Monday, May 12, 2014

IDS Clinic #1

When I first mentioned IDS Clinic on my tweets/ video, a lot of girls were asking me about my previous sponsor DRx Clinic,
and why the switch despite the good reviews I wrote about DRx previously.

To clear things up, I'd like to say that I didn't feel like I made a switch,
but instead just progressed along with Dr S K Tan, who was a founding member of Derma-Rx and the Medical Director of The DRx Clinic before setting up IDS Clinic and launching the IDS skincare range of products.
He's not with DRx Clinic anymore because the clinic, including the company that manufactures and distributes Derma-Rx range of products, was sold to a multi-national company over 3 years ago, and Dr Tan remained a consultant to the new company until recently.

Dr S K Tan is the most zai doctor I've ever known and my friends and I trust my face to him totally~
And as the formula of the products worked for me previously, I decided to follow Dr S K Tan and his new products to IDS Clinic now.
So I hope that clears things up! ^~^

I believe that change is the only constant, and if there are newly improved products that can help improve my skin further, I'm all for it! :)

Some time before I went to IDS, I finished all my skincare products and so I had outbreaks and my skin went downhill.
But I guess it's better too cause I get to really see the effects of IDS products more clearly!
And this is before & after IDS products
and I am more than pleased with how glowy my skin looks on video after!!!
I did a video to show you all so there's no way to photoshop it ^~^
Pardon the super zoomed in and pores and all okay :X
Apart from working really effectively for my skin,
the IDS products packaging is really chio and atas looking too! ^~^

After using the IDS Cleanser, and Toner, this is my daytime skin care regime!
The toner comes in a convenient and innovative 'micromist' spray to ensure appropriate and even distribution of product on the face without dripping ^~^
And it has a light citrus fragrance which is really invigorating especially in the morning!
Cleanser - Toner - PORE - C-PLUS - Oil Free Moisturizer - Sunscreen
To remove my make up, I use the IDS Cleansing Gel, which is gentle enough for sensitive skin yet strong enough to even remove my eyeliner!! ^~^
Plus it smells like peach!! :D
And then sometimes I'll use the IDS Scrub when I feel like my skin is dry or flaky~

Cleansing Gel - Scrub - Cleanser - Toner - PORE - C-PLUS - A-PLUS - Oil-Free Moisturizer - Body - Spot
The night time skin care regime is a lot more complicated because it's the best time to give your skin all the nutrients it needs during your beauty sleep! :D
If you'd like to know more about the products, when you go for consultation at IDS,
the staff at IDS are really well-equipped with knowledge about them and will be more than willing to explain them to you ^~^

But I want to talk about the products that I really really like!!! :D

IDS Scrub
Using this feels too comfortable and pampering, like doing your own facial at home!! ^~^
This scrub gives a gentle warm sensation the moment it comes in contact with water,
and has a very light nature-ish smell!
I like how the crystals are ultra-fine and very gentle to the skin while effectively removing the dead skin, smoothening out the skin tone and clearing some of the clogged pores.
I'd say it removes about 50% of the blackheads on my nose everytime I use it, which is really awesome already cause it''s so fuss-free and there's no pain or squeezing involved~

After using it, my skin feels refreshed, velvety but not dry at all!
This is my favourite scrub so far ♥ cause most scrubs I've used
usually leaves my skin kind of dry and feeling tight!

IDS Spot
This is one of the BEST acne spot cream ever because it not only treats your blemishes,
but it also conceals it at the same time!
Plus there's no stinging sensation when you apply it~
Not to mention the cool and innovative packaging which actually makes it fun to use haha!
The syringe format is actually to keep the product inside AIR TIGHT ^~^

One of my favourite products to apply because it helps reduce fine lines and blemishes!
I always apply a good amount on my forehead (to prevent wrinkles), a bit on my eye area, plus some on my laugh lines xD

IDS Oil-Free Moisturizer
Love this moisturizer cause it makes my skin feel supple and soft but doesn't have any oily/ greasy feeling!
Plus after a few hours in the day, my skin doesn't get as oily as before!
I find that it's also a fantastic base for make up and makes my make up application smoother and less cakey! :D

This is especially for blemishes on your chest or back area, reducing the redness of inflamed blemishes and marks!
Been applying this daily and the marks on my back has really cleared up a lot! xD
Love it!!!
If you're having problems with back acne I'd definitely recommend this!

IDS Products are sold at:
8 Sinaran Drive, #05-07 to #05-10, Novena Specialist Center, Singapore 307470
Tel: +65 6568 3555

Next Step
After prepping my skin with the IDS skincare range, my skin has really improved quite a bit!
My next step would be to consult Dr S K Tan again and see what treatments I'll need to improve my skin further ^~^
I actually have some stubborn pimples on my chin area which I hope to remove once and for all~
And if possible, I want to make my larger pores (around nose area) smaller!

I'll update this space again with my next visit to IDS Clinic!! :D

Thank you for reading, love you all!