Thursday, April 3, 2014

St John's Island Part 2/3: We're here!

Hello hello!
This is PART 2 of my St John's Island posts!! ^~^

On the ferry~
You can choose to sit indoors or outdoors, but outdoors like super exciting and windy, so if the weather's not too warm, definitely sit outdoors!! ^~^

Found a nice person on the ferry to help us snap a photo! :D
And we helped him in return too! ^~^

Andddd we're here!!! :D

Found a little kitten and we fed it white bread, it looked really hungry though :X

There's actually nothing much to do at St John's Island, it's just a lot of greenery and a nice clean beach, lots of paths to walk, awesome fresh air,
basically a large pretty space for you to run around and forget about the rest of the busy city! ^~^
Martin took this for me!!
I love the colours soooo much!!!

The sky, the sea, the sand (at Low Tide, else usually the water will cover that part up) and the grass, and the flowers all in one!

Singapore IS beautiful, it's just that many Singaporeans just choose the easy way out to nitpick on every single crap about our country and pay no attention to the lovely side of our country :@
If people don't learn to appreciate the beautiful aspects of Singapore, one day it'll really all go away because there's no demand/appreciation for it and then our future generations won't get to enjoy it a single bit anymore :(

Hehehe heart in sand!!
When my boyfriend does cute things like this I actually don't know how to react cause like kinda shy lolol xD
But I'm not complaining!! I love it!!! ^~^

Sleepy fat cat xD

Baby posting about our day on Dayre! :D
Do follow him cause he's the sneak peek source to my blogposts hahah
Before I even get to post anything about our date on my blog, the photos are up on his Dayre already :P
Break time and we're having TWIGGIES!!! :D
I think it'll be an awesome place for photoshoots (especially those swim wear kind) for those who're doing online stores or even for wedding photography maybe? :D
Plus you can swim there during high tide!! The water damn clean!!
But cause we went during low tide, we just walked around the sand to look for cool sea creatures hahah
we found sea snails, chut chut (the thing we eat with sambal), oysters, crabs, interesting looking corals etc!!
I'll definitely be back soon!!!!
I actually kinda feel like going back there with large garbage bags and cheap metal tongs to clear up the already super clean beach?
Cause there's like a few rare empty plastic bottles and cans left behind here and there, and I think it's really annoying I hope the beach can be totally nice and clean @.@
Anyone want to go together? ^~^
Maybe we can plan a mass outing to clean up the beach and have a relaxing day there hahah! Steady not??? :D
Anyway, PART 3 will be up soon! :D
Our interesting dinner after St John's Island ON A BOAT!!!
Stay tuned!! ^~^

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Thank you for reading, love you all!
(LOL this gif makes Martin look so greedy cause he keeps drinking his soup hahaha)