Thursday, May 8, 2014


Got a new haircut at Cleo Hair & Make today!! ^~^
The Central Mall 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#04-89a/92 Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 63385250
(please book appointment before going down to secure your slot!)
Sio × Ryo × Ai × Takuya × Hitomi

Hitomi helped me lighten the bulk of my bob at the bottom and created pretty layers for me!!! xD
Now my hair feels lighter but looks PUFFIER with more volume at the top!!!
Hitomi's hair cutting skills are friggin awesome! ^~^
She ALWAYS delivers what I want (& makes it even better) and I always leave Cleo feeling pretty and happy!!! xD
Plus her hair wash + massage is DA BOMBBB~~
Although I had no contact lens, had period outbreak, had light make up and super casual clothes on today,
I still felt really confident cause I had super chio hair!!! :P
Will definitely post more pictures of my hair soon~

And here's my vlog for today!!!

Thank you for reading/watching!!
Love you all! ^~^