Saturday, March 22, 2014

Philips VisaPure

If you follow my Instagram or Twitter, you'd have seen photos of the MASSIVE 21st birthday party my younger brother had in September,
and being a super competitive sibling, I wanted an all girls' party too hahah!

So I invited two of my favorite cousins over to have a slumber party the other day! :D
I've never actually been to an actual slumber party before so this is my first time!!
Super exciting cause we get to have girl bonding time and pamper ourselves loads, yay!!

We had all sorts of pretty & yummy treats, which'd make for good Instagram posts too :P
We watched movies, goofed around, sang our hearts out (albeit out of tune hahah) & had a huge blast!!
And our jam for the day was Taylor Swift's 22 ^~^
I also bought matching bathrobes in various colours specially for our party
because I really like the whole BFF outfit feel and the girls found it really fun too! xD

But be it after an awesome party or just after a long day out,
there's always one major party pooper at the end of the day - having to remove all my make up T~T
I absolutely dread when the party ends because my post-party skincare routine is such a chore :(

First I have to make sure that I remove my make up carefully with my make up remover,
then I have to be extremely patient in making sure I successfully cleanse all the greasy-feeling make up remover from my face,
and sometimes I even have to cleanse my face twice!
To still have to do so much after a long day or night of partying..... too much work!! T~T
But thankfully, for our slumber party, we had this new & super awesome facial cleansing device called VisaPure to make our lives so much easier!!! :D
(Trying to pose like the model on the PHILIPS VisaPure packaging hahah)
If you watched my slumber party video above,
you'll notice that rather than dreading it, we were actually having fun while cleansing our faces! :P

This is because the Philips VisaPure pretty much helps us achieve squeaky clean skin
in less than 3 minutes!!
Real quick & sweet!

How I arrived at this estimation:
Removing make up with make up remover ~ 2 minutes
Using VisaPure to wash it all off thoroughly ~ 1 minute!

So amazingly convenient!! ^~^
No more being lazy and falling asleep with make up on, girls!
Hahah you know, I know! :p
But it's really really bad for our skin, so please don't do it~~!!!

Happy clean faces!!!
 Pssst, when girls get together and there're no boys around, all sorts of unglam-ness will appear :X

Honestly I think my skin is pretty good now, and I feel super thankful whenever people tell me I have nice skin!
But trust me when I said I've been through that horrible clogged and acne infested face phase
when I literally wished to be able to peel my entire skin off with a potato peeler T~T
At that point of time I really felt like I was trying the best I could for my skin already -
going for really expensive facials, applying masks, applying all sorts of pimple cream...

But luckily, over the years I've gained a lot more insights and knowledge about what other options there are for my skin,
and everything I THOUGHT I did right in the past for my skin.. turns out weren't so right after all :X

One of the major mistakes I made was thinking that the more times you wash your face and the stronger the facial cleanser, the cleaner your skin gets :S
I even switched to those men's facial foam for some years back cause I heard they were more potent, LOL!
But like everything else, it's the QUALITY that counts, not the QUANTITY.
One thorough cleansing process is way better than washing it 5 times and resulting in drying out of your skin (and causing it to peel) X.X

That's why recently I've been using the New Philips VisaPure facial cleansing device
because I learnt that it is ten times more effective than cleansing by hand*!! O:
Also, because of its massaging effect while cleansing the skin,
after several weeks of using it, I realised that my skin looks more radiant and has a healthy glow!
Love how VisaPure is able to reveal our skins’ true radiance! ^~^
And because I'm always late and always in a hurry to bathe and prepare in the day,
and in a hurry to just wash off all my make up and go to bed at night,
I really appreciate the fact that the Philips VisaPure takes only one minute to cleanse my face
and is fully waterproof so I can use it in the shower!!!
If this isn't convenient, I don't know what is!! ^~^
 I was also told that the Philips VisaPure is very gentle although it's able to thoroughly cleanse the skin.
So I decided to use it on a jelly just to test if it's as gentle as it's promised to be,
and to my amazement, IT REALLY IS!!! O.O
Plus I heard it won't even break an egg yolk, omg?!

