Friday, April 11, 2014

Old School Delights

Went to Old School Delights with my bf the other day to try out their food because they're quite popular online!

Old School Delights
215M Upper Thomson Road
Singapore, Singapore 574349

I should think OSD needs no further introduction!
It's one of the more popular old school themed cafes that brings a lot of feelings of nostalgia, coupled with yummy food~~ xD
We'd initially planned to go there for dinner BUT
when we went there it was soooo packed and we had to wait in the queue T~T
But cause we were too hungry, we went to a Korean restaurant nearby for dinner and came back to OSD for desserts after that :P
Thankfully the dinner crowd cleared and we got a seat finally hehe!  ^~^

The menu that looks like a jotter book
omg jotter book hahaha so primary school lor LOL

why look at the menu when there's a huuuuge chalkboard with all the items listed on it? hahah xD
Writing our orders down on a litte white board!

Chocolate Banana Fudge Cake, Otak Otak, Chicken Nibblets, Root Beer Float and Bottled Water!
Total bill was $24 by the way!

Not sure how their main courses (mee siam, laksa, chicken macaroni soup etc!) taste like
and I really want to go back to OSD again to try them some day!!
But anyway, their snacks really not bad!!! ^~^

Root beet float is always good!!!
Their chicken nibblets were really chewy and juicy, I like!!
And they had this special dipping sauce, which tastes a bit like a creamy version of chicken rice chilli,
Otak Otak which was alright~~

omfg what are the odds that the first thing we ordered happens to be the friggin best damn chocolate banana cake i've ever eaten T~T
I finished every last crumb although my belt was threatening to burst already LOL!!
Really no joke it's damn nice!
The banana cake was so flavourful and the thick and rich chocolate fudge omggg
Chocolate x Banana lovers you'll love this!!

By the way, I loved it so much I even made a clay version charm of the OSD chocolate banana cake to hang on my new favourite self-made bracelet lolol
that's how much I loved it, no joke!!!
I even tried to mimic their frosting method hahah
would be great if this was edible right now, totally craving for it T~T

I read some other reviews online saying that their butter cakes and lemony cakes are good too,
so I guess OSD cakes are really not to miss!! ^~^
Maybe I can try the other flavours the next time I go there again, but I'll definitely order the chocolate banana cake every single time lah! xD

It's an awesome place to chill because there's a toy box on each table where you can play our favourite childhood games like five stones, snakes and ladders, old maid and country erasers!!!

Martin and I had a really fierce battle, he won one entire round and I won one entire round, so I guess we're equally good at it lah :X
HAHAH competitive much~~~ xD
Had a great time at OSD and we even bought a toy wooden gun from their display stand ($12),
the type you can shoot rubber bands with it LOL
I don't have a photo of it yet cause I left it in Martin's house!
I'll blog about it next time if I remember xD

Will highly recommend OSD for a fun place to chill with your friends cause it really brings back all the memories of childhood
and that's like the most fun and innocent time of everyone's lives~~
Plus it's always nice to talk about the crap we did when we were kids LOL!
My chio lace shorts for the day!
Will be IG-ing about where to get this from soon, so do look out for it! :D


Thank you for reading, love you all!