Thursday, April 24, 2014

Essential Sleeping Hair Mask

I'm sure most girls will agree with me on this:
I always feel super cheated whenever I see girls in movies or dramas
wake up with perfectly smooth and silky hair,
cause it's such a LIE!!
So far, I think the most realistic portrayal of most girls when we wake up is Anna from the Disney movie Frozen - with awful frizzy bed hair T~T
LOL this picture was taken on one of my worst bed hair days :S
As much as I try to comb, straighten and position my hair nicely on the pillow before I sleep,
I often wake up to a frizzy and tangled lion's mane in the morning.
And I learned that the cause of this horrendous bed hair is Pillow Damage.
I'm not one who can sleep still, and every morning I'm either lying on a different side of the bed I went to bed in or my legs are on the pillow and my head is on the other side of the bed :X
This tossing and turning causes hair to rub against the pillow, creating friction,
which in turn opens up our hair cuticles unevenly, resulting in rough, frizzy hair or makes it prone to tangles!!! :O
My main concerns in the morning are Frizz and Tangled hair, and sometimes it gets so bad that I can't even comb through my hair until I wash it, spam hair conditioner and slowly sort out the tangles!!
Although the cartoon naughty little girls look kind of cute, I really hope they stay far far away from my hair LOL!
That's pretty much why I have to wake up 3 hours earlier before each one of my appointments to shower and 'reset' the uneven alignment of my hair cuticles to make my hair smooth and manageable again!
And one of my worst nightmares is seriously morning appointments.... :S
I recently had an event at 8AM so I had to wake up when the sky's still dark just so I can shower, style my hair and apply make up.

Wouldn't it be great if
we could just wake up with manageable and tamed hair?

You know what... now we can!! xD
I was recently introduced to the new Essential Sleeping Hair Mask and Essential Leave On Serum which will seriously change my life (and yours~~) forever!!! :D

Essential is a popular haircare brand for damaged hair from Japan, and I've personally used several of their products before and I think their products are really suitable for Singaporeans' hair types!
One of my top favourite products from their range is the Rich Premier Intensive Hair Mask which I used a lot when I had my bleached (& terribly damaged) hair previously!
And because I've had positive results with Essential's products previously,
I'm really excited to try their new Essential Sleeping Hair Mask!
I decided to do a little test to see how well the Essential Sleeping Hair Mask works!
This is me after showering and blow drying my hair (without styling) before going to bed!
This is how my hair would look in the day when I'm rushing for time and hurriedly blow dry it,
which is why you'd usually see my hair up in a ponytail or a bun cause I have no time to style it nicely hahah xD
My hair is in an asymmetric bob, so one side of my hair is longer
and usually more dry and frizzy than the shorter side.
So I'm going to apply the Essential Sleeping Hair Mask on the longer side so that I can compare the results in the morning!
This is the longer side
And this is the shorter side!
Alright, let's start!!

Essential Sleeping Hair Mask (100ml)
How to use:
Apply a suitable amount on your hair, especially at the ends which are usually more frizzy, before you go to bed.
Focus from the mid length of your hair all the way to the ends~
I'm applying it only on the longer side of my hair for the sake of this test haha!
Immediately I saw the difference!!
The side with Essential Sleeping Hair Mask was a lot more shiny, tamed and less frizzy than the side without,
and I didn't even have to use a comb and hair dryer to make my hair look neat!!!

Anyway, the texture of the Sleeping Hair Mask is milky and it feels really pampering! ^~^
I totally love how it's absorbed instantly by my hair without leaving any greasy texture!
A great tip would be a little bit of this product goes a long way, especially for girls with thinner hair like mine! :D
Close up of the shorter side of my hair without Essential Sleeping Hair Mask
Close up of the longer side of my hair with Essential Sleeping Hair Mask, so nice eh!!
Like so smooth and styled and I'm all ready to leave the house hahah xD

How it works is that the Essential Sleeping Hair Mask forms a protective layer between each strand of hair and our pillows, protecting our hair cuticles from Pillow Friction while we toss and turn, and minimizing Pillow Damage!
It's awesome to know that my hair is being protected and nourished at the same time while I'm getting my rest, so that I can wake up feeling pretty and start my day in a good mood hahah! xD
Alright and then it's time for bed!!!

