Monday, April 21, 2014

SSIKKEK Korean Grill BBQ Buffet

Went to Bras Basah Complex this weekend with my bf to get his book & some art stuff from Popular bookstore cause the branch at bras basah is 5 levels tall if I didn't remember wrongly and it's super massive!!
While waiting for Martin, I noticed this BBQ Buffet sign on the second storey and the word "buffet" is just super tempting lah :p
the thought of being able to eat all you want~~~ plus it's BBQ food ^~^
meat meat meat i love meat!!! :X

Anyway, we went to Popular to get some art stuff and saw this really nice flight of stairs and baby helped me take a few (actually a lot haha) of outfit shots xD
Chrome Hearts Tokyo inspired oversized tee and Jack Union PU Backpack both from LOVEIEN19!
Quote "RachellTan" to get $2 discount off your purchases!
Candid shot looking all suspicious cause idk if we can actually take photos in Popular or not hahah xP
but their stairs really chio one leh lol!

And cause we were really hungry after buying our stuff, I gave baby the choice of Jack's Place (at level one) or Korean BBQ Buffet.
Martin usually isn't really fond of Korean food, but I told him if it's BBQ it's probably all meat and he doesn't have to eat the other stuff if he doesn't want to hahah
so we went for the BBQ food in the end~~ xD

SSIKKEK Korean Grill BBQ Buffet
#02-01 Bras Basah Complex
Tel: 6336 4476
Operating Hours: Daily 11:30-14:30 (Lunch) & 17:30-22:00 (Dinner)
Price range: Around $25 per pax
 PSY still doing his thing hahah
 If you're a fan of KPOP, there's posters of the idols everywhere~~
 And you get to watch them perform while enjoying your meal!
PLUSSSS most of the staff there are real Koreans, so it kinda feels more authentic I guess!

 The grill is already oiled, so you just gotta wait for it to heat up real quick and place your food onto it!
By the way, idk how this amazing grill works, but there's NO annoying smoke or splattering oil with this throughout the time we were there!!!
Safest BBQ experience ever hahah!
 UMMMM yeah we had 2 full plates of meat LOL
It tastes a bit like ba gua (BBQ pork), like kinda sweet and savory, except that it's chewy and juicy!!! :p
Totally can imagine the taste of it in my mouth again, sigh T~T I wanna eat there again!!!
Free flow Korean/Japanese rice!!! LOVE IT!!!
Damn fragrant and yummy and it was awesome to eat this with the BBQ meat!!
We really appreciated this a lot because Martin and I once went to a sushi restaurant that actually mixed the pearl rice with our regular rice and thought that their customers can't taste the difference -_-
It's super obvious one please!!!
They also provided vegetables for you to wrap the meat with, but we totally skipped that part cause we don't eat greens heheh xP
 3 huge pots of hot soup!!!
Kimchi Soup, Seaweed Soup and idk what's the last one.
But I went straight for the kimchi soup because I love anything spicy!!!! :D :D :D
And their kimchi soup is DAMN GOOD!!!!
So flavourful and appetizing, I could probably eat 10 bowls of rice with the soup alone, no joke!!!
Too bad I didn't give the seaweed soup and the other soup a try, but I regret nothing!
The kimchi soup was so good even Martin was thinking about it after we left hahah xD
 Some side dishes which were almost all cleared by the time we got there!
They had the regular kimchi, ddeokbokki, kimchi pancakes, some other pickled stuff which idk the names of haha :X
 They also had a special plate with dividers in the center for the side dishes so they don't pile up like this mess,
but by the time I noticed the plate I'd already taken everything I wanted, so ohwell hahah just telling you guys so you don't have to eat squishy soggy kimchi pancakes xD
and it was awesomeeeee!!!

I could probably also eat 10 bowls of rice with just the kimchi alone, but if you're paying $20+ for a BBQ buffet, it's better not to do wasteful things like that hahah
There's not one that I disliked!!!
Even when I thought I was super stuffed already and couldn't eat more, when Martin cut up more slices of meat and gave them to me, I happily swallowed them down cause they're so yummy :P

 MMMMMmmmm~ ^~^

 Baby being all serious about cutting the meat!

Had some fruits before we left!
Total bill was $52.80 for 2 person dinner, so it's $26.40 per pax.
Honestly it's waaaaay cheaper than a lot of Korean restaurants we've dined at before
because a lot of restaurants like to overprice their food cause Korean food is like the hype now.

We've paid $50 per head for some normal ala carte dishes before at some Korean restaurant, totally not worth it lor -_-

But Ssikkek was awesome cause everything tasted fantastic, the staff was super friendly, plus it's a BUFFET!!!!
I would totally go back to Bras Basah complex again just for this restaurant!! ^~^

And before we left, the boss (a Korean uncle) sprayed something like Febreeze all over the both of us to help us get rid of the BBQ smell! hahah
I've never went to a BBQ place where the shop owner actually cared enough that I could step out of the shop smelling fresh and clean!
Totally would recommend this place to everyone I know!!!
So gonna bring my family there soon~~ ^~^

SSIKKEK Korean Grill BBQ Buffet
#02-01 Bras Basah Complex
Tel: 6336 4476
Operating Hours: Daily 11:30-14:30 (Lunch) & 17:30-22:00 (Dinner)
Price range: Around $25 per pax

Anyway, go check out my Dayre to see what Martin and I did with the stuff we bought from POPULAR bookstore LOL~
Our first "masterpiece" xP
Thank you for reading, love you all!