiter than an A1, which is more than one shade improvement!! :D
Wait, this isn't the end yet!!!
Dr Dennis then compared my teeth to a B1 (slightly whiter than A1), which is the lightest naturally occurring colour,
 Comparing Before (A2) and After (whiter than B1)
 Here's a chart that I found on google about teeth shades from light to dark!
Knowing that my teeth is whiter than B1 makes me feel damn good cause I know that if I were to drop back one or two shades, my teeth will still be considered naturally clean and white heheh :X
(img credit to google)
Before I left the clinic, I had to put this funny looking green gel in my mouth to make my teeth less sensitive~
Randomly took this without make up at home and with my clear aligners on...
look at my teeth and my ear piece colour LOL I LOVE IT!!
And here are some photos of myself with my bright red lipstick & SMILING!!! :D :D :D
And all along I always thought that people had to photoshop their teeth for this kind of whiteness, LOL
Now I can be like #teethnoedit or something ~~~
Teeth too white I'm going crazy loving it!!! ^~^
The sensitivity for me on the day of the treatment, after rinsing my mouth (maybe cause it wasn't feeling numb anymore)
but no worries because sensitive toothpastes can help with that! ^~^
The feeling is kinda like someone making you take a tiny nibble out of a lemon once in awhile, and then your saliva builds up a little and you gotta swallow the saliva,
nothing serious for me and I can still eat, drink, and chew well!

Today is the day AFTER the treatment and my teeth doesn't feel any sensitivity anymore, shiok!!! xD

Side track a bit, here's my outfit of the day which I really liked!! :D
is the most crucial, so I gotta try my best to not eat anything that will potentially stain my teeth and destroy the effects of the treatment,
and also it's suppose to be the most sensitive period.
I was told it'll last about 2 years with proper maintenance!
With such pretty teeth at the moment, I feel even more motivated to floss, brush, and rinse diligently every night!!! :D
Also, I'll be given a take-home whitening kit, which if combined with in-clinic teeth whitening will be the most effective and will last the longest!
Don't say 2 years, I want to last 20 years with these shiny white teeth woohoo!!! ^~^

Because all their staff are really friendly and passionate, and I feel comfortable with enquiring and booking appointments with them! :D
Plus I know I'm in good hands due to the effectiveness of the treatments I've done before with them! ^~^
Moreover, for things like teeth-whitening, it's best left to professionals
because if this is done badly, it may cause a lot of discomfort and pain :S

Anyway, special shout out to Dr Chia, Christina and Dr Dennis and all the really sweet staff at Tooth Angels for helping me achieve this gorgeous set of teeth I'd never imagined would one day be mine!! :'D
Thank you all so much~~♥ ^~^

In Japan, “yaeba,” or snaggletooth are considered cute, and some people find the imperfect smile endearingly childlike and attractive.
But even with this alternative perception from the usual ideal set of straight teeth, you'll realize that the emphasis on sparkly and white teeth remains.

No matter how neat or how crooked your teeth is, I think having them white, bright and clean is still the most important!
(images credit to google)

There are many procedures in the world that MAY help beautify us.
From eyelash extensions, nail extensions, hair extensions, braces, fillers to cosmetic surgeries - the choices are aplenty.
But with most of them, there are always risks of complications, results being less than ideal, criticisms from naysayers, ending up looking "plastic" or unnatural etc.
Some people like sharp noses, some people like cute button noses, some like big eyes, some like small eyes, some like their partners lean, some prefer them more huggable etc..

But when it comes to having sparkly clean teeth (thank you Tooth Angels!!) and smooth and clear skin (thank you IDS clinic!!),
there are no arguments against these two!

You will never hear a guy or girl saying "I prefer girls/ guys with pimply oily troubled skin and decaying stained yellow teeth."

I know some of you may not like the idea of braces or invisalign for super straight-looking teeth,
but teeth whitening is a totally different story!!!!
Having white sparkly teeth will also help you in gaining confidence to smile and making you a happier person!
The more you smile, the happier you get - it's true!
Days when I didn't dare to smile with my stained ceramic braces on were the worst man D;

Now with braces removed and teeth whitened~
I feel like I could light up the entire night sky with my teeth like the batman symbol lol!!

And this is not god-gifted, not by luck nor by chance!
This is something that is totally achievable for everyone~

Just for my readers, Tooth Angels (The Central) is very generously offering a package price that you really won't be able to resist!!
ONLY $899 (usual price $1.5k)
for In-Clinic Whitening PLUS Take-Home Booster Kit (for maintenance)!
Just mention that you've read Rachell Tan's blog about teeth whitening! :D
That's almost like half price off!!! :O
It's now or never man!!!
I feel like bringing my whole family there to whiten their teeth now LOL!

Tooth Angels & Co. Dental Surgeons (The Central)
The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #B1-01
Singapore 059817
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay
Tel : +65 6222 6220

Business Hours
Monday to Friday - 10:00am to 8:00pm
Saturday - 10:00am to 7:00pm ( By appointments only )
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

To end off,
here's a song called My Shiny Teeth and Me from one of my favourite childhood cartoons - The Fairly OddParents!
Super catchy and mood lifting!!
And it makes you feel like brushing your teeth xD

Thank you for reading, love you all!