From the front view the differences are not as obvious cause I don't sleep lying flat on my face :x
but wait till you see the sides!!!
This is the side without Essential Sleeping Hair Mask,
I'd consider this a pretty good hair day despite some frizz and tangles
But the side with Essential Sleeping Hair Mask was AMAZING!!!!! *.*
I think the most awesome improvement using the Essential Sleeping Hair Mask was the fact that when I combed through my hair later in the day, there were NO TANGLES AT ALL,
whereas there was a bit of a struggle with combing the shorter side of my hair (it always happens).
And the side without Essential Sleeping Hair Mask had quite a bit of static-y morning hair feel, but the side with Essential Sleeping Hair Mask felt like I just did a hair treatment at the salon the night before!!!
Major plus point was that my hair smelled sooo nice with the Sleeping Hair Mask!!!
To be very honest, the results from the Essential Sleeping Hair Mask really surpassed my expectations because it was just my first night using it.
I really didn't expect the difference to be so stark until I zoomed in on the photos I took! :O
My hair looked even better than how it did when I fell asleep?? LOL!
This is seriously awesome!!!
I can now look forward to waking up every morning to stronger, healthier and silky soft hair that is easy to manage and style!!! ^~^
No more waking up 3 hours earlier and sacrificing my beauty sleep!!

Full marks!!!
I'd definitely recommend this to all the girls out there
who want an effective shortcut to pretty hair that is really quick and simple to style in the morning heheh xD
Absolutely no complaints about the Essential Sleeping Hair Mask!!!

While night-time protection of our hair is highly essential, we can't forget on day-time protection too!

Essential Leave On Serum (60ml)
How to use:
Apply a suitable amount on your hair the next morning before you go out.
Again, the focus is from mid point of your hair all the way to the ends,
which is just nice where the bleaching of my ombre hair starts, so it needs all the help it can get xD
The Cuticle Protection Ingredients of the Essential Leave On Serum form a protective veil over hair to prevent frizz and dryness caused by humidity and UV rays.
The serum really invigorates my hair, giving it a healthy and lustrous shine while protecting it from the sun while I'm out working, running errands or having fun! :D Yay!!!

I think a person's hair can either make them or break them!
Having beautiful hair really makes a whole load of difference, and it totally helps boost my self-confidence too!
While I do go for hair treatments at my favourite hair salon,
I think that applying haircare products such as the Essential Sleeping Hair Mask and Essential Leave On Serum on a regular basis alongside monthly salon treatments is the best way to maintain our hair in tip top condition at the most wallet-friendly price! ^~^

I haven't let down my hair in the longest time because it's always such a chore to style it straight and neat, so I usually take the shortcut and do messy hair buns so if my hair looks crappy I can pretend it's intentional hahaha! xD
But of course, which girl doesn't love having pretty, smooth and silky hair? ^~^
Some photo spams cause I haven't had smooth hair (except when I go to the salon) at the comfort of my own home in a really long time hahah! xP
And guess what?
Because I didn't have to wash my hair this morning and it was so easy to just comb my hair through,
it took me only 1 hour to prepare this morning!! :D :D
It's like every strand of my hair behaved itself!!!
Totally digging this neat hair look, I think it makes me more feminine LOL :X
Now with the Essential Sleeping Hair Mask and Essential Leave On Serum that makes styling soft, pretty hair at home so easy,
you all can expect me to sport this look a lot more!! :D

The Essential products have this really subtle signature fragrance that I love,
And I guess my boyfriend loves it too huh~~ :P
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at only $11.90 each!!

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Thank you for reading, love you all!