Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Filial Party

Went to the gala premier of Filial Party to support HAYLEY!!! ^~^
Please check out the movie with your friends & family~~
Mothers' day is coming up, and I think it's a fantastic a movie to catch as a family because it's one that makes you think about being filial, family ties in general,
but at the same time it'll definitely bring you LOADS OF LAUGHTER ^~^
There's a part in the movie (Hayley's part) which I teared though!!! :'(
Shall not spoil it for you, go watch it with all your friends and family okay!!
Support this local production with a star-studded cast, including Christopher Lee, Mark Lee, Ann Kok, Kym Ng, Irene Ang, Guo Liang & of course HAYLEY WOO!!!!
Sorry for the really blurry shot of the group cause the lighting was quite dark and it was my first day using my new compact camera while my DSLR was sent for servicing!
I don't have any clear photos with Hayley in my camera (cause a lot of shots came out blurry), but you can see a lot of her (& hear us scream like hardcore fangirls for her) in my vlog heheh xD

And my first vlog cause I was actually testing my new digi cam! xD
BUT some dramatic shit happened hahah
Watch what happened on my vlog~~~

Thank you for reading / watching!
Love you all~~ ^~^