Friday, May 16, 2014

Fall in L.O.V.E. again at KFC

I fell in L.O.V.E. again at KFC! :P
This time around, it’s the BBQ Wrap Box!

Most Singaporeans are foodies and we're always on the search for good food,
and most of us are even willing to go the distance for them!
Which is why KFC is literally the perfect place for foodies like us because KFC is all about the taste
and they continuously bring us new and exciting flavours that we wish would be permanent additions to their menu forever!!!

This is the second of two $6 box meals (the first being the Surf & Turf Box which I blogged about in April),
which’s not just big on taste, but great on variety and price,
providing true value-for-money for our food-loving nation! ^~^ 
This BBQ Wrap Box is packed with an abundance of KFC goodness!!
You'll get the *NEW* BBQ Wrap, KFC’s signature chicken, regular whipped potato and regular Pepsi
all for just $6!
Hmm, that's like..... only $1.50 per item???
Plus this time you get KFC's signature chicken in the box!!!
The new BBQ Wrap features 2 crispy chicken strips on a bed of fresh lettuce, topped with cheesy BBQ sauce, wrapped in a tortilla and toasted to crunchy perfection!
I absolutely couldn't wait to sink my teeth into this amazing looking wrap!!!
Close up of it~~~ woohoo!!
KFC boxes are the best because everything is packed so conveniently in it,
and I know that every time I open one up,
it's bound to be filled with a ton of deliciousness!!! ^~^
I get as excited opening up a KFC box as I am opening up presents hahah!
Apart from the BBQ Wrap Box, KFC has other meals that are packed with L.O.V.E. (loads of value everyday) too!
You can choose from the Fillet Burger Meal at $4.50, or the Rice Bucket Meal (DUH, I LOVE THIS!!) or Fish Ole Meal at $5 each!
Want a bite?? ^~^
I'm a huge fan of cheesy creamy sauces (which explains why I was so thrilled when Rice Bucket, topped with the À La King white cream sauce was introduced),
and I have a feeling I'm going to be hooked onto the BBQ Wrap for a very long time!!
KFC has always held a really high standard for their chicken, so their chicken strips in the BBQ wrap is bound to be crispy and tasty!
Plus the thought of CHEESY BBQ sauce in it simply makes my mouth water :P
Crispy chicken strips + Cheese sauce + BBQ flavour = BOOM!!!!
Of course, a meal at KFC is never complete for me unless I get my fix of Whipped Potato!! :D
It's amazing how I've been eating KFC's Whipped Potato for so many years since I was a mere tiny kid,
and I never once got bored of it xD
Whipped Potato is one of my ultimate comfort food and you'll never hear me say "no" to it!! :D
I can actually finish an entire LARGE tub of KFC Whipped Potato if I wanted to,
but the regular Whipped Potato is more than good enough for me in this case cause there are so much more going on in the BBQ Wrap Box!!
Gotta save some tummy space for the others ;)
And what must you dip into KFC's Whipped Potato gravy?
You'll know this if you're a frequent reader of my blog!! ^~^
The deliciously crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside KFC signature chicken!!!
By the way, do you guys like thigh meat more or drumsticks?
I always go for the thigh meat!!!
Nothing beats KFC's signature chicken!!!
And of course, the BBQ Wrap Box comes with a refreshing cup of regular Pepsi!!
I really like this photo!! xD
Being at KFC, be it alone or with your friends, it's always a fun and happy time~~~ ^~^
And this time I had Peishi with me yay!!!
Hehe no envying needed, there's something good for everyone at KFC.
I love how KFC is offering not only an abundance within the boxes, there's also a wide variety of boxes (burgers & even rice) available!
And they're all big on taste and small on price! ^~^
Look no further, because everyday value is right here at KFC.
We found L.O.V.E. at KFC!! ^~^
I've tried several of KFC's wraps now
and although they might seem a little similar at first glance, they're not to be confused for one another!
When I first took a bite out of the BBQ Wrap,
the taste hit me so hard I couldn't help but fall in L.O.V.E. with KFC again!!!!
Trust me, you NEED to try this one!!!

The first bite alone was bursting with BBQ flavour from the Cheesy BBQ Sauce,
and it's so unexpectedly delicious and unlike any others I've tried before!!
I think KFC has really outdone themselves this time with this new BBQ Wrap.
I'd totally buy it even if it's $6 without the box set!!!
But of course, KFC gives us more than what we'd pay for cause they love us so much
and want us to enjoy Loads Of Value Everyday!! ^~^
I'm usually quite a big eater but I was actually really stuffed from the wrap alone!! :O
And I still had a crispy chicken, Whipped Potato and Pepsi to finish!!!
Enjoy meals that are big on taste and small on price every day, only at KFC!!
Support KFC on their Facebook page!
I love it whenever I see a new picture of their delicious food on my newsfeed xD

Thank you for reading, love you all!
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