How the Philips VisaPure works is that it has ‘Dual Motion’ technology where the brush rotates and vibrates across skin to lift dirt and impurities trapped in skin as it works to clean skin.
Another benefit of this is that it optimally prepares the skin for other skincare products and treatments that we may use,
like masks, moisturizers, serums etc!
You first need your skin to be properly cleansed before you can expect your skin to absorb the beneficial products fully, makes sense right? :)

Another one of the coolest thing about the Philips VisaPure is that it has a smart Skin Zone Timer.
The face can be divided into three zones: T-zoneleft cheek and right cheek,
so the Skin Zone Timer actually alerts you to start switching zones after 20 seconds with a short pause!
This helps in ensuring that the face is cleansed sufficiently and evenly
and the device will automatically switch off after one minute to prevent overstimulation!
Love this feature of it
cause sometimes I really don't know how long I should wash my face for before it's clean enough!

You can choose between the two simple settings:
‘Gentle Cleansing’ and ‘Deep Cleansing’ mode.
Personally, I use Gentle Cleansing on a daily basis, and Deep Cleansing when I have heavier make up on! :)
The Philips VisaPure also comes with 3 different types of brush for different skin conditions:
Normal, Sensitive and Exfoliating.
One of my cousins has sensitive skin and her face gets red easily when she comes into a product that's too harsh for her, so she chose the sensitive skin brush head (Pink) to use, and she was instantly sold because it's soooo extremely soft, fluffy and soothing on the skin to minimize any abrasions! ^~^
Plus the shade of pink on it is too cute!!!
If you're looking for a deep clean, the exfoliating brush head (Gray) has an exfoliating effect to gently remove dull and dead skin cells.
I usually use this once a week, especially on my nose area to focus on removing the dead skin cells and blackheads there! :D
After using the Philips VisaPure for several weeks now,
I feel like the blackheads around my nose and chin area has been largely reduced
and I don't have to use so many pore packs for my nose anymore, yay!! ^~^
Although I do go for facials from time to time,
I definitely can't afford to go for them every single day.
So I think having an effective daily skincare regime at home will really help maintain my skin in tip top condition!
I've been religiously cleansing my face with the Philips VisaPure ever since I got it,
and if you were to make me wash my face with my hands now, I'll feel like something's amiss and won't feel like my face is clean at all hahah!
As mentioned above, I've also been getting lesser blackheads around my nose area and lesser clogged pores around my cheeks area,
so I'm really happy I made the switch to using an EFD (electronic facial-cleansing device)! ^~^

With the new Philips VisaPure, I can daringly spam a ton of make up on my face,
or even lots of white crafts glue and shreds of toilet paper like I did on Halloween (hahaha)...
 and still be able to have clean and beautiful skin at the end of the day! :D

"Philips VisaPure has been developed to suit the needs of modern women with an iconic and stylish finish that is both elegant and feminine."
No more violently rubbing of your face with your hands in a futile attempt to get it clean! :p
Trust me, cleansing your face has never been so glamorous until now!! xD
And for all you wanderlusts, the Philips VisaPure is also compact and portable
which makes it perfect for travelling, and one full charge of it lasts up to two weeks!

Where can you get this?
If you're interested to get the new Philips VisaPure,
it will be available at major electrical and departmental stores at S$269.
Additional Philips VisaPure brush heads are also available for different skin types:
Normal skin replacement brush head SC5990 (S$14), sensitive skin replacement brush head SC5991 (S$16), and exfoliating skin replacement brush head SC5992 (S$21).

Also, if you watched & like my slumber party video, please vote for it at the VisaPure microsite!
We had a lot of fun filming it and we hope you will enjoy watching it as much too! ^~^
I think the center photo was because I won the pillow fight,
all hail the pillow fight queen hahaha!! xD
Thank you for reading, love you all!

 *Source: Internal study performed in The Netherlands in 2011 with 21 women comparing cleansing using VisaPure with cleansing by hand