Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tie the knot with Love & Co.

Was invited by Love & Co. to their Tie the knot with Love & Co. event the other day and I went with Peishi hehe ^~^
Most of the others there came with their boyfriends / girlfriends but Martin injured his back so he wasn't able to make it~

Love & Co. is a premier jeweller with international standing that heralds a unique brand concept
and their decorations and designs of their jewellery definitely brings out the romantic experience of love to the modern jewellery store! ^~^
I actually have a few pieces of jewellery from Love & Co. myself cause my mum and my boyfriend bought them for me before and they're some of my favourite jewellery ever! :D
Sparkly, pretty and trendy but still reasonably priced, that's why I like them a lot!
At the event, we got to check out some of their engagement bands as well as solitaire rings!
Too pretty!!

And Peishi and I took things very seriously okay!!
Like really considering "hmm this looks nice but a bit too big for your finger, how about this? this colour leh? this cutting also nice leh!" as if we're really gonna get married LOL!

And they also had a lot of pretty bracelets and necklaces at their store!
I really like how their designs of jewellery looks sophisticated but still cute and trendy at the same time!
I think girls and women these days don't like those obiang-looking gold and what not already ba :X

 Bow concept ring, too cute!!!
 Our friendly guide who let us try all the different types of rings and recommended some nice designs that will suit our preferences! ^~^
If you noticed from the pictures, their entire shop has this very princessy and dreamy feel to it, super nice eh! :D
Peishi wearing the solitaire with an engagement ring!
Stacking the rings really gives a totally different and more fashionable vibe ehl!
But I think I probably wouldn't bear to wear my solitaire ring in future out lor hahah too precious, must keep at home and polish everyday xD

Anyway their solitaires some are like $3k for quite a big diamond if I didn't remember wrongly?

I think it's quite a reasonable price cause I always thought diamond rings would be like $xx,xxx or $xxx,xxx hahah xD

This ring is so adorable and unique, they have heart shape designs on the casing that holds the diamond!
Nice hor!! :D
Heart shape diamond with this swirly effect on the band which is encrusted with tiny blings, so damn pretty!!!!!

And some of their rings also comes with this super exquisite casings!!

 Us discussing about our favourite rings very seriously like conscientious students!! xD
And we got to take an instax photo with our dream rings!!
Thank you so much Love & Co. for hosting this event cause I don't know when it'll be till I get to touch another diamond ring that's as pretty as the one I chose man!!! xD
I'm most likely going to bring Martin to Love & Co. to choose our wedding rings in future IF he proposes lah hahah
Cause I'm honestly not very knowledgable about all these jewellery shops and I usually feel intimidated by most of them and I won't even step in :X

Except on my 21st birthday (3 years ago) my mum wanted to buy me some jewellery and I told her Love & Co.'s shop looks very pretty and we went in and she got me a lollipop necklace and earrings set, which is damn pretty!!
And coincidentally, Martin bought me a heart shape necklace from Love & Co. for my birthday last year too!
So I think I cannot run away from Love & Co. already lah hahah xD
For wedding rings and what not, I believe in fate and choosing a shop or a brand that you feel really comfortable with
cause it's not always about the brand, but the emotions and experiences tied to it ^~^
(the most important thing is to be happy)
 Ending off the post with some pretty looking treats at the Tie the knot with Love & Co. event ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all!