Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Find LOVE at KFC

What is love to you?

Apart from my family and my boyfriend, the next love of my life would be.... FOOD!!! :P
And it'll be even better if I can get a ton of delicious food all packed conveniently in one big box so I can eat them all at one go hahah :p

Sounds too good to be true?
But it's for real!!!! :O
This April, you can find L.O.V.E at KFC as they launch the new Surf and Turf Box!!

L.O.V.E = Loads of Value Everyday
Super excited to open my own Surf & Turf Box and start eating!! :P
Bound to be the next hottest thing from KFC, the Surf and Turf box is one that offers abundance!!

Judging from the box, it looks like a full 3-course meal with an appetizer (golden crispy Popcorn Chicken), a main course (Surf & Turf Wrap) plus a side (Whipped Potato), a dessert (3pc OREO) with a drink!!
And you can get all of these deliciousness at only $6!!!
The new Surf & Turf wrap is a unique combination of Chicken & Fish strips, crisp shredded lettuce, topped with tangy salsa and mayo, all wrapped in a super fragrant toasted tortilla!!!
Time to try it!!!
I really can't decide which I love more, the KFC Bandito Pockett or the Surf & Turf wrap!
Although at first glance you might mistaken one for the other, but take a big bite out of it and you'll realize that they're entirely different!
While the Bandito Pockett has a chicken fillet, the Surf & Turf Wrap has both chicken and fish strips in it,
and I think the fish strip really adds a very refreshing taste to the wrap! ^~^
I'm damn excited every time KFC comes up with something new because it's always so good!!!
It'd be great for days when you can't decide if you're in the mood for chicken or fish,
or are feeling greedy and want the best of both worlds!! :P
Plus I really can't get enough of the toasted tortilla to be honest!
It gives such a mild and fragrant flavour to the entire wrap, perfectly complementing the strong tangy salsa!
One last bite..... and it's gone!~
But it's okay, cause that's not the end yet!!
I still have so many more exciting food in the box to eat WOOHOO xD

Actually the Surf & Turf Wrap on its own is quite filling already, but I'm the (greedy) type that loves to munch on lots of other stuff even when I'm done with my meal, so this box is perfect for me :P
Especially if the side is Popcorn chicken!!!
I mean, who can resist this??
I just want to keep popping one after another of this into my mouth non-stop!
Thankfully, the Surf & Turf Box comes with a generous portion of the Popcorn Chicken
so I get to eat to my heart's content!! :D :D
KFC really serves the best portions lor, my tummy feels super satisfied every time I eat at KFC!! ^~^
And of course, not forgetting my Whipped Potato!!
For the best Popcorn Chicken experience ever, dip each of it into the Whipped Potato before eating!!!
Guarantee you'll fall in love with it cause KFC's Whipped Potato gravy is da bomb!!!
Or you can finish the Whipped Potato on its own and then pay a bit more to get an additional TUB of gravy as dipping sauce (learn from Qiuqiu one!!!) ^~^
And if you're too stuffed by then, you can just conveniently grab your little sweet treat and go!
When I first opened the Surf & Turf Box, I was quite surprised by the OREO cause it's like totally random?? Hahah! xD

But I guess it just goes to show how KFC is always on their toes not only in coming up with new products, but also giving their loyal fans little surprises that we'll never expect!!! :P
I found it really amusing and at the same time I think it's awesome cause after a big box of savoury food, having a sweet snack really gives a good closure! :D


They have other boxes without the OREO in them too (Zinger Box, Bandito Box etc), but I think the girls will especially appreciate this!!
I still can't believe you can get this multitude of items at just $6!
Do the math and you'll realise that it's like $1.20 per item??? O_O
Such awesome value for money!!
Thank you thank you KFC for keeping things so delicious and affordable for all of us!!! ^~^
Anyway here's a picture of Greek goddess Qiuqiu and I at KFC City Square Mall~~ ^~^
OMG, you know what will be really cool though?
If you pasted a little bow onto the KFC box and gave it to someone as a gift!!! :D
Affordable, practical, tasty, looks cute, full of L.O.V.E and it'll definitely make the recipient very very happy!!!
Plus it'll be super amusing and fun too!!! ^~^
Dear friends whose birthdays are coming soon, I'M TOTALLY GONNA DO IT TO YOU!! :D
Yet another wonderful deal from KFC that I can't help loving!!!
Apart from the Surf & Turf box that I ate, there is a variety of other boxes available at KFC too!
Every meal offer is a meal with L.O.V.E (loads of value everyday), and it’s KFC showing how they value the customers who love them and their way of telling Singaporeans
Don’t settle for less, because you deserve more.” ♥

So if you want to show KFC how much you love them,
do Like them on Facebook to show your support and look out for new updates!! ^~^
Thank you for reading, love you all! ^~^
**Please visit full details on the promotion
Surf & Turf Box is not available for KFC Delivery.